As email replaces the phone as the primary method of business communication, it becomes increasingly important to craft messages that accurately communicate the idea while promoting a professional image.
Additional Tips: Always state any action required of the reader as well as the date they must act by.
Form letter and other written business correspondence is a mainstay of business communication.
The term "business communication" is a generic term used to describe any medium through which a business communicates.
Common audiences for business communications include investors, internal constituencies, the media, existing customers, and prospective customers. Business communication directed at customers and prospective customers can include advertisements or sales fliers, particularly for companies selling physical goods.
Businesses often communicate directly with the media in order to announce new products, events, awards, or other newsworthy items. The importance of business communication is similar to the importance of other forms of communication. In some cases, the term "business communication" can also be used to refer to the specific communication methods used by a business. I think that effective business communications means updating your customers frequently about news that directly relates to your business as well as about the industry you specialize in. We mainly communicate through press releases and of course news postings on our website.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Email is sent and received almost instantaneously, whether the recipient is few door down or thousand miles away.
You should re-read every message before hitting “send” and always use spell check functionality. Such communications may be aimed at a variety of audiences and can occur in a number of formats.
Businesses often communicate with investors by means of annual or semi-annual reports that can be sent via regular or electronic mail and may, in the case of publicly-held companies, be posted on a website. It allows the business to communicate information to a large number of people at the same time.
This would include the systems and hardware involved in telephone communications, teleconferencing, video conferencing, Internet or intranet communications, and cellular or satellite communications. However, we host conferences where we not only update customers and prospects on our latest products, but provide informative forums on rules and regulations impacting the industry that they’re in. Because of this, using email streamlines both internal and external communication, making it faster and easier to relay or scatter the important information. Answer the sender’s issues at the top of the note and provide supporting documentation (including the original letter) at the end of the message.

If an inflammatory email is received, take time to reflect and clarify the content with the author before responding in kind. Advertisements, websites, e-mails, letters, and press releases are all examples of business communications. They also include project status reports, notifications of new products, and other such announcements.
This is a document that tells the media about the newsworthy item so that they can decide whether or not to cover it. While the primary goal is to inform, it is often also intended to create awareness of or increase interest in a business. It can also refer to the policies, business processes, and contracts set up to manage such communication systems or hardware.
For example, if a retail business is opening a new location, it may send a press release to the newspapers, radio, and television news programs in the area offering details about the grand opening and providing a contact who can offer additional information or be available for interviews. Since we target a very specialized market we can afford to focus on providing these kinds of specific communications. Additionally, we will sometimes have someone on our staff write an article that gets published in a trade journal or publication.

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