According to a new survey, the HR function is a growing disappointment among corporate leadership. With only 24% of HR groups effectively supporting flexible working arrangements, I have to admit I was surprised by such a low number. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Old methods of increasing employee engagement are giving way to some new ways to look at what keeps workers motivated.
Technical knowledge and ability are important but companies are also seeking employees who have soft skills.
Enhancing soft skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving can set IT managers apart from others who lack people skills.
Supervisors undermining your work or setting impossible expectations are some signs of workplace bullying. Developing a brand strategy guides a company through nurturing, protecting and growing one of its most valuable assets. FedEx has maintained a commitment to providing its employees with the support and resources they need to advance their careers. Ongoing professional development for their employees is one of the many reasons Sprint has continued to be successful. Johnson & Johnson is highly committed to supporting professional development for its employees. Students and career changers seeking to develop a more comprehensive leadership profile should consider the importance of studying economics for a variety of reasons.

Looking at business through an economic perspective can provide a more complete picture of the relationship between society and the markets. With a more holistic view of the inter-relationships between individuals, markets and the larger economy, leaders can make more informed decisions and guide their organizations to higher profits.
As the global business environment continues to evolve, customers across the world are becoming more active in demanding strong triple bottom line performance ratings from the companies in which they choose to invest. Today’s business leaders need a more advanced repertoire of skills and knowledge than previous generations in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving nuances of a complex global marketplace. Being active in professional organizations can help young professionals and aspiring leaders identify mentors and explore multiple career paths. Jones, CTO David Guthrie and EVP Strategy Sean O’Brien, on Twitter for more inspiration, leadership quotes and business wisdom. One of the claims is that HR is not flexible concerning flexible working arrangements and accommodating the ever-increasing distributive workforce.
Kevin is driven by his passion for company owners and their need to earn a profit, employees' desire for a positive and fulfilling work experience, and the community that benefits when both groups do well. Business leaders in all industries use the knowledge of economics when making decisions that affect the short-term as well as long-term profitability of a company. In microeconomics, students learn about how the decisions of individuals can affect trends in business. Understanding past trends in light of today’s particular challenges can mean making more powerful contributions to company goal-setting.
Understanding the role of big business in economies across the world can give small and medium-sized leaders insight into how they should invest their own profits.

Completing economics courses can help business professionals become more effective business leaders in current markets. Having the knowledge and skills to look ahead and make decisions based on previous trends and market history can help improve decision-making outcomes in any line of business.
The emphasis is on the system as a whole and is used as a tool for students to examine business at a national or global level.
In addition, a wider knowledge of economics also allows business leaders to create more persuasive arguments when attempting to affect positive change within an organization. Understanding the balance between micro and macro-economic forces at play can help businesses gauge their own involvements and can help guide responsible and ethical investing. Here are a few more reasons to consider adding economics to a leadership development strategy for professionals at all levels. Being able to see the “forest through the trees” without losing site of individual parts of the business landscape is an important leadership skill to have. HR groups, however, are bogged down in trying to manage people rather than managing projects.
Even while leaders are wanting to move forward to take advantage of technology and reduce their real estate costs and improve productivity.

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