Empresarios, ejecutivos y profesionales de las Américas que ocupen o vayan a ocupar en el futuro roles de liderazgo en sus organizaciones. Business Insider sourceThey lifted, carried, curled, and ran for a couple of hours with logs that weighed nearly 200 pounds.It's not enough making billions of dollars and being masters of the universe. Today's business leaders and hedge fund gods want to get even better, soA¬†many of them are now spending their weekends at a Navy SEAL training camp. You're probably envisioning a bunch of alpha Type A hedge funders being really intense in military gear on a deserted beach for a weekend.
While there is definitely a physical aspect, SEAL training for civilians has a heavy focus on leadership, team building, and communication.

Image courtesy of SOG-TFormer Navy SEAL Rob Roy.The group participated in the "Leadership Under Fire" program. Roy explained that the physical stuff wears off and that it was the lessons of humor, creativity, teamwork, decision-making, planning, communication, and mental toughness that participants take home. Apparently the program was a huge success for this past weekend's group with Ackman and Tilson. He wrote: "Over 2A? days (~4pm Thursday to ~6am Sunday), we swam nearly two miles in the ocean in the middle of the night in 59-degree water (with wetsuits, thankfully!), paddled 6-person inflatable dinghies through the surf again and again during one day and for many miles during another night, crept (stumbled?) around in the dark for an hour preparing to assault a 'terrorist camp', lifted, carried, curled and ran with nearly 200-lb. Business Insider sourceThey had to do push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups.Being able to put yourself through a regimen this intense would require months of preparation.

It's an incredible bonding experience in which folks take lessons from the battlefield and bring them back to the boardroom.
It's hosted by the San Diego-based award-winning leadership and team-building company Special Operations Training Group, or SOT-G. Participants will come together four times throughout the year for intensive learning sessions.

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