Many college students find that the abundance of free or unstructured time at college can get away from them as they try to balance study and a busy social life.
You should review and revise how you’re using time every day, so that you can make improvements to how you plan. Some individuals seem to naturally possess great time management skills – but for the rest of us, it’s a matter of learning them and exercising a little self-discipline!
You’ve walked across the stage, collected your diploma and spent a summer dreaming of the freedom you’ll enjoy in college!
While all of these questions are of extreme importance, the one you need to focus on the most is the first one.
The semester long view can be a monthly or yearly section where you highlight key dates or periods. A week-on-a-page section is where you can plan out your target study hours, note down your contact hours, list your extracurricular and social commitments, and allocate some time for hobbies and relaxation.

Your diary should contain enough space per day entry for you to note down daily commitments, such as contact hours and private study hours. It should have sufficient certainty to be effective, but, at the same time, it should be flexibly applied so you can improve on your time management week by week.
As each week passes, you can adjust your study hours as you get a better picture of how you’re using time in each subject. If you’re constantly in a rush, it may become too overwhelming, and cause you to avoid doing work by procrastination. Work through your fear by staying organised, cultivating interest in the subject, and getting help where you need it. Even if you take a huge class load, run a marathon a day, start a quilting bee, and even sleep, I guarantee that you are going to have more time than you can really believe.
You can choose to use a paper diary, or opt for one of those funky apps that can be programmed to automatically sync your phone and computer.

For example, the first and last days of semester, major assignment dates, key exam dates, and the beginning of holidays. Priority tasks can take precedence over less important matters, which can be moved to the next day if you run out of time. Use a single folder to keep all your notes in each subject, or keep them well indexed on your computer if you prefer digital notes.
Your semester-long view should give you an excellent idea of where you are in the grand scheme of things.

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