People who changed America: business and law, inventors and innovators, leaders and social change, music and arts, new frontiers, and sports. This is an interesting introduction to some of the people who have helped to change America whether they were inventors, those who challenged the status quo or who gave selfishlessly of what they had no matter how little it may have seemed. The percentage of Americans that regularly eat yogurt, bottled water and pizza has grown significantly in the past decade, according to a new report. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers.
Novels allow us to visit places, time periods and states of mind we never thought possible. These are regular people who came from all walks of life, many are more well-known than others found in the book and most are remembered by many books focused on history. Whether it's for a few minutes before bed, on the hour-long bus ride to work or even a full day under the sun -- books and the stories they hold are a driving force for creativity, growth and (almost always) relaxation.
Often these stories and their characters change how we see ourselves and put us on a completely new path. With these statistics in mind (and our own healthy addiction to reading), we asked the HuffPost editors and our Facebook audience which books shaped the way they thought about themselves as young women.

The book is a short collection of bios for these selected 100 people to get the reader to bite into a subject that may interest them further. And while we couldn't fit all of the amazing books on this list, we've rounded up 18 that have made life-changing impressions on our community. Each entry has a black-and-white photo of the person who is mentioned, what other name or well-known nickname they have gone by, birth and death dates (this is old so some of the listed people have currently passed on don't have that information) and a small box that contains the most basically important facts.
But who have those people been?100 People Who Changed America provides a list of the people its authors feel have most changed America along with short biographies of those people.
The important fact is supported with some Fast Facts that gives more information into the person whether accomplishment, something they were known for, a contribution, etc. While I agreed with most of their selections, I did not always agree with the light in which the selections were portrayed (i.e. What irks me with books like this is not knowing the criteria that was used to select the people since there were some missing that history normally holds in the spotlight and others included that I hadn't heard of.
At the same time due to the compilation of the book there were included some names that you wouldn't have normally seen so I am not quite sure if I would truly support these 100 people as changers of American history or not. At the same time the book has a pop quiz in the back for the reader to see how much of the information they had retained.

Cheese chain?•That after Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, the yield of raw cotton doubled each decade?•That Jimmy Carter was the first U. This latter part includes websites for the reader to go to, tips on how to put a great bibliography together and what may be included. Teachers will truly love the book for this inclusion and may use it to help children in their learning of history. All in all it was a great introduction to people who have influenced the United States whether you are young or old. Unfortunately if you are already an autobiography or biography fan than you may not find this meat enough to read but for those who are into history there just may be a hidden treasure to find or at least to share, especially if you have children.

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