My Life Map is a record of your past, and a tool to create the life stories you hope to live in the future. My Life Map lays out a gentle life mapping process, with journaling questions to answer and maps to fill out. My Life Map nourishes a personal dialogue, with exercises that give you the clarity you need to keep imagining and planning.
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The two top-selling books on Amazon right now are a pair of coloring books for adults by Johanna Basford: Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden. Update: I recently discovered that a pal of mine, Souris Hong, did a coloring book for adults a couple of years ago called Outside the Lines.

For anyone who loves creativity and contemporary art, or who simply loves the joy of coloring, comes Outside the Lines, a striking collection of illustrations from more than 100 creative masterminds, including animators, cartoonists, fine artists, graphic artists, illustrators, musicians, outsider artists, photographers, street artists, and video game artists.
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The questions help you, no matter what your stage of life, clarify what you want in various parts of your life (family, work, friends, play, learning, and service). This introspective journal offers all the tools and inspiration necessary to set life goals, reflect on your past, and shape a future with purpose and intention. With contributions from Keith Haring, AIKO, Shepard Fairey, Exene Cervenka, Keita Takahashi, Jen Corace, Ryan McGinness, and more, Outside the Lines features edgy and imaginative pieces ready for you to add your own special touch. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright.

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No plans you write are set in stone, but it’s inspiring to flesh out ideas and use them as a roadmap for future decisions.
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