I added a new function to the website, you may notice that in place of advertisements on the sidebar there’s now an option to search the domain with a customized Google search. Next, I picked to place the ads on the top and the right.  Basically, this is the way Google does it and they do it because it generates the most clicks.
This is a good way to make some income on your blog by adding a search feature powered by google.
This new template has Google search built in, so I’d have to mess with the theme functions to get it working again.
Thanks for bringing that up though, it would be a nice little improvement and I might learn an extra thing or two about WordPress functions too! There's been a lot of pandemonium (no pun intended, see below) in the last few weeks regarding important changes to the way Google ranks websites. We've all known for quite some time, especially intuitively, that creating a high-quality website with great content, is the true way to win the hearts and minds of your target audience. But never has that been thoroughly backed up more powerfully by Google's own search team than in the last several months as they worked hard to rid their search results of "empty" and "spammy" content. You know these sites as those you would typically find when you searched for something like "How to get rid of a cold" and other topics where you were slammed with generic, repetitive and frankly, poorly written content in the first 10 results. There are many reasons, but chief among them is simply because if you hire outside writers for your SEO, blog or website ad copy that aren't experts, enthusiasts or otherwise have a vested interest in creating amazing content, you WILL get penalized for said junky content as it gets churned out without being of the very highest caliber. Does the site have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations?
Does the article provide original content or information, original reporting, original research, or original analysis? Are the topics driven by genuine interests of readers of the site, or does the site generate content by attempting to guess what might rank well in search engines? Does this article have an excessive amount of ads that distract from or interfere with the main content?

If you want your company to rank higher in the search engines, it isn't nearly enough to "know" how to optimize your website or content. Rather, it's vital that you now provide something of REAL value to your target customers and audience. Intuitively we all "knew" this already, but now more than ever, Google is making sure that you don't take the easy way out and throw up some junk to try and rank quickly, but rather, put the necessary time and effort into creating a dedicated online presence that adds real value to those on the Internet. If the answer is no, then you better do something about it immediately, before Google does it for you! This is a special real-life series that analyzes and audits one website's Internet presence and SEO strategy in order to provide powerful takeaways for your website.
Proliability has some problems with sparse content, lack of social media presence and -- most disturbing to me -- the possibility that they were paying for links and other issues that need to be addressed immediately.
Free Website Building Tools That Are Good Replacements for Google Page Creator Tech Guides About Us Work 12 Sep 2008 Free Website Building Tools That Are Good Replacements for Google Page Creator Google Page Creator is awesome – anyone can build a good looking website in minutes using the built-in templates or they can write pages externally (say in Dreamweaver) and upload them to Creator. If you want to set up a more thorough engine that includes related authority sites, that could be a useful resource for your readers, too.
Just make sure you can blend it in with your blogs user interface design so it looks seamless. Rather, we're your partners in creating a thriving and successful online presence that will stand the test of time. If you are familiar with java script code you can snip out some sections to give the search bar a cleaner look with your blog. But as they say, all good things come to an end, and so is Google Page Creator getting replaced by Google Sites. For instance, you can’t upload HTML pages to Google Sites and are therefore limited to using one of the built-in themes for your site design. Free Alternatives to Google Page Creator Here’s a roundup of some website building services that are free and non-technical.

Office Live Small Business – While the name may suggest that the service is only for small business owners, just about anyone can create their website here. There’s support for Google ads as well so you can even monetize sites created inside Weebly. Another advantage – site publishers download their full site with pictures and CSS as a zip file. Snap Pages – This is Flash based website editor that is very beautiful and may be a perfect place if you looking to create a small website for sharing some photos and your calendar.
The options are slightly limited for non-premium users as they can’t create new pages. It also supports JavaScript code and like Google Sites, Edicy tracks all changes made to a site.
Synthasite – This is again an easy yet very powerful tool for building websites but unlike competition, Syntasite is completely free.
Images uploaded to Synthasite can be diretly edited in Picnik just like you have in Flickr. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.
HTML Mail Send rich-text emails to anyone Encrypt Messages Secure your messages with AES encryption AdSense Sandbox Preview Google Ads for any website.

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