The Book of your life Mind Map will help you to explore how you are creating your inner and outer content of your life. Would You Like Access To A Free Visual Poster That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals?Now Downloaded Over 50,000 Times!"Your mind maps gave me the big picture about many topics. How did Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria come by their fancy French home? Early in our marriage, Victoria and I were out walking through our neighborhood one day when we came upon a beautiful new home in the final stages of construction. She was so filled with joy, I didn’t want to burst her bubble, so I let the matter drop. Several years later, we sold our property, and through another real estate deal, we were able to build a house just like the one we had viewed.
So what was that dreamhouse-enabling “other” real-estate deal Osteen is referring to? Now we have a President of the USA and a Christian Preacher who are honest, forthright,and love their respective wives. Why is it ok for trash-talking actors to live in mansions, and yet a child of Almighty God cannot?
It’s very easy to let your obstacles define you, especially when everyone else seems to define you by them. You simply want the same things as everyone else and yet, in order to even do simple things, like have an evening out, go on holiday or live on your own, you have to move mountains to make it happen. I’ve often wished there was an instruction manual to teach you how to live with disability, how to use the experience to make yourself stronger, a better person or simply to get the things you want.
What I found is, there is no magic pill, no simple solution (short of a cure) that will solve all your problems for you. No matter how powerless you feel or actually are, YOU are still the one with the power to make a change in your life.
The second best thing to a manual for living with a disability is then, in a nutshell, a manual for overcoming adversity. The author, Ryan Holiday, is a 26-year-old best-selling author with quite an impressive CV. In preparation for writing this review, I asked Ryan some questions about how he thinks his book applies to disability. For this book, I wanted to go back in history and ancient philosophy, to find people who overcame difficult situations. You might not be interested in philosophy so here’s why this book is important to you: Ryan’s book explains a practical process, broken down into three disciplines, for responding to life’s challenges in a way that will empower you to turn your obstacles into opportunities.
From personal experience I can say the process Ryan describes is a much-improved version of the method that I use personally to deal with my challenges. The first discipline is perception; learning how to control the lens through which you see life so you can rationally and effectively deal with your obstacles. Not because there’s anything special about me, but because I am simply too stupid and stubborn to take no for an answer, and kept pushing until I found a solution.
Of course, it takes real effort to change your mindset, beliefs and habits before you see results. Ryan puts it like this: “Will is our internal power which can never be affected by the outside world. When I was in hospital with pneumonia in 2010 I was told to relax because the doctors had decided I was going to die and didn’t want me to spend my last days stressed out.
I would cough until exhaustion, the nurses would give me morphine so I could sleep, then the cycle would repeat.
Unlike most books on philosophy, the writing is enthusiastic and clear, so even if you’ve never read anything like it before, it should be accessible and engaging.
Instead, you’ll find practical advice and the honest truth about what it takes to turn your circumstances to your advantage.
I also asked Ryan what he has found to be the most effective method for reframing your perception from despondency to something more practical and positive when  faced with disappointing or painful setbacks. It was the perfect opportunity to practice everything I had been using my whole life in the worst situations. If you have a disability your life is likely to be filled with obstacles and this is the simplest guide I know of for overcoming them.
If you long to be in control of your life, to gain more independence, to prove your worth to the world or even just to be at peace with circumstances you cannot change, then you MUST read this book.
Many people dream of working for the BBC – it’s well respected, highly acclaimed and the roles within it are diverse and exciting.
The Mind Map breaks down how you develop your inner source of reference including a record of such things as your judgments, opinions and beliefs.
I was able to understand how things were connected… things that you learned in 20 years in like one day. Where are the Swaggart hookers and Bakker office “assistants” when we need them? If you’ve sometimes found yourself wondering; “why me?” then it simply means you’re human, it happens to all of us.

If you use a wheelchair like me, you very quickly get used to people staring or making odd comments.
For years I’ve read countless books on everything from self-help to psychology in an attempt to find ways to live my life to the full with a disability.
I can’t imagine what it would be like to be disabled, but my hope is the book would inspire people and help them see that there is opportunity everywhere, no matter the circumstances they find themselves in.
