The Book of Truth echoes the promise of the Book of Revelation to Christa€™s followers to stand firm in the faith without compromise, even in the face of martyrdom, and to trust in the fulfillment of Goda€™s mighty promise.
Special Philippine EditionThe Book of Truth (Volume 1, 2,  3 and 4) now has a special edition for residents of the Philippines.
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THE NARRATIVE OF SOJOURNER TRUTH is the compelling, fascinating account of the life of one of America's most famous former slaves, Sojourner Truth.

Your so-called tolerant Teachings proclaimed a series of lies, including the refusal to acknowledge the power of St.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. The Mission of many Holy Popes who have sat in the Seat of Peter has always been protected.
Many Popes have been prisoners in the Holy See, surrounded by Masonic groups who have spent fifty years spreading untruths, which led to the collapse of the Catholic Church.

This caused a lack of communication with those whom you needed to nourish with My Body and Blood. She became an important figure in the Abolitionist movement, giving a number of well-received speeches condemning slavery.

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