Being new to the company, it’s important for you to quickly learn what knowledge, skills and behaviors are appreciated within your specific department, within IT, and your company as a whole. I’m not suggesting becoming a political animal, I’m simply saying that you should understand your company’s internal employee behavior. This could be Java and Oracle if the software is being developed in-house or it could be a cloud-based product like Salesforce if you are implementing a cloud-based application.
SoftLabs having more than a decade of experience in a€? Business Analysisa€?, it can measure and deliver the right potential to the people who join us. This website is an interactive online classifieds service that enables access to many users and should not be seen as the publisher of any information provided by another information content provider. Regarding your question, you are already doing a number of the right things toward a successful start. Ascertain what software development methodologies are being used within your IT shop and learn them.
Determine what other types of industry best practices are being implemented within IT and learn those also. Similar to software development methodologies previously discussed, there is an enormous amount of free and low cost information you can find on the internet to gain familiarity with these best practices.

This knowledge will help guide your actions in a direction that is consistent with your organization’s internal culture and informal code of conduct. This includes what projects are most viable, parts of IT most susceptible to lay off, managers who are good or not good to their staff, and other similar office happenstance. As a Business Analyst, gain a deep understanding of both the business area you support and technologies used to bring their software application to life. We are the pioneers in IT Training and also acquired International recognition for Business Analysis in the form of IIBA Endorsed Education Partners.
At a minimum, there are great YouTube videos on the topic as well as MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses), free webinars, and low cost training classes.
This knowledge has the dual benefits of helping you stay clear of internal political land mines as well has position you for long term professional success. That is to say, you can guide your actions toward meeting the specific categories listed on the performance review. He is also a keynote speaker, nationally syndicated columnist, National Speakers Association member, and author of various books.
We are also attested by ISTQB to the standards in testing training and certification exams.

Certainly, you must have the right skills and natural abilities, but having the desire to do well is crucially important.
Additionally, if your company offers tuition reimbursement, look for a night class on the topic as there is the potential that your company will pay for it. For example, if it has a category related to “Quality Internal Client Service”, work hard to maximize the client satisfaction of those to whom you are providing service.
Additionally, however, you should also look around you to gain an understanding of how success is best achieved within your organization and what skills and knowledge will help you grow professionally. I have seen many hard workers with moderate abilities significantly outpace those with greater natural abilities but with a lack of interest and motivation in their job.
Second, you are willing to ask questions, seek advice, and presumably take this advice to heart.

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