A Happy Daycare - March Newsletters   March 3-7, 2014 “You’re  never too old, too wacky, too wild to pick up a book and read to a child.”  We said Happy Birthday to Dr.
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Check out our digital downloads for motivating training programs to help advance your presentation skills and networking success. Club 529 is an exciting new program that teaches kids to build their own business and to invest their profits into a 529 college savings plan. Kids age 8-19 can join the club for a nominal membership fee.A  They will get acess to our web-content giving them the information they need to develop their own business. Seuss, the beloved author of The Cat in The Hat, this week and kicked off a month devoted to Dr. Motivational Speaker and thought-leader Kathy McAfee can help you motivate the troops so that they can contribute greater value to themselves, their organizations and the world.
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They announced that, “The Cat in the Hat is back, just in time for the annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on the birthday of beloved children's author Dr. During this learning theme the children will explore the concepts of what is snow and how do arctic animals, like polar bears, walruses, and penguins keep warm in their cold homes? Seuss.”  We will be celebrating the love of  reading for the entire month of March with Dr. At the end of the month on Friday, January 31 we will end the theme with a Hibernation Pajama party. The children will wear their PJ’s to school and bring along their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal for hands on activities exploring how animals hibernate for the Winter. The case studies in the attached white paper are PROOF thatA positive results can be achieved by employing of the principles of Grassroots Innovation.
The children can hardly wait for it.  At Art Time the children took handfuls of artificial snow and piled it high on to their collages to make fur to keep their paper polar bears nice and warm.
Seuss’s simple word repetition and rhyming words helps a child  to begin to learn the fundamentals necessary for reading.
The children loved hearing the story of the Cat in the Hat and then making their own hats at Art Time. We practiced Ll letter recognition, phonics, and words that begin with L like lion, lamb, and lollipop.
The children love looking forward to Movie Fridays each week so we thought we would start another day theme they could look forward to but this one would have an academic focus. Literacy enrichment activities like this brings the story to life and  instills in the children the love of not only reading but of learning as a whole.
On Math Mondays the children will explore math concepts through books, flash cards, songs, and activities centered around counting, shapes, patterns, colors, and number recognition. Marie Madeleine Drouillard arrives in New France at the village named Three Rivers aboard the ship Taureau.
Patrick’s Day we will read the book Green Eggs and Ham and have our own Green Eggs and Ham Lunch.

Math: Counting to 100 with the Cat in The Hat, exercise with 100 song, Leapfrog Math to the Moon. Marie Drouillard nods and shares the solemn sentiment with her fellow mariners but her emotions quickly change once her feet hit the docks and she is filled with joy.It is a sunny April morning, and a new day in a new world was ahead of Marie. She left behind her mother Marie Jeanne, and father Jacques, and the rest of her famille in Ville Marie, Saintonge. As she set her feet on the rickety docks of settlement named Three Rivers, she took the capine from her head and shakes off the last mist of salt water in her hair and thus begins a romantic adventure that she played out in her mind since her youth.Marie takes a look at the small settlement and all the activity going on around her. Some of the things we will be counting are coins, unifix cubes, blocks, and anything else that catches their attention. Seuss’s lovable elephant, Horton, has been the star of the week with Horton Hears A Who and Horton Hatches An Egg. So if you hear your child laughing and counting in a funny voice it is because the Count from Sesame Street is working his magic to make math fun. Horton Hears A Who teaches the lesson that, “A person is a person, No matter how small.” and that every voice counts and is important. We are also reaffirming the children’s color and shape skills and moving on to more complex geometric shapes. You have come for the wedding have you not? MARIEI am looking for Father Lalemant of the Jesuits.PIERREFather Lalemant is a friend of mine. Horton is also a good character to teach the children about being truthful, loyal, doing what is right, being a leader, handling peer pressure and helping others.  The children made Horton elephant ears to wear for a special story time “read” by Ralphie, Victoria, and Irie. We are matching up the color with it’s written word so the children will recognize not only the color but the spelling of the word as we move toward reading.
It would be a kindness if you would allow me to take you to Father.MARIEVery well Monsieur, I just don't want to put you to any trouble. They pretended to be elephants, listened to an audio book Horton story on our smart TV, and colored their own Horton with a fuzzy clover where the Who’s from Whoville live. I am sure you must have other obligations.PIERREIf you are a friend of Fathers then I am obligated to see you safely to his presence.
