Everyone loves a good miracle story, and this book provides 101 true stories of healing, divine intervention, and answered prayers. BUY IT: You can find Chicken Soup for the Soul books at your local bookstore or at Amazon.
Another Chicken Soup for the Soul Book that I find to be interesting is the one for Teachers. With the coming of the holiday season, we are thrown back into our own memories of holidays spent with relatives as we grew up.
May you have enjoyed the past, or healed from it, and if not, may you spend your time making positive memories for others.
Following are two stories, one is an apology directly from Heaven and the other is gifting joy around the world. Two summers ago, he attended a Marine Postal Workers Reunion and met Chief Warrant Officer 3 D. Curtis promised to send Chief Warrant Officer 4 Don McCarty, some excellent beef Jerky, made here in Cottage Grove, by Gates Family Tradition Meat Co.
For the last year, Curtis faithfully sent Gates Jerky to the postal workers in Iraq, because he knows first hand what it feels like to be serving over seas.
While there, he decided to ride the bus to Camp Pendleton, and had the joy of meeting the Marines to whom he had gifted the Jerky while they were in Iraq. When he was introduced to Lt.Cpl Harper, she jumped up and almost shook Curtis's hand off in gratitude. Chief Warrant Officer 4 Don McCarty, now the Postal Officer at Camp Pendleton, wants everyone to know, "In my seven months in Iraq, I received a couple of boxes from my wife and a few friends. When a box arrived from Curtis, four or five Marines would bring it to me, often with an open knife in hand, because they knew what was in it.
I was amazed to receive such a treat the 1st time, but to get it each month from someone that didn't know us, was truly amazing. Curtis wants us to remember the military personnel overseas, this year, especially during the Holiday season.

You can call a local recruiting office, your National Guard Armory and find the names of military personnel overseas who would love a batch of your homemade cookies, or a reminder of home. The Postal workers in Iraq recently honored Curtis, by sending him the American flag, that flew over their post office in Iraq. Curtis has no idea that I contacted the his grandson and the folks stationed in Camp Pendleton to add to this story. The Cottage Grove Sentinel is going to print the story and that will be the first time Curtis reads their words! But, as I looked down at the feather, I looked up at the ceiling, because I knew it had to have materialized from somewhere. My son refused any attempts to mend differences and I have not had the joy of seeing or hugging his three sons. I weep for the child my son was, and mourn the choices he made as an adult, that brought him to his sad set of circumstances and ultimately, his death at such a young age. I wish the circumstances could have been different, but everything happens as it is meant to, and for a reason. This feather is going into a beautiful frame, as soon as the snow melts and I can get to a store. This holiday season, may other families reach out and mend their emotional wounds before it is too late.
Eleven years ago, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" began sending good news stories to friends and family on line. A cup of my favorite tea, a snugly blanket and Expect Miracles creates a mystical hour or two just for me. Expect Miracles and Christmas Filled with Miracles teach you to recognize the miracles happening in your life. She taps that reservoir again to create this magical, mystical gift for the holiday season. Christmas Filled With Miracles is a wonderful gift I turn to, read and uplift my spirit, especially on chaotic days.

I opened Christmas Filled With Miracles thinking that I would read only a few stories and suddenly I had finished the complete book.
Imagine - when you are reading Christmas Filled With Miracles you're actually reading about God and the Angels intervening in ordinary peoples' lives.
What some may think are coincidences happening in our life are really wonderful gifts of miracles.
I encourage you to share my stories with your friend's, but when copying please keep my contact information attached so new readers can find their way here. These amazing, personal stories prove that God is alive and active in the world today, working miracles on our behalf. Darling, who gave Curtis, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Don McCarty's name who was stationed in Iraq. Mike Leonhardy is in the first Calvary Division serving in Iraq and he also receives his share of Jerky. I told him how much I had loved him, even when I didn't much like some of the things he had done. Learn how to fill your New Year with Miracles - read both of them today; share them with your friends tomorrow.
When his father left our family, my son left too, and I have not had any contact with either of them in 25 years.
This book of miracles will encourage, uplift, and recharge the faith of Catholics and all Christian readers.

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