Most grocery stores are setup in a way that all the natural foods are located around the perimeter of the store.
Note: I recently found a great blog that really focuses on the benefits of eating healthy food. Important Message: Although this site has received 25+ million visitors, I am starting from scratch and abandoning it.
My best friends mom is a health nut and she’s made this arguement to me so many times! When my wife am I do grocery shopping the trolley is full of fresh fruit, veges, a little meat and soy, whole grain breads, low fat yogart etc etc and absolutely no soft drink, chips, lollies, and other highly processed foods. You know, it’s really true that when you cut out sweets and processed foods, your craving for them goes away. Also I was wondering what you think of eating low-fat peanut butter as part of my meal in the 4-hour nighttime window. I’m doing my best to find approaches that are the quickest and most effective ways to get lean, slim, and sexy. Hi Rusty, i really like your idea of doing a post about red wine, being portuguese i apreciate red wine, we have a long tradition of being wine producers (like all south europeans), and recent studies have proved that red wine have benefits to the heart, and it reduces the bad cholesterol. I mean like yourself beer is my favorite alcoholic drink (i mean what would you expect from any ozzie bloke!) and what I drink at the pub with mates etc. Also I am genetically predisposed towards having high blood pressure but I’ve been able to lower it in the last 12 months without the use of drugs. Coming to think of it maybe you could some day post something more specifically on blood pressure? I’m not an expert on blood pressure by any means, but I will certainly research it and write about my findings. Awesome, thanks for the healthy treat Rusty I’m going to search for some around my area. I am starting to see tons of readers from the Bay Area as well as San Diego, New York, and Miami.
I do have a decent reader base from Vegas and Austin, but I think it is because of those cities get transplants from all over the world.
I’m assuming that something like Cinnamon Toast Crunch would not be a clean, unprocessed food. I have to mainly agree with maya, as long as the girl doesnt take the natural look back to hairy pits and legs amd still bathes regularly and doesnt smell like petchulli (sp?). After 8 years and 25+ million visitors, I've decided to start from scratch and shut down this site. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our website editor and download editor both offer unique benefits so you can choose whichever suits your purpose best. This Mother’s Day, why not share some special memories with your mum with a beautifully unique Photobook filled with photos of the two of you?
Why, you may ask, have I chosen to illustrate this post about a doomed revolt with the elegant photos of Nichole Robertson over at Little Brown Pen? This little gem of a 16th-century church is Eglise Saint-Merri.  The insurgents staged a desperate last stand in and around this church, at the heart of the district where the fiercest fighting took place. The elephant itself was described negatively by Victor Hugo in Les Miserables; little other account of contemporary public perception is available. It was falling into ruins; every season the plaster which detached itself from its sides formed hideous wounds upon it.
Frankly i thought that the movie was pretty clear that it did not involve the French Revolution. Michelle, it doesn’t take too much reading of French history to know that this is a different generation, a different revolution. Very enlightening…I am almost fluent in French, and know a few things about the French Revolution, etc. I, too, was unsure of the role each of the characters in the movie played, or the purpose of the rebellion.
I’m pretty sure that in the film they actually refer to the fact that they got rid of the monarchy, having beheaded the King and then replaced him but that the new King was just as bad. I, too, lament that so few people recognize the distinct fashion changes between the two eras – from the neoclassical, Empire styles to the open, romantic-era designs of the 1830s. In the book, Victor Hugo added so much geography, that it became tiresome if you are not acquainted with those areas in France. Have enjoyed reading all the comments, but am still searching for an answer to the elephant in the movie. In April 2012 a smaller replica of the elephant was built in Greenwich as part of the set of the 2012 film version of the musical Les Miserables. I suppose he represents the equivalent class in Paris … but then of course, so would his sister Eponine. Was reading a synopsis last week of Les Miserables and learnt Gavroche is the son of the Thenardiers. I was stunned to learn that Victor Hugo had actually been there at the time of the revolution! I did know that this was not the French Revolution, but I am glad to have more historical context from which to love this magnificent production.
I don’t think you read my post carefully, James, since you have misconstrued everything I wrote within it. I would sort of like to give this article to quite a few people in my life, including my history teachers! Either way, this was a wonderful article, and I’ll most certainly be sharing this with people. Well this clears up a lot for me, I have yet to read the book but I have watched the movies and plays over and over again, and love the music and story. I have watched the current movie version and though I appreciate it but I feel it is lacking.

