This book was written by one of fiance’s best friends and is an excellent read for dog lovers.
Do we try and tame our pets and the world to our every whim, or do we open ourselves up to the experience of wilderness that our pets and the world can provide?
Since it is set in a framework of meandering stories and postulates, the book feels like a journey of emotion and thought. I think this book will really resonate with any pet owner who has seen how their relationship with the world around them changes after getting a dog. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If there's one thing we've learned in the week since I first reported on Fakespot's system for analyzing Amazon reviews, it's that Fakespot's algorithms completely miffed on book reviews. Numerous authors have complained both in the comments here and over on The Passive Voice that their books were being given erroneous ratings.

Clearly this system doesn't work for book reviews, and that is something that even Fakespot will concede. I have exchanged a few emails with the Fakespot team over the past week, and they told me that they are aware of the issue with book reviews.
My contact informed me that Fakespot has released a beta version of its algorithms which is intended to fix the issue with erroneous book review ratings. Looking for Alaska, for example, scored 0%, and so did Will Grayson Will Grayson and The Beginning of Everything. It's hard to say whether that is going to fix the problem, because the existing ratings aren't being replaced. Recent CommentsNate Hoffelder on New User Reports Confirm the Kindle Oasis not Charging from the Battery CaseIt's certainly true for the first KPW, and the Fire Phone, and the Oasis. Please Donate or SubscribeThis blog is largely funded by advertising and affiliate fees, but donations will always be gratefully accepted.
They've been responding with damning critiques like "I tested one of my books & it came back 73% fake, which is ridiculous" and "I tried it on books that I know have 100% authentic reviews, and it was wrong every time".

To name one example, Girl on the Train scored 28% and %50 for the Kindle edition and hardback, respectively, and with tens of thousands of reviews for each edition that is clearly inaccurate. All three were shoved out thepoiboy on New User Reports Confirm the Kindle Oasis not Charging from the Battery Casegotta agree with this.
The books are now being identified as books rather than products of a company, and Fakespot is identifying fewer reviews as potentially fake. I have emailed fakespot that I don’t appreciate their branding me a fake and a cheater to all their followers. Nate Hoffelder on There’s No Such Thing as Common Sense, and There Never WasI have no idea how you got to this comment from my post.

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