GoSkills erases boundaries when it comes to learning, offering online courses in the fields of business, graphic design, project management, and Microsoft Office to help add value to resumes and personal portfolios. Acquire skills on how to use body language to communicate effectively in meetings and networking situations. Get tips for delivering speech and media interviews, and how to avoid body language misconceptions.
Courses accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service (CPD UK).
If you live in Hongkong or Macao or plan a trip over there then you've come to the right place.

Yes, send me Groupon e-mails for the latest offers for great local services, goods and getaways that are personalised based on cookies used by my devices, my location, browsing and purchase history, or other information I provide.* Privacy Statement *You can reject and delete cookies directly via your browser and you can manage your newsletter subscriptions at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Groupon newsletter you receive. Page 1 of 3 (33 %)If you're thinking about working internationally you should not only learn the right foreign language, you should also think about improving your intercultural body language.
In the 2008 presidential election, we also saw how body language can still make a difference to the results.
Just remember that the wrong body language can send out the wrong messages: one reason why George Bush Senior may have lost the US presidential elections in 1992 was because he looked at his watch during the debate with Bill Clinton.
John McCain's body language during the debates often showed that he did not like Barack Obama at all.

However, I achieved a rather low score (38 %), which proves once again how necessary intercultural training seems to be. Its team of instructors are certified and have working experience in their respective fields, and have received awards and authored several guidebooks.
Groupon has coupons for basically everything, you can save in restaurants, during a shopping tour or your travels and even in areas such as healthcare, wellness, beauty or services.

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