Good manners are very important, since manners are a significant part of communication throughout life, and etiquette lessons educate children on how to be respectful and put up with situations that may not be naturally easy to handle without proper etiquette training.
Although they may not immediately understand the value and positive outcomes of learning good manners, attending etiquette courses can help to instill many essential qualities in children.
As a fully independent franchisee I pay a franchise fee so that I can run the classes under the Rosemary Conley name and brand and that will not change.
However, knowing Rosemary as I do, I am confident she will turn the present situation around very quickly.

We hope that the process of administration will give us more options and help us to transform the business through new investment”. According to a poll of 2,000 parents with children aged five to ten; worrying about how their tots will behave in restaurants is the biggest cause for stress for nearly a third of parents (28%).
Nearly half (48%) of UK mums and dads admit to being embarrassed by their youngsters when dining out. One in five (19%) have left a restaurant mid-way through a meal because of their kids behaving badly.

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