Take a moment and nominate a senior who has inspired you, and welcomed you, in a community. The Brashears Leadership Award is earned by a student who has demonstrated integrity in character, genuine concern for the development of community and overall excitement of living.
The Trotman Leadership Award is earned by a student who invokes change on campus, has demonstrated an innovative vision for the present, and serves as a strong mentor to all. The BU-BMC Cancer Center’s mission is to provide high-quality patient care in combination with innovative research programs that will directly transform cancer management through the discovery of personalized approaches for cancer detection and treatment.

To achieve this mission it is essential that the Cancer Center provide the bridge between the clinical oncology and biomedical research communities at Boston University.
For more information on the Center’s Executive Committee and Administration please visit the Our Team page. Inherent in this vision is the focus on understanding the molecular events associated with cancer initiation and progression in high-risk populations, and the direct translation of these findings into the clinical realm. Each of the following institutions provide essential areas of expertise which are necessary for the success of the Cancer Center’s initiatives.

If you’re interested in the research being conducted as part of the Cancer Center please visit our Research Programs page.
Both current students and alums of Boston University are eligible to nominate individuals for these awards.

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