In today's competitive business environment project management skills must include the ability to deliver projects on time, on budget, and to the satisfaction of the customer. This course integrates project management theory with hands-on practice, designed to advance the participant's knowledge and experience in planning and controlling the project scope, schedule, and budget baselines, using project management software. This course illustrates practical techniques and measures for integrating quality and risk deliberations into all project management processes to fulfill the expectations, needs and requirements of both internal and external stakeholders of the project. This course familiarizes participants with the structured process, dimensions and factors involved in cost, value and procurement management in projects.
This course covers the principle functions and concepts of management to provide participants with a practical foundation for developing managerial skills and competencies essential to Project Management. If your flying time is predominantly spent over water, at night, or above mountains or other inhospitable terrain, the redundancy of the twin-engine Piper Seneca V will provide the reliability a€“and peace of mind a€“ you require.

And for those who simply aspire to the challenges of operating a multi-engine airplane, the proven performance of the Piper Seneca V make it a great choice.
With thousands of Piper Senecaa€™s in operation around the globe providing safe, reliable business travel to remote locations typically not serviced by commercial airlines, the Piper Seneca V is a tested performer. The Seneca V offers exceptional configuration flexibility and the comfort of a cabin-class interior, making it an ideal choice for both personal and business use. The Piper Seneca has traditionally been one of the lowest cost piston twin engine aircraft to own and operate -- and remains so today -- making it the right choice for your multi-engine aircraft needs, and the right choice for your budget! Shoreline Aviation is proud to be an authorized Piper Aircraft sales and service affiliate for New England (serving Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island), New York and New Jersey.
Our team of aviation sales professionals stand ready to provide expert advice on equipment selection and acquisition, aircraft management and maintenance, financing and insurance procurement, flight crew selection and training, and all other details related to the acquisition of your aircraft.

Call us today at  781-834-4928 and let us help you procure the aircraft of your dreams! The purpose of this introductory course is to examine the general principals, practices, tools and resources associated with managing a diversity of workplace projects. The focus is on best practices that would result in achieving cost efficiency and optimizing the project's value for its stakeholders.

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