Short courses give the learner the skills required in the work environment and also improve on your professional values in a competitive world.
Interested applicants should pick and submit completed application form at Nkozi and Rubanga Campus or on Website by 15th April 2016. The MSc Sports Marketing and Business Management programme offers you the opportunity to study core sport management disciplines of finance, enterprise, global sports business and strategy, while specialising in the area of sports marketing. Please contact Course Enquiries with any queries regarding postgraduate study and research. Sport is now a multi-billion dollar global industry and the content of the taught modules is reflective of the global context in which sports organisations operate, with use made of a range of international case studies. An integral part of the course is the Consultancy Project, which is an opportunity for students to work on a “live” sports marketing and business management project for an external client, agreed using a project specification negotiated between the student, client and academic supervisor. For full-time students, the taught element is normally completed over a nine month period starting in late September.
Students wishing to complete the Masters of Science in Sports Marketing and Business Management must complete the research element, which comprises a dissertation. The thing that struck me the most about UCLan was the amount of time lecturers had for students outside of lectures and seminars. The course team who teach on the MSc Sports Marketing and Business Management have a wealth of experience both within academia and in the sports industry.
Jessica joined UCLan in March 2004 working as a Research Fellow in the International Football Institute and became a lecturer in 2006.
Ingrid joined the School of Sport, Tourism and the Outdoors in 2005 and in 2011 obtained her PhD, looking at Nationalism and Tourist-Host Relationships. Sue’s PhD looked at graduate transition into the sport industry and she continues to research in the areas of employability of sport graduates and professional identity in the sport industry.
The School of Sport and Wellbeing has strong links with a large number of sports organisations, including professional sports teams, public and private sector sports providers and grassroots sports clubs. Assessment on each of the modules is designed to maximise your learning in relation to both subject-specific knowledge and understanding and wider skills, including communication, problem solving and teamwork. Graduates from this course will be equipped to pursue careers in sports marketing, for example as Marketing Executives within professional sports teams, sports marketing agencies, sports retailers and sportswear and equipment manufacturers. Similarly, with its theoretical base deriving from mainstream marketing and management theory, successful students will also have the ability to take up graduate level positions in business and marketing across a range of non-sports sectors.
The strong theoretical and research-informed underpinning equally will prepare student for higher level study, in the field of sports marketing and management.
I would highly recommend this course to other people as my personal experience was fantastic. Inteq's Business Systems Analysis training course provides the critical thinking skills, conceptual knowledge and best practice techniques to rapidly discover, thoroughly analyze and accurately specify business and user requirements.
Inteq's Agile Business Analysis training course enables analysts to rapidly and intelligently prioritize requirements and optimize resource (time, talent, budget) allocation to get the right requirements "right" - using the right techniques to rapidly deliver the right level of detail and precision, to the right people at the right time. Inteq’s Business Process Modeling training course provides analysts with the best practice techniques and methods to rapidly uncover and assimilate deep business knowledge; and to coherently map, accurately measure and thoroughly analyze business processes to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.
Inteq’s Advanced Data Modeling training course provides participants with the deep knowledge, critical thinking skills and experienced judgment to successfully engage cross-enterprise business rules and requirements. Stakeholders at every level of the organization rely on thorough, objective, accurate business analysis and supporting business cases for decisions regarding changes in business processes and business systems.
Inteq learning options are designed to optimize learning styles, learning objectives, budgets and schedules. Inteq is an IIBA endorsed education provider and Inteq business analysis training courses are approved for IIBA Continuing Development Units (CDUs).
Inteq’s integrated series of business analysis training courses provide the full range of professional level business analysis skills, concepts and methods – enabling you to choose the courses and learning options that are right for you based on your background and experience. Inteq's business and systems analysis training programs are comprehensive, effective and practical.
Each program in the business analysis series is designed to fit and reinforce the others to create a seamless and consistent knowledge base. Inteq’s post class learning events enable you to continually enhance and improve your effectiveness. Inteq training programs impart practical skills that are quickly absorbed and immediately applicable. Inteq is an approved GSA prime contractor and Inteq business analysis training programs and consulting services are available to federal government agencies under the GSA MOBIS schedule. The aim of the program is to train front-line professionals, able to apply management skills to perform management tasks and processes of a company, making creative decisions and real, through the implementation of knowledge, skills and abilities acquired in specialization. Specialization in Business with an official capacity of the European Institute of Postgraduate and UMECIT, given the skills and abilities necessary to perform the responsibilities of management of an organization. The learning methodology is based on the "case method", video classes, virtual sessions and interactive exercises. The admission process to the Specialization in Management, aims to ensure that the training needs of our students are suited to the chosen program.
