Justin called 102.1 KDGE and chatted with Jessie Jessup extensively about the new album that they are currently recording.
Bandwear (You really want to order it from here. Bandwear is the only place the bonus tracks are available and you definitely want Jump Rope and Schizophrenia.
InsideSTL talked to Jeremy about the upcoming acoustic tour, the acoustic album and Blue October’s new album, tentatively titled Any Man In America. I asked Jeremy if this was a planned release, he said “We planned to record it, but not on the release….
I asked Jeremy about the new the new studio album, Blue October’s 6th, which is planned for a late Summer release. You can read the entire article and enter to win a copy of Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening with Blue October here. Remember that the 2 bonus tracks are only available on copies purchased through Blue October’s store. Blue October, known for its captivating live performance and platinum-selling albums, will offer fans a rare chance to see them in a stripped-down, intimate concert setting. The band performed several acoustic performances at Austin’s historic Paramount Theater, garnering overwhelming reactions from fans. In conjunction with the tour, the band will release The Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening with Blue October on Say It To My Face Records via Brando Records on April 26. Blue October has risen through the ranks to become a platinum-selling rock band with a body of work that includes modern rock hits “Hate Me” and “Dirt Room”, and the No.
I have seen a little bit of concern about the acoustic shows we did and their not being a recording out yet.

They also talked about Justin’s upcoming solo tour, the updated version of Crazy Making (250 pages!!!) and much more. Those of us that pre-ordered it from Bandwear got it last week but today it’s available everywhere. If you think you don’t want to buy it because you already have these songs I highly suggest you go over to iTunes or Amazon and listen to the samples.
One part energy, one part immense talent and many parts emotion, all adding up to one of the most powerful bands I have ever come across.
What I didn’t know at the time was that there are a limited number of autographed copies available to order for only $3 more. The album features 12 acoustic versions of fan favorites, recorded during various 2010 performances.
As with all of Jessie’s interviews this is a great one- listen to it here or embedded below.
Justin talked about Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening with Blue October and Any Man in America. It was a chance for us to just sit back and tell the stories of each song, and not just be so rock ’n’ roll. Not the radio and the corporate record labels who are like, “OK, you guys are too all over the place. Both the regular and autographed copies include a digital download that will be available at 12:01 am on May 10th.
The band is putting finishing touches on its sixth studio album, due out end of the summer.

So when trying to put my thoughts about the acoustic album into words this cooking analogy popped into my head. Simmering requires low heat and causes the flavors to blend and allows the flavors to become stronger. As much as I love doing that, I love also just sitting down playing guitar and not having to worry about shoving it all down your throat. Which one are you going to be?” It’d be so boring to just play one style of music for the rest of your life. Our FOH,( T Hater) and I dropped and transferred all the files last night here at Mousseroom Studios. When I broke my leg on that last tour he came with us for eight months, all over the world, and when I was better he had to leave. I’ve listened to this acoustic album multiple times and every time I hear something different. I will try to keep you guys updated, and let ya know if we find anything on those files that is worth releasing.

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