Each book stands alone, yet they were written as a set to provide you with the insights and understanding – AND methods and tools – to achieve greater results from your organizational change efforts.
If you are a university professor or corporate trainer, you can obtain free of charge a robust Instructor Guide and PowerPoint presentation to support your use of the books as text in your programs. Beyond Change Management sets the conceptual tone, providing change leaders powerful frameworks for understanding the human and change process dynamics of successful transformational change. Beyond Change Management is a timely how-to guide for leading change in the 21st century.  It provides both a conceptual roadmap, and practical tools and techniques for successfully transforming organizations. Dean and Linda are core to the field of conscious change leadership, and continue to stretch and push its boundaries in this rich and deep compendium. In every generation there are creative and disciplined mapmakers who provide clear guidance to those whose paths will take them on similar journeys.
The Change Leader’s Roadmap builds on the frameworks in Beyond Change Management, outlining the Andersons’ renowned change process methodology, refined over thirty years of consulting to large scale organizational change efforts in numerous Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Intel and Lockheed Martin, government agencies like Parks Canada, and global non-profits like the United Way and The Nature Conservancy.
Having applied this methodology for two years to manage change inside Microsoft, it has been instrumental in our ability to land change effectively, engage employees and deliver results quickly. This newest edition of The Change of Leader’s Roadmap is an invaluable, comprehensive and practical guide for envisioning an organization’s desired future, designing the structures and practices necessary to make it happen, and implementing them effectively.

After implementing more than 2000 business strategy and operational excellence initiatives, we set out to find the best change methodology and toolbox in the world. Change Leader’s Network NewsGet the latest industry research, updates and resources on personal and organizational change sent to your inbox with "Change Leader's Network News." It's free! They advance the field or organizational change, providing both a conceptual overview of what is missing, as well as the pragmatic approaches that enable change managers, change leaders and change consultants to guide transformational change successfully. This is a must read from two consummate thought leaders who have devoted their careers to developing highly successful change leaders.
Beyond Change Management is an extraordinary book examining the shifts in change management that have occurred over the years. That gap is ably filled by the Andersons who use their more than 60 years of combined experience to clearly explain what is needed and how to do it. The Change Leader’s Roadmap allows us to lead change with precision and minimal outside consulting, while at the same time growing change leadership capability internally. The book describes the change process in nine distinct phases and outlines the activities and tasks that need to occur in each phase. We have even arranged a discount for you on the booksets from the largest and best business book seller, 800CEORead.

This book offers real, practical solutions for change practitioners to become extraordinary conscious change leaders. Their books are rich, resilient, comprehensive and innovative guides that enable change leaders and consultants to practice their trades with heightened awareness and skill. Their discussions of a multi-dimensional, process-oriented approach for achieving transformational results and what it takes to be a conscious change leader should be required reading in all OD and MBA programs.
It provides change leaders with an essential map for successfully traversing the complex and uncertain terrain of transformational change.
Study it thoroughly, because the thinking, process approach and pragmatic tools really work! Their grasp of the multiple dimensions of leading successful transformation help us recognize both the practical and the wise.

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