Jim Henson's The StoryTeller features adaptations of the nine stories first seen in the television series of the same name.
Hardcover, Archaia, 2014 - includes newly discovered conceptual artwork and excerpts from Jim Henson's original journals. Welcome to the two-hundred and forty-sixth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. COMIC LEGEND: Barry Windsor-Smith completed a third LifeDeath book starring Storm, which he published himself when Marvel rejected it.
In 1984 and then the following year, Barry Windsor-Smith and Chris Claremont joined forces for two very notable issues of Uncanny X-Men starring Storm. Well, as it turned out,Windsor-Smith actually worked on a THIRD LifeDeath installment (I do not know WHEN he did – it appears as though it was a goodly amount of time after the initial two parts), but Marvel rejected it.
Windsor-Smith held on to it until 1999, when he adapted the material into a new comic starring one of his new characters he had introduced in his Storyteller series at Dark Horse. COMIC LEGEND: Marvel assigned John Byrne The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones as a way to make up for displeasing Lucasfilms with their Raiders of the Lost Ark adaptation. John Buscema (on breakdowns) and Klaus Janson (on finishes) did the art on the Raiders of the Lost Ark comic book adaptation, with a script by Walt Simonson. As was often the case, the adapters were working from an old version of the script for the film, so the Marvel take differed from the actual film, but basically it was a fine, normal adaptation. In any event, they did, indeed, as Elliott alluded to, give Marvel a hard time over the work. And Byrne WAS involved in assuaging their feelings, but not in the way that Elliott heard the story.
You see, Marvel wanted to do an Indiana Jones licensed comic, which made sense, as the property was a popular one (well, Byrne wanted to do one, at least, and he was able to convince the top brass that Marvel should want to do one, as well).

Byrne has told the story a few times about how infuriating it was working with the licensing personal at Lucasfilm.
In any event, Byrne naturally did not want to work on the book anymore, so a new creative team was found.
The book still continued to be a good book, really – Archie Goodwin and David Michelinie did a good job writing the book and Kerry Gammill and Steve Ditko were fine choices for the regular artists.
Thanks again to Elliott for the question and thanks to John Byrne for telling the story about his adventures on the Indiana Jones comic in more than a few places! When Stan Lee decided to add an African-American soldier to the diverse crew of Marvel’s new World War II comic, Sgt. You see, while Stan Lee meant for Gabe to be black, Jack Kirby meant for Gabe to be black, colorist Stan Goldberg meant for Gabe to be back, the folks at the printing press figured it was a mistake, so they made Gabe white. Read the latest teen books for free and more on Riveted, where YA Fiction is Our Addiction! Get book club recommendations, access to more 1,000 reading group guides, author updates, and more! Get relationship help, parenting advice, healthy recipes, and tips for living a happy life from our author experts. Get access to the best in romance: free reads, specially priced offers, and exclusive content!
Anthony Minghella adapted his own screenplays for the 180 page book with painted illustrations of the stories by Darcy May.
I have plundered and borrowed from the riches of the European folktale and extracted those narratives which seemed beautiful or strange or delightful without the burden of scholarship to restrain me. I’d especially recommend you check out this installment of TV Legends Revealed to find out what involvement Bill Cosby had with the Amos and Andy TV series coming off the air!

I don’t know if George Lucas was really even that involved in stuff like comic adaptations at this point. However, Marvel was able to convince them to approve the concept by explaining that John Byrne, one of Marvel’s very top creators, wanted to do the comic, and he would write and pencil it (with Terry Austin inking it). Perhaps the funniest story involves the executive from Lucasfilm asking for the plot (which they had approved) to be edited when they were shown the final pages.
These stories have been told and repeated through the ages, changing with each retelling, so that every country and culture has its own set of variants on the classic tales. Yes, when the comic was finished, they wanted to know if you could just change the plot of the already drawn pages to something else.
There was not exactly a proliferation of African-American characters in comics at the time.
In the spirit of Henson’s inventive imagination, this hardcover collects four stories of witches and witchcraft from all over the world. Likely, they were so used to working with advertising where such demands were not so out of whack, but still, it showed a pretty dramatic lack of understanding for how comic books worked. Each story is told by different a different writer and artist, exploring classic witch stories and fairy tales through an incredible blend of art styles and storytelling techniques, and taking full advantage of the visual medium.
I have taken liberties, invented what I have forgotten, and changed what I have remembered.
Italo Calvino, in his marvelous anthology of Italian Folktales, described himself as a link in the anonymous chain without end by which folktales are handed down.

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