I always had a dream of becoming an author and touching the lives of people through my writing.
On the first day, I set a goal of writing one page a day, which I accomplished for the next three days, post which I lost the motivation to write. To accomplish a goal, you can’t leave things half way, you have to stick to your goals no matter what.
When we are in a flow experience where ideas flow freely, you love what you are doing, but a time comes when the fun of doing the task reduces and you feel fatigued. After completing my manuscript, I knew it was time for me to send it to publishers, but I was just whiling my time and ignoring this last step.
A stonecutter keeps hitting the stone and nothing happens until the hundredth blow, but on the 101th blow the stone breaks.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Whenever I missed a target, I would open the word document and stare at the screen until I wrote a minimum of half a page.
Do not ignore the message – refuel yourself by taking a break and doing something you like to do. After two months of inaction I realized I couldn’t accomplish my goal if I sit on my goal doing nothing. During the start it was difficult, but soon my mind got the message that sticking to your goal makes you go beyond your excuses. When I received a confirmation from the publishing agency, my dream of becoming an author came to life.

These life lessons made it possible for me reach out to thousands of people across the country with my message of hope and success. I procrastinated for so long, but during my post grad, I learned that “If you have a story it has to come out,” so I began thinking seriously about the idea of writing. You begin to train your mind for success, and you learn to shut out that inner voice that asks you to give up.

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