I will train you to build and lead peer advisory groups for owners of small businesses that I describe here, using the approach that has been successful for me for over twenty years. I’ve made this a six-month training program because that’s how long it usually takes to build a group and get it launched. I will certify your completion, but the real mark of your completion will be you running a healthy group, lucrative for you. Since we only select experienced facilitators, we assume you know how to lead a group; rather, we focus on specific Business Group processes. We can help you provide with any training manual template, Sample Instruction Template which is going to reduce your work to a great extent. Doing your own needs assessment is important, even if you plan to hire a third party to create the manual for you. Figure out how many people require training now, whether additional staff may need training in the future, and how often that might recur. Whether you're going to create the training manual yourself or work with a third party, the next step is gathering the previously identified information. If your outline is sufficiently detailed, then writing the body of the training manual should seem like you are answering questions posed by each of the items listed in the outline. Write the manual in the declarative voice using the simplest yet most concrete and specific language possible. Show a completed draft of the manual to managers and prospective trainees for input on how to improve the text. For help with formatting the written material into something that looks like a training manual, you may be able to find a set of templates to buy and customize to fit your needs. If your training topic concerns office productivity software, management or sales tactics, Velsoft may have a solution for you. If you've got a large number of people to train, consider buying or producing the training material electronically.
This training is aimed at consultants, coaches or other professionals who already have experience advising small business owners.

I offer ongoing support because you don’t necessarily master everything in six months, and it’s good to have a kindred spirit to discuss things that come up in your group. I will send you materials, and give you “homework.” You’ll go out and apply what we’ve covered. In addition, we provide job and competency profiling, team competency evaluations, gap analyses and needs assessments. Determine how many people need training, decide what information they need to learn, decide to what extent the instruction may recur in the future and figure out what types of existing training resources could be used to create the desired manuals. The third party will likely begin by assessing your needs, so you can save time and money by doing your own assessment first.
One set would ask managers what specific knowledge they want to pass on to employees, their availability to act as sources for the creation of a manual and where you might be able to find other source material.
This could include interviewing managers who possess the knowledge and supplementing that with outside sources. If the budget permits, hire a business editor or proofreader to help make the writing even more professional.
The company sells over 150 different courses on CD and DVD that can be customized with company-specific information and corporate logos. Known as e-learning, these packages can save money on printing costs and let trainees pursue the coursework independently. If you prefer working 1 on 1 with small business owners, this program is also relevant for you.
I will work with you as you are seeking members and building a group, then help you get it launched, then advise you on running successful meetings and one on ones with your members.
Ask managers what knowledge needs to be learned, then assess what prospective trainees already know and the pace they're able to learn new things. The second set of survey questions could quiz employees on what they know and want to learn. Make use of free data sources, like the Internet and your nearest public library.Next comes the writing part, beginning with an outline.

I’ll help you adapt what I do to your particular situation and strengths, and to the kind of owners you will be working with. Building a sense of community in your group, because this is what keeps people coming back. Creating an effective training manual will help you in communicating effectively with your employees, and also to help them understand what has to be done and how it has to be done. Responses ought to give you some sense of respondents' appetite to learn and pace for absorbing new material.Next, determine your budget and desired timeframe. The company also produces training software and printed manuals numbering up to 5,000 copies at a time. Setting limits on cost and duration of the project ahead of time will keep things from spiraling out of control. Create quizzes at regular intervals and especially at the end of the manual, to help trainees master the subject.
These options require you to bring completely written material to Omnipress, as the company doesn't provide any writing or editing services.While e-learning packages may cost more than paper-based manuals, the electronic ones offer trainers more flexibility for training additional employees in the future, because you don't have to worry about printing out a specific number of copies. Break down information into as many different steps as possible so that the data becomes more accessible. On the other hand, printed manuals are more portable for trainees, who can more readily take notes on paper. How to get appointments, move the selling process along, become a trusted advisor, and not come across as a sales person. Even if you have the means to outsource part or all of the work, projects have a way of growing in cost and scope when limits aren't set in advance.

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