Modern businesses spend a lot of money on customer service and on e-Commerce solutions, but often it seems that there's a disconnect between the two. California-based company Altocloud has come up with a solution that combines machine-learning technology with real-time communications to predict the right time to interact with customers. The software can determine the best answer to real-time decisions such as "will connecting this prospect to this sales representative now help them purchase today, or should we simply make a recommendation?" Since it's cloud based, the Altocloud software needs no extra infrastructure and is also integrated with existing marketing automation and e-commerce platforms. The software can be used to enhance customer experience by embedding voice, video, chat and screen sharing into websites and mobile apps. Altocloud has announced the commercial availability of its product from today along with $2 million of seed funding to allow it to carry its business forward.
It's exhibiting its software at the Enterprise Connect Conference and Exhibition from March 16-19, 2015 at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando. Royalty free vector communications clip art of a brunette business lady holding a cell phone. You’re always looking for ways to improve your business by building lasting customer relationships. But there is one important aspect of business communications that you might not have given much consideration up to this point. And that’s what we’re discussing today – how to say thanks effectively in order to gain and retain allies of all types in the world of business. Keep in mind that our tips are meant to be applicable to your customers, colleagues, supervisors, and peers alike – the full panoply of earners of thanks. With that in mind, here are our four top tips for saying “thank you” in business communications.
I was doing some copywriting for fast-growing NYC-based startup (which shall remain nameless) a while back and things were going good. Meanwhile, I was busy tending to other writing assignments and not closely monitoring my inbox for non-critical communications due to having a lot going on at the time. In fact, more than a month went by before I realized I hadn’t heard from them in a while – and remembered that I hadn’t replied to their last message.
It seems that they had inferred that I did not enjoy the higher workload because I did not reply to their message of gratitude, and they were incidentally planning to permanently ramp up the volume of work needed going forward. It’s important to say thank you to your customers, but always remember to make it personal to them. Tired, old sayings like “Thank you for your business,” or “We appreciate your patronage” don’t really do much to personalize your thanks. Think about it: as soon as you say “business” you have just made a customer realize that, yes, despite what rapport you might have, at the end of the day, they represent a business transaction. It’s easy enough to use the latest technology to send out a personalized version of a mass email for discrete customers. While a quick note will work in many business settings, some situations you’ll encounter will call for a more formal thank you letter (or email) to be sent. Some examples of scenarios necessitating a slightly more formal tone include sending thanks to outside professionals who attend a conference at your business, external organizations that provide their services to you, especially if they do so free of charge.
Thank you so much for attending NuGlobal Digital’s 2nd Annual Ultimate User Experience Conference on November 6, 2013.
Again, the above is sufficiently formal that it could be a letter, but it’ll work just as well in an email.

Since we’re discussing virtually all angles of thanks in business communications, on a note related to the example I described in No.
No matter what type of work is being performed, employees appreciate personal thanks from the boss. So, if you’re the boss, out there reading this, remember that a little thanks goes a long way. So remember to express gratitude at every turn – to customers, supervisors, colleagues, employees, and peers alike. What is Quote Roller?Quote Roller allows you to take quotes, proposals, and contracts all the way to closed in minutes.
This is a place where creative entrepreneurs and business owners can find useful information, advice, insights, tips, tools, case studies and sample library to win their next project.
Join our newsletter now and get instant guide on Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Your Winning Proposal! For any business that is wanting to market themselves in the current social and online environment, communication and content creation is inevitable and becoming a close to daily task as there are so many different actions that need to be taken. Each of the above tactics aren’t simple one step processes, you need to plan, schedule, create, publish, monitor and update each of them and that takes a lot of work and leaves you asking questions about when you are possibly going to get enough time in your already too busy day to do these things.
A communication calendar is a very simple to use tool that will take the stress and panic out of completing the relatively new tasks that come along with running a business. In its simplest form a communication calendar can be a section within your daily diary, an appointment in your online calendar, a purposely created excel spreadsheet or even a timeline list of points on a page. The main aims of a communication calendar are to take the time sucking element out of content creation by doing your planning up front and to ensure that your strategy does not go by the wayside as you get busy. To download a simple communication calendar template enter your details at the bottom of this post. Once we make the decisions of what we would like to publish we add the planning, creation, publishing and monitoring into the applicable row at the time we plan on completing it, this is how we build out our communication calendar to ensure we get the most from our content strategies.
No matter which form you follow to create your communication calendar it is a matter of sitting down (by yourself or with a group if you are a team) and discussing topics, initiatives and upcoming events that you would like to speak about. When we do this we work through our shortlist and decide when would be most suitable for each item; if we have a workshop coming up we schedule posts to go out a number of weeks and days before as well as after to follow up how the attendees went.
If you are looking to take your time saving and planning to another level you can use a tool such as Hootsuite, Social Oomph or other social media scheduling tools to not only plan in advance but write and schedule your posts to automatically publish at a time specified by you. Don’t think though that just because you have a communication calendar you have to stop spontaneous posting, if something pops up that you think would be a great opportunity for your business still publish it as you usually would. Hi – I was wondering if it would be possible to receive a copy of your communications calendar? Plus it can be deployed fast with lightweight JavaScript snippets and mobile APIs powered by a SaaS platform. Without doubt, you are aware that business communications is all about getting better at engendering rapport with everyone you encounter in your business. That would be the “thank you.” As simple as it may seem, showing gratitude is critically important to business. Even though I actually did not have a problem with the added assignments, and would have been glad to handle it, I understand their perspective. Your customers will notice a message that says, “Thank you, Jane,” well before they’ll read something that says, “Thank you for your business,” or any similar phrase.

This means you will want to write out a well-developed letter of thanks, still not to exceed a page of writing. Thank you for delivering your presentation, “The Future of Flat Design.” The discussion that ensued really got a lot of people thinking about revamping their commercial websites to incorporate flat design. There are some supervisory types who ascribe to the belief that a paycheck is thanks enough. Keep in mind that even in the military, where most work is done by definitive “command and control” management, the greatest commanders are quick to give thanks throughout the ranks.
But, like me in the first example, you can sometimes become so consumed with the work you do that you overlook the value of gratitude.
Once you start, as I have learned since I made the mistake I mentioned earlier, saying “thank you” with consistency forms a habit.
By taking the time to answer the 7 questions above at the beginning when the time comes you will already have a structure, action plan and the ability to get the most value from your effort. We schedule in time to create and send Media Releases and we schedule in time to publish the workshop presentation and resources for download after the event. Please feel free to submit your details and the calendar will be automatically sent to you ! Live communications can be integrated with marketing automation and CRM systems to enhance existing enterprise contact center solutions. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. Just like real-life social protocol, there are however some dos and don’ts when it comes to saying thanks in a business setting. They sent me a nice gushing thank you for the work, extolling how well it had turned out, and acknowledging that it was an unusually high volume of work to complete.
From their response, I learned that, while they had been satisfied with my work, they had picked up a new copywriter. In the days since the conference, we’ve received many positive responses relating to your presentation.
Have you ever experienced working for a manager who never, ever uttered a word of thanks, verbal or written?
If you have any doubt as to the effectiveness of gratitude in business, you can always consult the antithesis of “command and control” management for more examples.
He's a regular contributor to Anthill Online, the Quote Roller Blog, and Naluda Magazine, among many other sites. This fully populated communication calendar then becomes our go to resource to schedule in task outside of our daily operational and client support duties. Thanks!” in response, they might not have made the inference that I didn’t like working for them.

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