My friend Larry McCall recently wrote Loving Your Wife As Christ Loves the Church, a thorough, doctrinal, and practical book for husbands.?
Every chapter ends with discussion questions and action steps for private devotional use or with a group. Welcome to Past, Present and Future! Every second Monday, I invite a special guest over to Book to the Future to grab a cup of tea and come travelling through time with me. The idea is simple: I ask someone – an author, a blogger, someone from the literary world – to tell me a little bit about the last book they read, the book they’re currently reading, and the book they’re planning to read next. This blog series has a time-travelling quality that appeals to me.  While some people can remember what they were wearing on a particular occasion, and others remember meals in intense detail, I often mark time by the book I was reading. Enter your email address below, click the Subscribe button, and my new posts will appear in your inbox as if by magic.

Festivities included rides, carnival games, face painting, princesses, art projects, fabulous food, a balloon raffle, and a spectacular -->silent auction.
Each chapter begins by focusing on how Christ loves his bride, the church, then teases out practical applications for imitating Jesus in loving our wives.
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I just looked up Liane’s blog and lost half an hour to it: it’s hilarious and well worth a look. You can find out more about Emma here, or click here to find out more about How To Be A Good Wife. Past, Present and Future will be back on Monday the 23rd of May, when I’ll be joined by an ace literary blogger.

I've selected one book to represent every year of the twentieth century to read and review in the order in which they were published. He teaches us how to encourage, equip and romance our wives and avoid such pitfalls as lust, flirting, and divorce.
Though many lack a role model of a godly husband, God provides his Son, who models sacrificial love for his bride for us to imitate.
Larry explains how to repent if we?ve been hooked, how to resist temptation, and develop a ?good offense?

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