Please, please someone, tell me that there was such a scene and that they have since removed it from the performance. Never mind, I shall just have to agree with my son, that I am imagining this very clear memory!!!
I recently finished Les Miserables, and found this article while searching for information and photos.
I have even cut out diet soda and other zero calorie diet foods with artificial sweeteners.
I love this stuff but when I eat it I usually have about 200 calories of it (3 tb) either on whole-wheat toast or with an apple, and it’s quite high in fat. Of course it has to be consumed with moderation, doctors here usually tell us to drink 2 red wine glasses a day.
I think my glass of red a night is one thing that has helped my do this, along with really cranking up my exercise plan, eating at least a bannana a day (potasium) and having a pet dog! Most process foods are loaded with salt, fat, and sugar so the REAL food tastes bland and boring by comparison. Just as we need to train ourselves to appreciate natural foods by eating only natural foods, we also must train ourselves to appreciate the natural human body. My girlfriend is trying to teach me the benefits of healthy food and I have been eating better, she neclver wears make up and only colors her hair when some gray comes in. How to Tell if a Supplement is Worth Taking.Dramatically Increase Flexibility and Mobility With This 6 Minute WarmupHow Many Carbs Per Day to Lose Body Fat? Treat mum to this gorgeous and touching gift and receive 20 bonus pages when you order by Tuesday 28 April 2015. Add in stylish frames, scrapbooking items, quotes, text and more to bring your memories to life. They also scavenged planks and beams from nearby construction sites and improvised tools for prying up paving stones.
Originally conceived in 1808 by Napoleon, the colossal statue was intended to be created out of bronze and placed in the Place de la Bastille, but only a plaster full-scale model was built. I was curious about the historical context after watching the film and this article helped clear up some confusions I had.
Gavroche’s role obviously plays on his urchin-ness by retaining Cockney usages, diction, etc.
Gavroche gives a quick rundown of 40 years of French history while bumping along on the back of a carriage. Mostly I was looking for the route of the failed revolution to check out while I was in Paris, and uncovered this history.
I think your thought on the artistic use of cockney to indicate his urchin street cred is probably right.
The stage productions I saw had much more interesting characters for the greedy, underhanded, but comic Thenardier couple. Louis Sunday night – great production by the way, but was confused about the history. I think they were generally outraged at the economic conditions and the widespread poverty. Clearly historic license was used because the scenes which prominantly feature the structure supposedly take place in 1899.
I saw the play years ago and hated it, because I did not know the plot and the singing was difficult to understand.
I was aware of the time difference and the timeline, but it was nice to have it all in type in a consistent manner. Read book over 20 years ago eventually saw musical twice numerous films now this film of the musical.
Given your attitudes towards history and learning, it doesn’t surprise me that you are not an attentive or thoughtful reader. As a high school student and general theatre nut, it took very minimal reading up for me to discover that Les Mis was about the June Rebellion, as the French revolution as taught in all of my classes took place forty plus years before the events of Les Mis. It kinda makes me feel better to know that after they all died for France that later there actually was the real French Revolution and they won. I made a really healthy organic salad the other night with romaine lettuce, carrots, peas, and cucumbers. In the particular store I shop at they even have a special Health Food area right near the produce.
It sounds kind of good, and your post has really motivated me to try to eat healthier foods. Although, being vegan I eat a lot of fruit – mostly apples, oranges, and strawberries. You should read an interesting post I did on this one about people who ate an all fruit diet (nothing else). I can get really defined off of synthetic food, but I know in the long run the real stuff is better for me. Plus all of the natural phytonutrients and antioxidants found in healthy foods will keep you looking good as you get older. In fact, it is our own mind that is programmed to like artificial, extreme flavors that we were not meant to eat. I would avoid liquid calories if possible, it is just an added source of calories that you don’t need.
If girls stopped covering their faces in powders and goops and stopped getting surgeries and extensions and all this awful stuff, women would be truly beautiful again. Add in 20 extra pages (or 10 spreads) to your Photobook so that you have a total of 40 pages for a small Photobook  or 50 pages for a medium or large Photobook. Hugo was surrounded by barricades and flung himself against a wall, as all the shops and stores had been closed for some time. These classic raw materials were natural choices because they added mass, helped knit the structure together, and were usually found in abundance right at the site of the barricade construction. At 24 m (78 ft) in height the model itself became a recognisable construction and was immortalised by Victor Hugo in his novel Les Miserables (1862) in which it is used as a shelter by the street urchin Gavroche.

