Business brokers are a valuable resource for selling local retail stores or franchises, but not business enterprises.
ACT Capital Advisors Announces the Acquisition of Rainier Pallet and Crating Corporation by TransPak, Inc. ACT Capital Advisors, LLC is a merger and acquisition advisory firm that represents lower middle market companies across a variety of industries, including industrial, technology, construction, healthcare, aerospace, consumer and outsourced services.
Business Broker University has but one goal; educating Business Brokers, prospective Business Brokers, and prospective Business Buyers and Business Sellers about the rules, the value and the process of Buying and Selling Small (Main Street) and Lower Middle Market Businesses.
We also believe that a more educated Buyer, Seller, Business Broker, Banker, CPA, Attorney and investor is much more likely to be a successful Buyer, Seller, Business Broker, Banker, CPA, Attorney and investor. Tom West, Ron West , Ed Pendarvis and BizBuySell have a lot of experience and expertise in helping Business Brokers, Business Buyers and Business Sellers get to their Goal Line. Having smart business insurance cover can go a long way tokeeping your business’s financial health in good shape as you confrontsome unexpected and damaging hits. As a business insurance broker, we study the nature of your business and prepare your risk profile to determine the kind and amount of cover you require. Smart insurance brokers provide a friendly and professional service for small, medium and large businesses by providing them with guidance on choosing the right business insurance cover wherever they are in Australia. When the unexpected occurs, as it often does, brokers can provide much needed assistance for insurance claims.
Specialist business insurance brokers can provide you with expert risk management advice based on the kind of business you’re in based on thecase history they have access to in the Australian business insurance industry. Brokers have access to dozens of insurers and they are able to compare the fine detail of each product in Australia.
At SMART Business Insurance, we adhere to a standard Brokers Code of Practice and help each one of our clients choose the optimum possible business insurance cover. Smart Business Insurance (this Company) and the Blog authors makes no representations or warranties with respect to this Blog or its contents. This Company does not warrant that the information on this Blog is accurate, complete or current.

SMART Business Insurance , provides regular commentary on insurance related issues facing businesses in Australia together with insights on popular and emerging business insurance solutions.
An investment banker, on the other hand, works specifically with business enterprises to capitalize on the unique value they offer.
We also believe that buying an existing successful business or a successful franchise is a lot safer way of getting into business for yourself than starting a new business from scratch. Between them, they have trained and educated more Business Brokers, helped more Buyers to Buy and more Sellers to Sell than anyone else in the world. He left the industry for a few months in 1984 to make a race for Congress in the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina.
And as a business owner it’s smart to be prepared to deal with anything from a sagging economy, diminishing margins and losses due to unexpected calamities. With the right business insurance, your business can be protected against claims that may otherwise severely impact on its profitability or even viability. Expert insurance brokers take into account everything from the reputation of the insurance company under consideration to the costs involved, and the detailed terms and conditions. It’s a fact that a large number of CLAIMS get accepted or rejected depending upon on the documentation and evidence provided. Understanding excesses and exclusions in a policy requires not just formal training in the field but also years of hands-on job experience. They can provide you information ona number of products based on your business’s risk profile and recommend the one that best meets your needs.
It has been prepared without taking into account your particular objectives, financial situation or needs. As part of this process, an investment banker will develop a strategic marketing plan and a confidential sales memorandum designed to appeal to sophisticated buyers.
However, great challenges exist in finding , valuing, financing and buying the right business. That training, education and help is continuing anew and expanding in 2014 with Tom, Ron, Ed and BizBuySell partnering together in an educational enterprise, Business Broker University.

In 1979, he went East to Boston to lead VR Business Brokerage into the largest small business franchise company in the world at that time. And, BBP, through Ron’s knowledge and leadership in technology, also host and consults with many business broker Websites and IBBA Affiliate Websites through the DealStudio brand.
If you already have taken the Course 101, the $250 can be used by you to offset the fees for another IBBA Course or you could use the $250 as offset credit towards your IBBA Membership. That’s why a risk management strategy is a must for every business operating in today’s volatile Australian market.
Since brokers work for you and not insurers they can assist you in finding the most suitable policy for your business. With an insurance broker, they can assist you by carefully reviewing important clauses, exclusionsor excesses.
Before acting on the advice, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice, having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. In addition, investment bankers can leverage their relationships with private equity groups and strategic buyers to give their clients’ companies even greater exposure. He left VR in 1983 to pursue a consulting and writing career founding Business Brokerage Press (BBP). Over the next few years he bought the other partners out of Sunbelt and in 1991 began growing Sunbelt through franchising.
If you’re not a business insurance expert, how do you know you are achieving optimum protection at a competitive price?
He and Barbara were 2 of the founders of the Business Brokerage Industry Trade Group, the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), and they served as the Executive Director and (unpaid secretary) for the first formative 10 years.
With the help of a lot of good folks, and The Good Lord’s help, Ed built Sunbelt into the largest business brokerage franchise network in the world with over 300 offices in the USA and 21 foreign countries.

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