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Superhero RPG does retain the rights to any and all posts made by the original authors that are a part of SuperheroRPG. His mother struggled at various jobs to keep food on the table and young Carlos couldn?t help but fall in with a rougher crowd. They offered him a way out and money that he and his family needed, He pulled minor street job for the gang, stealing stuff, breaking windows?And People. But it brought the money and he he continued to climb the ranksThings went really downhill after his Mother passed in a traffic accident, Carlos was 15 at the time when he fully dived into gang culture. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the author or the Site Owners.Donate to SHRP! Carlos and his compatriots where able to get in but shortly after a silent alarm tripped and a small firefight broke out between the gangsters and the security officers. With Carlos taking cover behind a tank that was clipped by bullets fired by both parties he was sprayed with a slurry of chemicals with no immediate affect, What the Carlos didn?t know at the time this would be the chemical baptism of a strange slurry of Project Perfection raw chemicals and other things, The Gangers did not do enough research into this company, it operated often as a shell company for various illict and secretive groups, This time Project Perfection.
But, Onward, Carlos barely escaped the firefight with his life while some of his friends were not as lucky, This was a changing point in Carlos?s life, He quickly asked his Abuelo for boxing training as he was a local champion back in his own day. Carlos worked day in and day out underneath the watchful tutelage of his grandfather, He even won a few Island-Wide Belts but more amazing than his amazing skill is his amazing physique, Day in by day strength and toughness seemed to increase by leaps and bounds, He could take punches from fighters three classes above him one week and the next week not even feel them anymore.

The other reason was he was tight as hell after that plane trip over from Puerto Rico to NYC, He was feeling tight as hell and NEEDED something to do. And something to do came to him quickly, He heard a crash of glass coming from a connivance store and noticed a trio of hoody wearing gangbangers holding up a balding middle aged man. The trio were armed with semi-automatic weapons but the clerk seemed to be firing barrage after barrage of sweat from all over his body. Now!? Carlos raised his fists to his chin and raised his shoulders up, He was ready to do this now, All he was waiting for was the bell. Carlos was watching for this, He ducked, shrinking to half of his height as he took the only powerful step he would need using his toe strength to propel himself forward into the gangster with his fist cocked backwards, The Ganster got only one burst off before Campeon?s powerful fist crashed into the Gangsters Rib?s Crumpling him but Campeon took no time to wait, As the the remaining pair turned towards him he flew at them with another powerful step in, a massive right hook at the right most banger, propelling his body at the other, leaving both crumpled up against the wall in eachothers arms, The Clerk was awestruck.

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