Home Products & Services Products Packages Services Team Training Executive Coaching Event Coaching Keynote Speaker Instructional Design About Tools DiSC NLP Why Infinite Growth? Receive short weekly tips to help you excel in your Speaking, Writing and Communication skills.
Maria Pantalone is a skilled speaker, coach and facilitator who specialises in developing individuals and teams to improve their communication skills and performance in the workplace. Maria provides a supportive learning environment which encourages participants to step out of their comfort zone and become more confident in effectively communicating with their colleagues and clients.
During an Infinite Growth workshop, all participants are given the tools to put their new-found business communication skills into practise immediately.
Would you like individualised sessions tailored specifically to your requirements and focusing on your business needs? Receive coaching from an experienced speaker who can help you prepare all aspects from the initial submission to preparing yourself for the stage.

Would you like to run in-house training programs but don't have the time or expertise to develop them?
How to Become An Accredited Speaker, the professional speaking designation awarded by Toastmasters International, earned by only 67 since 1981, in a current membership of 323,000 members in 134 countries. Learn how to EARN this designation, and tips for passing the 2-level stringent qualification and judging process.
Discover insights, tips, and real-life strategies from fellow members who have done it – and doing it!
This 51-page step-by-step manual provides worksheets, checklists and templates to help you develop, design and deliver a dynamic presentation.. Two top international speakers team up on Saturday, June 7, 2014 to co-present in Southern California, on the topic of finding your voice and your audience, and crafting promotional materials to get booked. Wednesday, August 21st, a record 39 Contributors to the Heart of a Toastmaster book will be SIGNING hundreds of copies of the new publication releasing at 10:00am that morning.

Andrea Foy, Bev LeBlanc, Charles Fleisher, Darren LaCroix, Deborah Bogdon, Dilip Abayasekara, Dina Loomis, Douglas Brinker, Ethel Goatee, Heart of a Toastmaster, Jackie Kloosterboer, Jan Vecchio, Jean Robor, Joyce Feustel, Karen Twichell, Kay Presto, Laura Clancy, Lois Camp Cole, Lydia Harris, Margaret Page, Marilyn Jess, Mark Rauschenbach, Maureen Zappala, Michael Osur, Monique Blokzyl, Naomi Takeuchi, Olivia Schofield, Pat Johnson, Paul Clark, Paul E. This Wednesday, August 21st, 39 of the 133 contributors to the Heart of a Toastmaster book will be showcased at the Toastmasters International Annual Convention, being hosted in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Duke Energy Center. She is a member of Professional Speakers Australia and is the author of Success Talks: Conversations with Everyday Leaders.

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