Currency, will receive a copy of PILGRIMS' SONGS, together with THE CIRCULAR, for one year from Dec. Cole pushing his release date up to compete directly with Kanye West anticipation for his sophomore album Born Sinner has been reaching new heights.
The mention of the Jay-Z snub has been reformulated, repacked, recited, and told time and time again.
Cole repenting for compromising his musicality on his first album and his fight to find his voice again and solidify his place in Hip Hop. His raps express him as being the most regular rapper you will find without letting money change him. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. The physical copy even provides you with a booklet of song lyrics, something unheard of in this decade especially from a rapper.
Some felt his debut album was too commercial but Cole lets you know from the gate he’s perfecting his lane. I would listen to this cd straight because he delivered like I thought he would, even though I also agree that I’m not sure what would be the next single other than Crooked Smile.

Included in the deluxe edition of the album you get Truly Yours 3 which offers up 5 more tracks of music.
Although a lot of the records don’t feature clever hooks or radio singles there isn’t a single song that’s a major slip up. His repetitiveness to mention him could potentially deem him as nothing more than Hovs Protege, and at this point in his career he needs to be trying to move beyond that. On the bright side “Crooked Smile” and “Forbidden Fruit” show that he’s moving the right direction and although Born Sinner isn’t a classic it does show that Cole can make classic records. My favorite songs were Forbidden Fruit, Villuminati,and Born Sinner.I did expect at least one song with a club vibe.
The bass heavy beat and exaggerated choir elevate the record and it its catchy hook it’s the type of record is attended to be blasted at ignorant levels. The production on the record is genre versatile and the verses are filled with quotable and infectious ad-libs. Born Sinner is almost a complete reversion to a Cole we’ve heard in his earlier days making a comeback. It’s apparent that he has yet found a way to bridge what he offers intangibly as an artist with a major release, a struggle spoken about throughout the LP.

Upon my first listen I wasn’t thoroughly impressed but the more I dissect the records the more I understand and appreciate each songs intent. I would like to see more experimenting with his sound or see him take a different direction production wise. Dot doesn’t have a verse on the song his aesthetic voice on the hook adds to the laid back vibe of the track. Cole still needs to deliver something out outside of the box, and unexpected single that would allow him to elevate himself and his artistry. Lyricism is always a strong point for Jermaine and as expected is consistent throughout the album with quick witted and layered rhymes. The song is not really a dedication but more so employs Nas to represent Hip Hop and J.Cole fans.

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