Leo Hill The Managing Director of Let's Study English and his team welcome you to Let's Study English. We organise a placement service for German children at the elite private boarding schools in England.
Me and my team at Let's Study English are always pleased to answer your questions over a coffee or an e-mail.

Please enjoy reading our website and the services we offer and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Many of our students have already completed their summer holidays at one of our residential summer schools and when they return to Germany they often ask us to find a suitable private boarding school in England. We feel at Let's Study English that taking part in one of our residential summer schools is an excellent preparation course for your child, if you are considering sending them to a private boarding school in England a year later.

We believe at Let's Study English that our preparation course is vital to a children's progress in finding their right school in England and being ready for the interviews and tests that follow when considering a top private boarding school in England.

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