The ethos of the era was so entirely different – and the clothes and hairstyles are so entirely different.
More at the top end get to join in with the suffering when it’s won but little difference for the rest. It’s part of the pedestrians-only area of old, narrow streets north of Saint-Eustache and runs east-west between Rue Montmartre and Rue Montorgeuil. I find it much more interesting that in the 1950 non-musical version of Les Miz Gavroch does NOT have an accent.
The bourgeoisie used the situation in order to leverage their own position,and ,thus,sold the people out! The lady next to me said it was the French Revolution but I knew that date wise that was not correct. At 24 m (78 ft) in height the model itself became a recognisable construction and was immortalised by Victor Hugo in his novel Les Miserables (1862) in which it is used as a shelter by the street urchin Gavroche. Of course-most people don’t know the history of their own country so knowing the difference between the French Revolution and Madame Guilottine and the Insurection of 1832 is a bit too much!!! I showed this to a friend when she was unwilling to believe me that Les Mis was not set during the Revolution, and she said that it was very informative. However, there’s no accounting for what an inventive (and historically inaccurate) director might have done. Overly processed foods and artificial sweeteners create tastes that aren’t present in nature. The only exception for me is the occassional beer…but I plan for that by eating less leading up to gong out with friends and having a beer. I am really liking the natural flavors eating a lot more fruit and making sure any meats are organic and free from antibiotics and hormones, still working on the veggies. Also, thank you Cynthia , for I did not know that Eponine was Gavroch’s sister; or did I simply misunderstand you? The movie tries to articulate the historical changes that got jumbled and lost in the stage version of the musical, with some success. And, just because the insurgents lost in 1832 doesn’t mean that they were naive,nor wrongheaded. If I may ask, do you know if any of the characters (specifically the Amis) in Les Mis were based on living people? I do appreciate this as gavrotte with his cockney accent is hard to understand as he reviews French history! It seems highly unlikely, because I don’t know where a director would inject such a scene. One, with book, music and lyrics by Jill Santoriello, and a guillotine, ran on Broadway from Sep 18 – Nov 9, 2008.
I had avoided all candy and artificial sweeteners for two weeks and my taste buds had adapted. Bell peppers, onions, celery, carrots, nuts, honey, vegetables, etc…all of these foods should really stimulate your taste buds.
I’m going to do a post on alternating high protein and higher fat days with lower fat higher carb days. They are a million times exaggerated from their natural state but also have less substance and a mechanical, unnatural feel to them. Since starting to read your blog Rusty, I have lost 13 lbs 3% bf and increased all of my lifts.
Sorry getting a bit philosophical here but I was bit unsure of the exact setting and this has helped nicely. The effects of having little or no work,no bread, and suffering the greatest from the cholera outbreak, may have made it seem more *imperative* to them than to their so-called” betters*!! Later I got to see a live community theater production, which was excellent, and then another which was superb! If you want Hollywood to be historically accurate then shut the hell up and make your own damn movie. Not only does this stuff taste better, it digests better and you feel much better after eating it. Now I have the sound track blasting in my car all the time, and the tunes rotate through my head day and night! The novel is also a musical by David Pomeranz, Stephen David Horwich and David Soames that ran in London in 2012 and features a guillotine. Someone who is used to eating sugar filled cereals would probably be really bored with this snack. I also like hanging with sexy girls who wear at least some makeup and are into the newest fashions. Feel free to eat peanut butter, but pay attention to the overall calories that it adds, since it is a calorie dense food.
If you truly want to appreciate this earth and nature, instead of processed human waste, you need to view makeup and surgeries and human alteration as the processed by-product that it is. I am currently 5′ 10″ weighing 165 at 14% bf starting to see where the abs are under this blubber!
I can’t wait for it to come back to the San Diego Civic Theatre, where I first saw it. And there is a 1968 version titled Two Cities, The Spectacular New Musical, written by Jeff Wayne. Very few people these days really know what hair looks like without colors and gels and sprays.
And not only do they have English accents, but their characteristics and behaviors are British as well.
A guillotine is in the musical The Scarlet Pimpernel with music by Frank Wildhorn and book and lyrics by Nan Knighton.

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