A message in code starts Tim on an exciting treasure hunt through a dark cave, an underground tunnel and other strange places until he finds a happy surprise. One of Mexico's most celebrated new novelists, Haghenbeck offers a beautifully written reimagining of Frida Kahlo's fascinating life and loves. These remarkable journals will safely house your deepest thoughts, nurture your creativity, and keep the dreary world at bay. Loaded with 27 exciting espionage-related puzzles, this book requires thrilling acts of derring-do.

Pattern recognition, matching shapes, following instructions, and simple map-reading are introduced to the very youngest readers. More than half a century after her death, Frida Kahlo continues to inspire a devoted following. Young spies can engage in codebreaking, solve word searches, follow mazes, look for hidden objects, and other challenges.
Plus, a huge chapter in the Secret Invasion story as more information as to how the Skrulls set their major plans in motion is revealed.

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