In our business lives, we all need to apply a wide range of communication skills successfully so that we and our companies can excel at what we do and gain an edge in the competitive business environment in which we operate today. Dedicating time and energy toward remembering important bits and pieces of your coworkers’ lives can pay off big time. Is Sheila a morning person, or is it better to approach her with a problem later in the afternoon? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Communication is the essence of management and constant flow of information is a must for any business to excel. Keeping this line of thought in our mind, Work Better moulds the participanta€™s communication skills to adapt to the constantly changing business communication environment.
Crossroads offers a wide range of Communication skills workshops to help business people develop their ability to perform effectively when communicating with other people. Communications skills can endear you among your peers, raise your value among your superiors, and cause you to be admired among those subordinate to you.
If you find you’re speaking more than a few moments (except when giving a presentation or leading a demonstration), stop.
What do the TV shows you watch, the things you read, and your hobbies have to do with business communications?

A collaborative tool like Vmoso is the ideal way to streamline communications, collaborate on important projects, and build meaningful business relationships. Does Samuel prefer a bagel when you swing by to pick up breakfast, or is he more of a sausage biscuit kind of guy? Any personal improvements you make in your own life flow readily and steadily into your work life. More often than not, the loss of productivity is attributed to the fact that the employees and the management cana€™t express the views and thoughts to each other clearly and effectively. But now with advent of technology, we have cell phones, video conferencing, emails, and satellite communication to support business communication, so the process of business communication has become more complex and the need for good communicators has increased manifold. Our step by step approach, helps the participants understand the concept and apply it in real life situations smoothly to achieve desired outcome . Most of the time, a quick, direct discussion can resolve any interpersonal or professional issues without negatively affecting the relationship. Is it Tuesdays or Thursdays that Becky has to leave as soon as possible to get her child to his orthodontist appointment?
Now, take your skills to the next level with an audit of your communications tools in 10 Ways Your Current Communication Tools Are Wasting Your Time. So if we want a way to increase productivity and decrease stress, learning to communicate effectively can be the first step towards smoother workflows, faster turnaround times, and fatter bottom lines.

First, they have the potential to expose you to new perspectives and important current events that help you grow your business intelligence. Communication is about give and take, not dictating how things are going to be or how you think they should be.
Odds are people who watch an hour of reality television daily aren’t going to be as capable of carrying a business-oriented conversation as well as those who spend their free time reading business journals and networking with successful mentors.
Second, you will glean tremendously useful ideas and insights from more intellectual pursuits than from watching or reading less helpful material during your off time.
When you can remember details about their personal lives, it shows that you care for them beyond their work. This fosters a deeper, more meaningful relationship that will spill easily into a better, more rewarding business relationship.

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