Direct Request Letters Part 2-Communication Skills-Lecture Handout, Exercises for Communication Skills.
Description: Communication is a process, which involves sharing of information between people through a continuous activity of speaking, listening, and understanding.
Requesting information about a personFollowing example illustrates an effective revision of the previous letter:Will you help me evaluate Mr.
Therevised version is more specific – and therefore will be more helpful to the individual who has to preparethe response.Change: Do you have packets available for individuals visiting Ayubia? You will notice thatthe writer decided to include several pertinent details.My wife and two sons (ages 14 and 12) plan to accompany me to Ayubia for a meeting that I amattending Sept 10-14.

Because they will not have access to a car, they will have to depend on public transportation toget around.3. The position he seeks often involvesworking in a fast-paced environment under time pressures.4. Then the message presents the specific questions.Worded separately and in a question form, each stands out and is easy to answer. Worded in with eachquestion is explanation that will help the reader understand the work for which Mr. The close is courteous.Note, throughout the message, the concern for the rights of the people involved.

Correction of an error in billing, such as overcharging for merchandize, tax, and shipping.g. An opening that mentions the name of the person who has given the reader’s name as a reference;2.
Indirect-inquiry lettersThe indirect-inquiry letter is used to request general information rather than answers to specific questions.If you have one or more specific questions, you will want to use the direct-inquiry letter.

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