In her new book, Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina (Touchstone, $25), Misty Copeland opens up about her rise from poverty to becoming the first African American female soloist in two decades with the American Ballet Theatre.
At 13 your ballet teacher and your mother signed a “life-story contract.” Was it apparent you were a prodigy? From the moment that my teacher took me into her studio on full scholarship, she knew I had a career ahead of me.
Does it bother you that there is an apparent lack of support for mainstream ballet from African Americans? This is the first time I’ve [addressed] my upbringing and personal experiences outside of ballet. Everything that I’ve experienced has been because of dance, the people that I’ve met through ballet and the structure that it’s provided.

Just print out the book either one or two sided and put the pages in a slim binder with a pocket folder or envelope to store your pets medical and vaccination receipts.
It’s important for people to see me as a real person, to know the place that I came from and the person I’ve grown into.
I express to parents that even if your child doesn’t want to go on to be a professional, ballet gives so much to take forward in their lives.
I’m so lucky to have the opportunities that have come my way; but I make sure that whatever I’m doing that it’s related to ballet.
It’s also important for young kids to see what’s possible, because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Everyone knew from the moment I stepped on to the stage this was going to be a special ride.

I want to educate our students through an initiative I helped launch, Project Pile, which aims at boosting diversity within ballet and opening doors for every type of student. God knows your every thought, your every care, and your deepest concerns.God acquits us from the Courtroom of Eternal Justice on the grounds that Jesus Christ paid our fine. I want to show young kids that there are dreams to be reached, despite a difficult background.
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