Everyone faces difficult and sometimes terrible circumstances, but clearly there’s been much worse things in history that people have overcome and I used ancient philosophy to find the strategies that those people used to come to terms with adversity and thrive despite it. For example, if I think of myself as a victim, a helpless unfortunate, then I’ll act like one. I condition myself to define myself by my personality, actions and achievements, rather than the random genetic mutation that caused me to be born with muscular dystrophy. I quietly refused to accept their diagnosis and, with the help of my family, set about surviving. Late last year I had a week that started with a near fatal car accident on a dark highway and ended  with everything that I owned being stolen out of my house. In addition the mind map looks at the different genres and roles you might experience and explore such as being author, editor, agent, publisher, seller and marketer of your life. We had stretched our faith and spent everything we had just to buy that home and get into that neighborhood.
Over the next several months, she kept speaking words of faith and victory, and she finally talked me into it. But I don’t believe it ever would have happened had we not first conceived it on the inside. No scandals, no philandering, YAY, HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!!!!!!!I think Joel is wonderful!He is positive and real.We could stand for a lot more of that going around in this world.
A cult following soon arises around the mysterious assassin killing off criminals across the country, christening him "Kira"note (A Japanese Ranguage approximation of "killer").
You’ve found ways to deal with the warped or ill-informed opinions of others, to get what you want in spite of the difficulties you face and if you’re lucky,  the whole experience has made you a stronger person. How you choose to interpret your situation, what you choose to do about it and how much you are willing to persevere when things set you back, is the answer.
Others will only define me by my disability if they have nothing else to remember me by, so it’s my responsibility to differentiate myself. I would spend all day coughing to remove mucus from my lungs, since this was about the only variable I could control. The only reason I was able to persist as I did was because I’d been taught to value and control my will by reading books like this one. Most of the other homes around us were one-story, ranch-style homes that were forty to fifty years old, but this house was a large two-story home, with high ceilings and oversized windows providing an appealing view of the backyard. Thinking of our bank account, and my income at the time, it seemed impossible to me that we’d ever work our way up to a home like the one we had toured.
I don’t believe it would have happened if Victoria had not talked me into enlarging my vision.
His actions soon attract the attention of the international police community (who have grave concerns about the vigilante killings) and the world's greatest detective, an enigma known only as "L".L becomes determined to solve the mystery of Kira and his impossible killing method, employing increasingly aggressive and risky strategies to get what he wants. But I used it as kind of a turning point in my life, to remind myself to value what’s important to me and how fragile life is.
The idea is we don’t get to choose what happens to us, but we can always choose how we feel about it.
It features original songs written by famed Broadway composer Frank Wildhorn (of Bonnie and Clyde and Dracula the Musical fame), along with lyrics by Wildhorn's longtime lyricist Jack Murphy and a book by Ivan Menchell. A TV drama premiered in Japan on July 5, 2015, with an all-new cast.This series has a set of character sheets and an extensive set of Headscratcher pages.
In fact, we at TVTropes have NINE different Death Note Abridged pages (click for the index).
Accidental Truth: In the manga, when the killings started, various tabloids put forward the Crackpot Theory that L was Kira, so it was harder for the SPK to seriously put this theory forward when it became true. Accomplice by Inaction: This is an audience reaction to Ryuk, and while he didn't force Light to kill criminals he did start the plot by dropping the book in the human world.
Light also pulls this a few times, most notably, and with the worst sense of timing, at the end. Rem in particular is much more beautiful than her manga counterpart (she now has longer hair, wears a white dress, and no longer sports an eye patch). Adaptation Dye-Job: Misa has black hair in the live-action movies, while Naomi Misora goes from having black hair to brown hair. Then there's Matt, whose hair came out dark greenish brown in the anime, green in some trading card art, was never established in the manga, was blue in the official game, and is bright red in most fanart. Mello's eyes were pitch black in the manga (to match L and Near), but changed to blue for the anime. The mafia boss Rod Ross has light skin in the manga and anime, but is dark-skinned in the DS game. The "Shinigami Eyes" in the manga cause the user's eyes to become gold, with red pupils and light yellow sclerae.