The IEP business advisors inform the candidate on all issues relating to the program and the process and admission requirements (Conditions of Funding, Scholarships, etc.). Upon receipt of documentation, the candidate for a telephone interview will be convened to complete the assessment process.
The Admissions Committee will consider the record and within approximately one week will receive your certificate of admission, when capable, which gives the place to study the program.
The 4 day-long miniMBA programme focuses around gaining the confidence, competence and skills to succeed in managerial positions. MDCI and a team of highly experienced MBA tutors from UK Universities have developed a programme that will meet your needs. Each day will be a combination of taught and focussed discussion led by expert University teachers. Organizing a high volume of papers documents, records, information physically and electronically requires a systematic approach. Professionals aiming ISO compliance, Information Security staff, Human Resource personnel, Record assistants, Executives. This Document control training offers students with the latest tools and techniques needed for efficient document controlling process.
Computer Systems Institute’s Skill Building programs offer a way for students to gain professional skills needed in the business world. Computer Systems Institute’s Skill Building programs offer a way for students to gain professional skills needed in the business world. Each program is four academic quarters (44 academic weeks) in length and includes externships as an integral part of learning.
The Customer Service Specialist program offers advanced development and training in professional and business-related skills. The Hospitality Industry Professional program is designed to help students be successful in different positions within the hospitality industry. The Small Business Administrator (SBA) program is focused on teaching students the essential concepts and skills necessary to grow and manage a business successfully. The Administrative Assistant Professional (AAP) program aims to equip students with necessary administrative skills needed to succeed in an office environment.
The Sales and Marketing Professional (SMP) program is a one-year program that focuses on a wide array of business topics, theories, and practices.

The Business Administration Management program trains learners for entry positions in business management or for operation of their own independent businesses. The aim of this program is to provide students with a combination of computer and office administration skills as well as provide a practical foundation in office procedures, communications and marketing. The Global Family Managed Business (Global FMB) is the newest and most innovative family managed business program with a global exposure and local expertise. The program aims to prepare the next generation of family business with modern and global management education so that they can be prepared to take up the unique challenges of family business and also develop an understanding for family issues to eventually lead the business to new heights. He has advised many family business, who have today created a mark in the business eco system. The Other Faculty Members have developed a niche in the domain of Family Managed Business, as they have been teaching the students of this course since more than a decade. They are among the most sought after Professors among the students of family managed business and include Prof. While MBA could have focus on functional specialisation, GFMB has higher emphasise on all round development involving all aspects of family business so that one can work with experts in all fields. Family businesses have unique business as well as family challenges involving issues of ownership and management.
Should have an aptitude to learn- Should have “fire in the belly”- Should be business savvy. The role and importance of ETHICAL behavior on the part of the managers in running a company.
About the need to periodically evaluate the attractiveness of industries for managing the Risk & Return balance. How to hold the senior managers can be motivated and held accountable for their jobs, how to keep the [ company's organization structure updated and how to create and sustain a work environment where ; leadership is a major factor to keep people motivated for achieving high performance. In the Business Policy and Strategy course all functional disciplines are integrated together in an attempt to look at and comprehend the wholesome business picture. Whether one is transitioning to a manager within an organization or moving from a manager to an executive, our course offerings provide strategies and tactics to make that transition effectively. The course is suitable both for professionals working within the sports industry and those with an appropriate undergraduate qualification who aspire to work in management and marketing roles within this sector. It would normally be expected that this degree be awarded at the level of lower second class or above (or overseas equivalent). The module 'The Sports Industry' explicitly examines the global business context of sport, while Principles and Practice of Sports Marketing incorporates international sports marketing as a key theme.
The Consultancy Project offers students the opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge that they have developed within the programme in a relevant, practical context. Full-time students will normally complete this in the three months that follow the taught element, whilst part-time students complete this during the course of an academic year.
This offered a great opportunity to clear up any issues I had over the content of lectures, which very often only become clear when you try to utilise theories within work at a later date. Therefore, you will be taught by academics who are actively researching and publishing in the area.
Jess was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Sports Studies from Stirling University in 2004 for her thesis entitled ‘Women’s Football in Scotland: An Interpretive Analysis’ and she has developed a number of publications from this research study. Prior to joining UCLan, Ingrid gained almost 10 years of industry experience in project implementation and management of developing outdoor recreational and sport opportunities for large public organisations, namely British Waterways and Local Authorities. She has published her research in Managing Leisure and is co-author of the textbook Human Resource Management in the Sport and Leisure Industry.