We did not know we had so many penguins in the daycare until the children rounded them up to count them.
Now then you would not like the good people of Three Rivers to look down on me as if I were one of the savages walking with empty arms while you tote a heavy load.
They are excited to play the shapes are everywhere game where they look through their environment to find as many shapes as they can hidden in everyday objects.    Thanks to Asher’s Mom for bringing us special shaped noodles for each of the holidays.
After counting penguins we started talking about where they live, what they eat, and the many different penguin types. The children are looking forward to eating the shamrock shaped noodles.  A Happy Birthday to Cole who turned 5 and Gideon who turned 2. One of the activities this week was working on the big wooden floor puzzle of the United States that Ralphie brought on New Toy Day.
Do you have a last name?MARIEWhy everyone has a last name, do they not? PIERREI was not trying to be intrusive. The children helped change our tree from Winter time to Spring by adding leaves and flowers. It was our annual Green Eggs and Ham Lunch on Monday and all the children were about to find out. My mother's name was Marie Madeleine. MARIENow I know you are making jest of our conversation. PIERREHonest!
They stared at the bright green scrambled eggs on their plates and took a little nibble then  a big bite. Day    January 20-24, 2014We added block buddies to the block building center for more imaginative play activities. The children have been busy building castles for the knights, dragons, and princesses, rescue vehicles for the firefighters, houses for the puppies, barns for the horses, and rocket ships for the astronauts to blast into space.
Soon all the eggs were gone but the children discovered that just like in the book you don’t know if you like a food until you try it.
If you try it you might not only like it but love it.  How do you catch a leprechaun?  You make a leprechaun trap and that is what the children did. They marched their painted foot onto the paper and surprise a perfect little penguin appeared  justas unique as they are. They drew windows, ladders, doors, and rainbows on the trap to lure the leprechaun inside their trap. We have been working on large group activities like this where every one has to work together to achieve the finished project.
Large Group Activities teach children cooperation, taking turns, and how to use good social and communication skills with others.
The children created a seal shaped book filled with interesting animal facts about how animals keepwarm in the cold. While the children were busy trying to catch the leprechaun he surprised us by hiding a pot of gold in the yard. Of all the animals they are learning about the children are fascinated with the Narwhal which iscalled the unicorn of the sea because of the long horn on it’s head. They looked high and low until Irie spotted the pot of gold filled with cookies and treats hidden by a log.
I want to get away from these arrangements.PIERREWhy is that?MARIEWhen I marry, I want to marry for love and to whom I choose. As she stops walking she looks over and sees a man where before she seen only a trusted soldier.
By incorporating a theme through out different subjects and play opportunities it helps young children to grasp concepts easier and build their knowledge base. He worked his magic as he helped the children count flowers and see how high they could count!Hooray!
Math: Shamrock count and add, counting to 100, rainbow patterns, Ten Apples Up On Top story time.
That is if you don't object? MARIEI would like that Pierre.PIERREWell then we are here at the Chapel. The groundhog is one such animal who burrows into the ground to hide from the winter weather.  On Groundhog’s Day, February 2, Punxsutawney Phil, peeks out of his burrow to predict if he thinks winter is over or not. He is an old man and sometimes takes a while for him to answer.  MARIEThat is not neccesary Pierre. The children made their own groundhog puppets and colored a grassy burrow for them to peek in and out of just like Punxsutawney Phil. The children built and connected our many tunnels together to make their own burrows to hibernate in just like the groundhog.
With all the climbing in and out of the tunnels it didn’t take long for the children to become tired out.

They announced that, “The Cat in the Hat is back, just in time for the annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on the birthday of beloved children's author Dr.
The strikingly beautiful Marie had captured his heart and there is no escaping the feelings he has for the demoiselle he just met. It is the first time he has seen her in years.LALEMANTWell look who is all grown up!MARIEI suppose I have grown a little. I can tell you I will never cross that ocean again.    LALEMANTI have crossed the sea several times and I say the same thing each time. Is there some friction between you two?  MARIEI had written to her about my disapproval of he daughter Elizabeth arranged marriage when she announced the wedding several months ago.
How do you feel about Elisabeth marrying at so young a age?LALEMANTIt is long held family tradition to have ones parents betroth their daughter Marie. Why your parents did the same to Gillette, giving her to her first husband and as well as to her second.