In the live-action version, the irises simply change to gold, while the anime depiction has the irises glow a bright red. In the Korean production of the stage musical, L (as played by Kim Junsu) sports light brown hair as opposed to black. Adaptation Expansion: The series is based on a short story about a schoolboy who finds a Death Note and mistakes it for a diary.
As a result, he accidentally kills his friends, until Ryuk helpfully gives him the "Death Eraser", which grants him the power to bring people back from the dead. Somewhere along the road to adapting it into a full series, the schoolboy became a mega genius with a god complex, the boring Film Noirish detective became a freakish mega genius with a sweet tooth, and the Deus ex Machina ending was replaced with plans by the bucketload, and the rest is history. Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole: The anime omits several scenes from the manga which, while usually not problematic, have lead to plotholes. In the manga, it's explained that SPK member Ill Ratt is a spy for Mello, which is how the mafia learned the SPK's names and were able to kill them. This is not explained in the anime, but in the Relight 2 special, the mafia are cut, and Light blackmails the president to send their names to Kiyomi Takada.
In this version, Light's meetings with her and Teru Mikami are moved to earlier than occurred in the anime, and they kill the SPK. However, while fixing one plothole, said special creates another: as the mafia are cut, Soichiro making the trade for Shinigami Eyes and his subsequent death is omitted in the process, leaving plotholes regarding Soichiro's absence as well as how Light was able to acquire Mello's true name. Matt does not appear in any live-action adaptation, because Mello doesn't appear in the films, and in the drama he is merely a split-personality of Near.
Since Matt was Mello's Satellite Character in the manga and anime, there was no reason for him to appear in the live-actions. That role is given to some blonde woman named Cathy Campbell, only known from a postcard in Raye's wallet. In fact, Naomi Misora doesn't really exist; instead, Shoko Himura Halle Lidner takes on some of her characteristics. All along, he plays on a reactionary tendency in public opinion — people don't like crime, people don't like criminals, and so if someone's killing off the worst ones, who's really going to disapprove?
Then he pushes the envelope, making his brand of vigilante justice more and more mainstream. After Light dies, everything he worked for becomes meaningless and he sees the monster he became.
Alas, Poor Villain: Even though the villains go into He Who Fights Monsters territory, and cross the Moral Event Horizon, their tragic downfalls and deaths still feel like this trope. The way he calls out to Takada and Misa, asking what he should do now that he's lost and going to die, is pretty heartwrenching.
Also, when he's running away, he sees a younger version of himself (before he became Kira). Also in the manga, where he becomes insanely desperate for Ryuk's help after being shot by Matsuda and abandoned by Mikami, but Ryuk plays with his desperation before writing his name in his Death Note. Horrified, Light lies bloody on the ground, all allies having died or abandoned him, knowing that his death is coming.
As his heart gives out, Light repeats over and over how he doesn't want to die, like a helpless child.
All Love Is Unrequited: Played 100% straight with Sayu, Misa and Light, and later with Kiyomi Takada and Light.
All There in the Manual: In the manga, you have no idea what happens to Misa Amane unless you read the supplementary book, "How To Read". Towards the end of the series, Aizawa gets this feeling when he drives Light to Takada's hotel.
Alternate Character Reading: The kanji for Light's name is "tsuki", meaning "Moon", but his parents opted for it to be read as "Light" instead. Mello has a Hair-Trigger Temper and is Sour Outside, Sad Inside, Misa is over-dependent on the affection of Light, and Light himself has immense delusions of grandeur and is arrogant to the point where he could be a candidate for medical narcissism. In relinquishing the Death Note, he loses all memory of ever being Kira and turns genuinely upstanding and moral; apart from, you know, not mass murdering criminals, he also refuses to manipulate Misa, in contrast to his Kira self where his manipulation defined their relationship.
Antagonist in Mourning: In the anime, Light goes so far as to hallucinate his rival, L, sitting next to him and talking to him. Apathetic Citizens: In the anime, Light's second victim was about to rape a woman in full view of a crowded street, and no one else did anything about it. Other instances include a man dying in a subway station and a woman being harassed on a train. Appeal to Audacity: When Mello tells Near about the killing notebook and the Shinigami, the SPK asks Near if he could really believe such a story. He says that if Mello were lying to them, he wouldn't tell such a ridiculous story, so it must be true.

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