This Blue October lyrics are copyright by their rightful owner(s) and uuLyrics in no way takes copyright or claims the lyrics belong to us. This song has been locked and is considered "done." You need 600 IQ to add annotations to locked songs. The best thing about blue suede shoes is that they look absolutely amazing when worn casually, even if it is a suit, I would more wear it with either a nice slim-fit pair of dark denim jeans or a casual, non-creased khaki-colored pair of pants.
As I just noticed myself from writing this post, there seems to be a common trend in the styles of shoe that a company will make blue suede shoes: 1.
In the 50?s (don?t step on ?) we wore our blue suede shoes with blue jeans (not Levi?s yet) with a thin blue suede belt and a white T-shirt with the sleeves rolled.

While I am not sure why I am so gravitated towards them, I do know that there is nothing quite like them.
While these options are nice, I much prefer to see a blue suede shoe in a dress form like that Ferragamo or the Corthay below. The aesthetic pleasure of pairing a blue suede (that is usually seen as casual) and a elegant dress model of shoe, creates a liking that for me is indescribable. And yet while the idea of a blue suede shoe is so famously known they are still so hard to come by, the good one’s at least.
The same shoe by Corthay, if made in calfskin, would still be extremely beautiful yet would not capture in the same way that it’s suede counterpart seems to.

Obviously you have your risk takers, like Ferragamo, who will make it in another completely different style but yet you see that they still used the wingtip influence. Considering that dark blue is not a loud nor gaudy color, I would think that such a shoe would be in the seasonal collections of shoe companies, year after year.
Either way, this now gives me incentive to create one and make a pair for myself and possibly even add a crepe sole to see how that looks.

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