We regularly invite in guest speakers from industry to speak to students within the modules on this course. It is organised to ensure that key concepts, theories and, where appropriate, practices relevant to marketing and management in the sports industry form a central role into your learning. The use of guest speakers on the course is designed to facilitate networking opportunities for students to meet with potential employers.
Assessment types include reports, consultancy projects, essays, oral and multimedia presentations, debates and a dissertation. Graduates from this course will also gain knowledge and skills required to help them set up their own sports-related businesses. The lecturers on the course made the experience more enjoyable and their constant support throughout the year provided me with the encouragement and confidence I needed to take the next step in pursuing my career in Sports Marketing. Inteq's Soft Skills training results in better, faster business and IT decisions – with increased agility that balances competing opportunities and priorities.
We meticulously develop vendor-independent curricula - composing a balanced mix of instructor presentation, interactive exercises and case studies.
Exceptional practical knowledge blended with outstanding teaching skills enables our instructors to go "off-slide" and provide direct, practical, real world answers to questions specific to your business environment.
This approach results in highly efficient and effective teams that speak the same language, apply the same concepts, and leverage the same artifacts across the project life cycle. We offer a highly focused integrated suite of business and systems analysis training programs.
The learning events provide a forum to refine knowledge, glean new and additional knowledge, ask questions and express ideas relevant to specific projects. Industry focused programs enable you to glean additional industry knowledge and to assimilate the program content in the context of your business environment. Inteq's training approach enables your team to rapidly learn the techniques as a group - resulting in consistent understanding of the techniques among team members and consistent application of the techniques across projects. Everyday professionals are acquiring knowledge in this area for professional advancement or personal knowledge.
For each call a limited number of scholarships based on the personal, professional and economic situation of the candidates are offered. The programme will incorporate lectures, presentations, practical team workshops, role playing and case studies specific to the telecommunications industry.
Academic qualifications Undergraduate degree or equivalent, relevant work experience also accepted. MDCI now provides you with the opportunity to keep your MBA investment up to date with the latest business thinking! The modules are offered in two groups of 2 days, separated by a period designed for reflection and private study, supported by blended learning materials and techniques. Participants will be provided with materials for Further Reading and Self Reflection between the weeks of teaching. Each program is a specialized, fast-paced, flexible, and academically rigorous course of study. Students learn core competencies of customer relationship management through techniques that teach them to assess, assist, and meet the needs of customers.
Students learn core competencies of hospitality service through techniques that teach them to assess and serve the needs of customers and clients in a multitude of different industries. The one-year program consists of five core courses: Introduction to Small Business Administration, Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses, Bookkeeping, Financial Services, and an externship course. The program includes the following five courses: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Office Procedures, Business Communications, and an externship course. The SMP program consists of five courses: Introduction to Small Business Administration, Social Media Marketing, Communication for Sales, Consumer Psychology, and an externship course.
The opportunity to acquire a broad knowledge of business skills will prepare the graduates for advancement to an increased level of management responsibilities in many types of organizations.

His public addresses are attended by wide number of businessmen, who get inspired to carry-on their family business to the next generation. They are excellent professors who have an immaculate way of connecting with the student community on personal and business issues, which gives the students extended learning and comfort of asking questions, without hesitation. GFMB is ideal for those who want to join their family business or eventually start new ventures. While running a business in COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT, it is expected that senior managers have conceptual and abstract skills to understand the business issues and challenges NOT ONLY in their respective areas of expertise, BUT ALSO, and more importantly, from other functional managers' perspective.
Look at a€?Businessa€? subheading and explore the a€?economic census,a€? a€?foreign tradea€? and a€?more business topicsa€? links.
Just type in the zip code and information is provided for various industries in terms of sales and many other factors. There is a dual focus on the marketing of sport and marketing through sport, with sports marketing being examined from the perspective of both rights holders (sports organisations) and sponsors.
Previous students have worked on projects with a range of sports organisations, including professional sports teams, facilities, local authority and private sector providers and grassroots sports clubs. Part-time students will normally attend one day a week and complete the taught element in two years. Equally, many of our staff have experience working in management roles within sport, so you can learn from their practical experience as well as academic expertise.
