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With an impressive catalogue to choose from, Blue October did not just perform songs off of Sway, rather it was a rounded set, that included songs that spanned their entire career.
Fans who have been with the band from the beginning of their journey, and what a journey that has lead to Sway, will not be disappointed with this tour at all.
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The show was incredibly intense and emotional, as Justin Furstenfeld poured every emotion into each lyric and note. It was a night filled with a sense of awe, wonder and excitement as  Tori Vasquez and Courrier  took the stage to open for Blue October’s The Sway Tour at Center Stage on Sunday, Sept.
I can’t remember the last time I saw an artist emotionally bleed for an audience, and in return the fans were consumed by atmospheric energy and gave it right back to the band. It is a rebirth of the band, who makes music because they have no other choice; it is part of their DNA.

I’m always jamming out to something – from folk to rock to country; basically anything with a story and beat that can take me on a journey without leaving my house puts a smile on my face.

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