Allegiance will also offer a limited number of $39 rush tickets for patrons 35 years old and under for each performance beginning at the opening of the box office each day. This image released by The Public Theater shows Lin-Manuel Miranda, foreground, with the cast during a performance of 'Hamilton,' in New York.
Composer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda says 50,000 hopefuls overwhelmed the lottery site and so no winners were selected for Tuesday's show, the first day the lottery was moved online. The lottery powered by Broadway Direct offers 21 front-row tickets to the musical at the price of $10, the bill that displays the face of the show's hero, Alexander Hamilton, the nation's first treasury secretary.
The lottery outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre had become a draw also because of the frequent free performances from cast and guest stars. For Wednesday and until the online system is fixed, the low-tech process will be restored -- standing in line outside. If you know what show you want to see and where it’s being performed, do a little legwork and save handling fees and surcharges by purchasing tickets directly from the box office at the theater. If you’re just here for a few days and decide to see a show at the last minute, many of the nicer hotels have concierge services or even Broadway ticket desks that procure hard-to-get theater seats. Ticketmaster is probably the best-known agency for getting tickets to larger productions, such as The Lion King, Wicked, or Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark—though it definitely tacks on higher fees than most other agencies.

She said 20 tickets will be aside for the lottery for each show, plus whatever single seats remain that are sprinkled about the theater. Winners will be notified via email or text, depending on what they select during the entry process, and winners may purchase up to 2 tickets which will be held at the box office. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
These booths are usually open for only a few hours per day, so call ahead to find out when to go. Concierges will show you the options and then act as a middle man between you and a reputable broker, minimizing the fear of getting taken advantage of by a scalper.
Tickets are available at the box office, by phone, or online with a nominal surcharge, depending on the show. Expect a $3 to $10 surcharge per ticket, plus an additional convenience charge (which varies depending on the price of the tickets, but is usually around $3). Since the number of singles will be different each night, the total number of available tickets for the lottery will vary, she said.
The drawing will take place two hours before each show, and the winners can purchase tickets for $25 each.

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Rush tickets purchased two hours in advance of a show are also often available through a lottery or for students at about $30 to $40 each.
For good seats at the last minute, expect to pay premium prices (often hundreds of dollars per ticket), plus a $20 to $25 tip for the concierge, depending on the cost of the tickets. A list of rush tickets currently offered is available here for Broadway and here for Off Broadway. They don’t mail tickets, so pick them up from the Ticket Central box office, or have them held at the theater when you order them by phone or online. Order at least two weeks in advance for mail delivery, pick up your tickets at the box office, or print them at home.

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