Prior to joining UCLan, she also worked as a Research Assistant in the Institute for Sports Research (Stirling University) on contract research projects for Sport England, Sport Scotland and the Scottish Sports Association.
Prior to her academic roles, Sue spent five years working in sports facilities management in the public sector. This represents a valuable opportunity for students to meet potential employers and learn about life in the sports industry. Throughout the programme you will engage in a range of learning activities including lectures, seminars, debates, case studies, presentations, online activities, directed readings and group work. The staff on the programme are friendly and supportive and they also have a considerable experience both within higher education and working in the sports industry. Proactively recognizing and embracing change and transforming and continually improving business processes are essential to surviving and thriving in today’s business environment.
Each class clearly presents key concepts and best practices, and provides practical tips gleaned from numerous real world projects. Inteq training jump starts the process, enables you to fill in the gaps and ties together informal knowledge and provides you with additional concepts, techniques and methods to enhance your skills. Specialization and focus enable us to provide you with the very best curriculum, instructors and overall quality and effectiveness in the business and systems analysis training space. Each learning event is presented live via a teleconference or web conference and is typically one hour in length. The net effect is significant improvement in the speed of the analysis process and the quality of the deliverables. Business administration courses can help give the knowledge needed to reach professional and personal goals.Business administration courses may be studied online or on campus, in connection with a specific degree programs or taken separately for professional development. Delegates will also have a unique opportunity to network with local business leaders and update your existing insights and techniques. English language Confident business English, all teaching and materials are provided in English only. However, over time, the world of management changes and develops new concepts, so you have probably wondered how you can bring your MBA up to date and protect your investment. All four courses of the program – Customer Relationship Management, Call Center, Personal and Home Care Aide, and Customer Service as a Career – will focus on customer service and professional business skills. This program will also introduce the concepts and principles of treating customers as guests and creating an extraordinary experience for them. The classes cover the major knowledge-areas of entrepreneurship and equip students with practical knowledge and skills needed to become successful in business enterprises. The one-year program aims to provide students with imperative knowledge about proper professional behavior in an office environment, management of electronic files, and handling of correct office procedures. The program assists students in honing the following skills: public speaking, interpersonal communication, sales operations, customer relations, and technical skills (such as digital marketing).
He has the experience of more than 20 years of interacting, teaching and guiding more than 3000 family businesses in India.
The senior mangers are also expected to have an understanding how the company as a whole is evolving over time. The courses are modularized to enable participants study at their convenience by completing the whole course in set period or over a period not exceeding four weeks. As the sports industry grows in size and complexity, there is increasing demand for qualified sports marketers and managers. Depending on the availability of suitable partners, students may be able to work on live international sports marketing consultancy projects, with either UK or non-UK-based organisations.
In addition, students will have the opportunity to engage in a sports marketing consultancy project, working on live projects with sports organisations.
Students who complete the taught element of the programme, in part or in its entirety, may graduate with either a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma in Sports Marketing and Business Management.
Through her research activities Jess has expertise in qualitative research methods and contributes to teaching on Research Methods in Sport.
For example, we have had guest lectures given by representatives of Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club, Bolton Wanderers Football Club, St Helens Rugby League Club, David Lloyd Leisure and Preston City Council.
Change management integrates the transition of people, processes and technology from the current “as-is” state to a continually unfolding future state. Business administration courses cover such topics as: assets acquisition, finance management, cash flow, international banking, and money markets and may also provide a variety of further specialized topics.
Each course that composes the SMP program awards the student with a complete understanding of the sales and marketing world and prepares them to enter the field as a well-read professional.
His courses on general management, family issues and working capital are the most sought after courses by the students. The senior managers should have good vision to shape up the company's destiny not just by exploiting the emerging opportunities in the surrounding environment, but also creating its own opportunities. Through a series of taught modules, a consultancy project and a dissertation, the course equips you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills and understanding necessary to undertake a managerial career in the dynamic global sports market.
Students have also visited the UK headquarters of Adidas, where they were given a lecture on the company’s marketing activities. When the market is intensely competitive, the managers must be able to run the company based on their wholesome integrated view of the company. Business administration courses can help give people the needed skills and abilities to advance their career and reach their personal goals. This requires a constant monitoring of the companya€™s external and internal-organizational environment to aware of the dynamics of the situation.
If you are interested in learning more about business administration courses you can take a look through the programs below! In the environment of intense competition and rapid technological innovation, it is imperative that managers are fully aware of the situation and take appropriate & timely actions to adapt with the changing environment and direct the company responsively and proactively.

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