Lizzie Hearts’ Spring Unsprung Book play set opens up to reveal her fantastically decorated dorm room, designed in her favorite red, gold and black color scheme! Her enchanting dress is a strapless, peplum style, with a red-rose pattern on top and a checkered-rose style on the bottom! Her shiny black hair has charming streaks of red, decorated with a golden crown headband and red roses. Children Privacy Policy If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use the Service. I really hope one day i can see Suzy x Lee Jong Suk or Park Shin Hye x Kim Soo Hyun in a drama!!
Suzy i come to know about you few months back only but i'm so glad that i came to know about you.. I hope u accept the role in drama 'cheese in the trap', It's good to see u play another character in drama.
I found it so impolite from all Lee Min Ho's fans that downvoted Suzy's rating here in asianwiki. I'm not even a big fan of Suzy but I hate how you super fans come on here and tell her who to date like you know her personally and have the right to an opinion. Hi unnie I'm a big fan of yours, your the reason why I became a kpop lover, I love your acting, singing, dancing..
SUZY make more drama your acting and singing are amazing and you are so pretty you are nation first love and am one of your biggest fan. Suzy when are u coming back, i love your dramas i am one of your biggest fan,suzy fighting!!!!! Suzy what other dramas are u going to act, I love your dramas, I am one of your biggest fan. Suzy is my favorite Korean actress because she is so kindly,beautiful, helpful, talented and she is so smart.
I saw "Gu Family Book" and Suzy was OK but not that good to win an award especially when Ko Hyun Jung was also nominated. Hii,suzy or bae su ji you're awsome beautiful with an glowing angel face,I LOVE YOU because you amaze me by the way you acte,i wish if i keep seing you at T.v all of the rest of my are the Best of all time don't forget that!
Dear Suzy, I am rooting for you everyday, very happy that you are being rewarded with many wonderful Awards -- in drama, movie, music, and all. Begin by cutting your paper bag open as shown, and then cut off the bottom flap, so that you have one large sheet of paper. With printed side of the grocery bag up, place the book on top and fold down the top and bottom edges of the paper to match the top and bottom of the book. Fold one end of the paper and slide the front cover of the book into the open end until the edge of the cover meets your fold.

Close the book and crease the other end of the paper where the edge of back cover meets it. This young royal has worked hard to get a good reputation at school, and now it’s your turn to write her next story! A variety of beautiful details and storage spaces are included in the room for Ever After High Lizzie and her friends to keep their most favorite keepsakes and jewelry! Her second layer is a red-satin fabric, which flairs out around her and is longer in the back. Use her storage spaces for your own favorite trinkets, and use the pegs on her wall to hang jewelry! Suzy already paired with Kim Soo Hyun in dream high, and Lee Jong Suk already paired with Park Shin Hye in pinocchio, why don't the producer try to swtich these couples? Eventhough a lots of netizens disagree, you can prove it and make them suprising with your talented Act. I mean, she's so pretty, kind, talented, and she's naturally pretty (you can tell if you look at her childhood photos). She had a rating from 93% now it is 89% , I guess after The Dating news she won to much haters. It's been 4 years when Minyoung eonni and Minho oppa broke up, so I am happy for the both of you. Many fangirls of LMH are in shock now!!!!!Pray for their fast recovery as you have broken their hearts!Hurray!!!! From the start I knew you hade that extra which people can't train but need to be born with. Introducing the 2014 Fall Release of the Ever After High Lizzie Hearts Spring Unsprung Book Playset! Create more parts of her dorm room to attach, and have her friends over for a slumber party! You do know when two people love each other they fight against the current just to prove it. If you guys think she's no match for Lee Minho, well I'm sorry I should say I think you are SO WRONG.
You, the so called fans should wish them happiness and LIVE YOUR OWN DAMN LIFES and stop fantasizing of Lee Min Ho!
I hope you would have a drama series with Minho oppa so we can see if you have a great tandem or a chemistry. To keep giving Suzy awards when she is not as good as other actresses is only going to hurt her and the integrity of award shows. And trough the years I've watched all your movies and dramas and seen you've grown and devolved more and more skills.

I know you have the right attitude -- but please do not stop learning, growing and improving.
Golden shelving decorates the walls, with detailed jewelry boxes, shelves and bags that every princess has got to have!
Ever After High Lizzie’s deep red heels are designed with roses and vine detailing, and her matching colored necklace has rose detailing and beading that hangs off of her shoulders! Hopely a good acting teacher like Lee Misook will volunteer herself as a personal mentor for you. A royal print on the other side shows off an awesomely decorated room with a checkered chest, card-themed rug and clothing design desk!
I know ur always busy but please dont forget to take care of ur self and stay safe cause us fans would be worried for sure.
After rejecting all those roles(thank you for the haters netizens), this is totally worth it. And my adoration for her grew as I saw her in songs, other dramas, and appear in variety shows such as my favorite, ??? (Running Man). I'm not a big fan of Lee minho I just respect him because he's great in acting, but really Suzy is much better than him! All I want to say is that Suzy is a very great girl if any boy just saw her they would love her like me.
Ohh and i can see alot of hates on suzy here well yeah i have to admit that suzy lacks with acting but the girl is improving i mean come on shes an idol turned actress her always dream is to be a singer so acting is really out of her list but she started to love acting that's why she's learning so give it a shot!
Anyways, I really like her because she hasn't done plastic surgery like the majority of celebrities XD.
Even in Korea she's one of the most beautiful & most popular girl you can't just insult her or say such bad things like that just because you're upset becuz of her dating news! Haha, I sometimes hear people saying how cool Kpop is and how attractive Korean celebrities are, but the some person will always walk up and say that it's because they all do surgery.
Yeah it's true and I'd like to say this, Korean people are normal just like you, they aren't all pretty. Sure there are real pretty Korean ones that were born naturally like that, and there are people who were born ugly, or average too.
We are like everyone else, I mean I bet a lot of American celebrities have plastic surgery too.

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