This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License. If you'd looked at the circus industry through a Porter-ian lens to understand how attractive it was, you would have concluded that it sucked. But Cirque du Soleil was able to reinvent the industry and create new market space by challenging the conventional assumptions about a circus. So, a simple but powerful idea that we've tried to use with the brandgym to define a space we can own.
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Little old writers like me can only look on in envy at the stellar success achieved by Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. The company's CEO has gone public on how he has used Chan Kim's model to beat Sony and Microsoft.
Because of all the blood in the water that comes from all the sharks taking bites out of each other as they ferociously compete for a share of the existing market space. They took each element of conventional circus, and offered something different, sometimes more of it, sometimes less of it, sometimes new stuff (of course, you have to wonder if they did this quite as analytically, don't you? Like so many of these things, its a super simple idea, but one that is as powerful as a nuclear bomb.

I was lucky enough to get the lowdown on Blue Ocean thinking from Chan Kim first-hand, when he was my business strategy professor at INSEAD, back in (cue sound of creaking bones, and pass me that walking stick) 1992.

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