I pray Elisabeth will be fine.MARIEWhat issues with Julian do you speak of Father?LALEMANTJulien has been known to enjoy his wine and his work habits are less than desirable. Well I have crossed the ocean and I have come to the mind set that I cannot live in the past, or change my families mistakes. He sold fish in the market place and he took on the resemblance of a halibut in his looks and also his smell; but that was no matter to my father. Do you think it is selfish of me, to want to find happiness in this life and a spouse who is not chosen for me, but one that I choose?LALEMANTMarie some do not understand my choice for a spouse.
I believe you will have many suitors Marie.MARIEI have not come this far and sacrificed so much to gamble on a stranger's heart.
I must say you have traveled across the ocean to arrive on Gillette daughter's wedding day. I presume you have talked over your terms of employment with Monsieur Francois Peron?MARIEYes Father, I will be working at Peron's store as a merchard mercier and will also manage some of his business affairs.LALEMANTExcellent Marie, I am so proud of you. Let me introduce you everyone at the celebration and I will have your bags carried over to the Ursuline House by a donne. Here in Three Rivers the inhabitants are fond of saying `Bon repas doit commencer par la faim` MARIENo thank you Father, Merci beaucoup. When we were children we promised that we would never allow this to happen to us or our children.LALEMANTNow Marie, you do not want cause a fuss? After all what is done is done and today is a day of celebration.MARIEMe Father that is the last thing I want to do. Jacques is a locksmith by trade, and he and Gillette have a small farm that barely sustains their 7 children. He is spending most the afternoon in close proximity to the nearest  keg of brandy and socializing with his rowdy group friends. Besides in his state of drunkenness, he is having trouble remembering which of the Bertault daughters he is suppose to be married too. I cannot remember. (laughter from the crowd)The amusement is not shared by Elisabeth's father who looks on and glares his disapproval. Gillette has the look of surprise on her face. GILLETTEYou have made the journey across the ocean Marie and arrived on all days the day of the wedding. She is so young and still acts yet like a child.GILLETTEWell I was 13 when I married my first husband Martin. Should it be any different for my children, Marie? Gillette looks down at the seven-year-old sister of Elisabeth, Suzanne who she consoles in her arms. I thought things would be different in New France but in so many ways it is the same as was back in Normandy. Marie do you see life any other way? MARIEI just hope that Julien takes good care of Elisabeth.
Julien has a reputation for sloth and I hear he has a horrible temper when he has been drinking.
It seems there is some doubt on his ability to be a provider.GILLETTEJacques has had several talks with Julien.
Julien has been told that he is expected to provide and care for Elisabeth and we think it will all work out. It is just that everyone is just a step away from starvation with the hostilities with the Iroquois. Have you given the fish salesman an answer, yes or no to marriage?MARIEI have told the Halibut he will have to wait till my contract with Miser Peron is complete and then I can decide with more certainty on my future. Right now I am glad there is a ocean between us. GILLETTEAnd does anyone else fit into my dear sisters future?
I couldn't help to notice that handsome young soldier escorting you. MARIEThere is no fit for anyone for a while, I suppose. To tell you the truth I have days when the thought of living with the Ursulene Sisters seems like the best of all options.
I ask myself do I really need a man to take care of and complicate my life?GILLETTEYou are so independent Marie.
Gillette rises from her chair and searches for her husband among the crowd but he is no where to be found. Elizabeth is in tears and quite upset by his behavior as Julien mocks and demeans his new bride for some miss cue of her speech and her untidy appearance. Elizabeth looks over to her mother for some help or reassurance but none is forth coming.Marie now sits alone taking in all the activity of the celebration into her heart and again ponders the value of marriage arranged or otherwise. Among the women in line for eggs, flour and assorted food items is the familiar face of the stores newest most frequent customer Pierre.
Marie is hurrying as she runs late and holds two large hand sewn quilts in a bundle that the Sisters at the convent had sewn.
Marie watches in amusement as Pierre fended off the big winged insect.MARIEPierre you are always so helpful and here when I need you. They are the most excellent I have ever seen.Pierre finally regains the upper hand from the attacking insect and swats the nuisance by putting the quilts between his chin and one of his arms to free up his other hand. He then catches the door for Marie to let her in.PIERREIf the quilts are that fine then they must put you mind of me. It would be a life of leisure and bliss if you were mine. MARIELeisure and bliss here in New France?

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