Anul acesta, comunitatea romaneasca are onoarea de a organiza in parteneriat cu Ministerul Cetateniei, Imigratiei si Refugiatilor si HMC Connections un eveniment de anvergura - a sasea editie a "Annual HMC Awards Night & Gala", care prezinta in fiecare an succesul imigrantilor in Canada prin acordarea unui premiu important. Va vom intampina cu paine si sare, asa cum am invatat de la strabuni, si vom aduce in fata dumneavoastra, si a invitatilor guvernamentali Canadieni si Romani ce sunt invitati sa participe la eveniment, un mic colt de rai romanesc. Nu am dorit sa ratam aceasta oportunitate de parteneriat, dar pentru a nu dubla evenimnetul deja cunoscut - Gala pentru strangere de fonduri - care s-ar fi suprapus, acest eveniment are ca scop si sustinerea organizarii Zilei Copilului. Gala va avea loc Vineri, 22 Aprilie, in Oakville - la Conference and Banquet Centre - o sala minunata, o loacatie foarte usor accesibila, unde veti savura bucate oranduite festinurilor regesti si veti dansa pe muzica draga sufletelor noastre. Va invitam sa veniti cu mic cu mare, sa cantam impreuna imnul tarii mama dar si pe cel al tarii adoptive, si sa aratam ca, desi departe, inimile noastre bat "in ritmul sfant al unei ode" pentru Romania.
Foarte important: va rugam sa vizitati linkul de mai jos, si toti cei care aveti copii liceeni, care se incadreaza in cerintele pentru annual RAY award, sa completati formularul si sa-l trimiteti cat mai curand. On November 25, PINs leader Jaime Gonzalez spoke to members of PINs associations and mentees from The Mentoring Partnership about strategic networking and its benefits.
Criterii de calificare: ceta?eni strani care provin din toate statele lumii, cu excep?ia statelor membre UE.
Atragem aten?ia ca, potrivit metodologiei actuale, data limita de depunere a dosarelor la MAE-DDPC? este de 15 martie 2015. Pentru orice intrebari suplimentare, consultati documentele si apoi, daca e nevoie, contactati MAE sau Ministerul Educatiei Nationale. The Toronto Black Ribbon Day memorial service will be held at Budapest Park, at the '56 Hungarian Freedom Fighters Monument (1755 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3C1). This year we will commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the 25th Anniversary of the falling of the Iron Curtain, that separated the Soviet bloc countries from the Western world. The Industry Open House will feature dynamic displays of current research projects involving undergraduate and graduate student as well as research staff and faculty. It is my great pleasure to invite you to participate at the opening of the print and drawing exhibition "Down on the Danube II" of Ortansa Moraru, on February 13, from 6pm to 8pm, at the Consulate General of Romania. As customers continue to be without electricity, some may have left their home as power is being restored. Turn off the main water valve and drain water from the pipes and flush toilets several times. To prevent frozen pipes: Turn the taps on slightly so water can trickle through as pipes with running water will not freeze. After three successful fairs in Toronto, Canadian Immigrant and Scotiabank are proud to present the fourth Career, Education and Settlement Fair for newcomers, this time in Vancouver, B.C. Dozens of exhibitor booths will be located in the main promenade and downstairs rooms of the amazing venue.
Our goal is to inform and motivate new Canadians as they begin and continue their settlement journey. American Society of Quality (ASQ) are hosting such an event on 13th November starting at 6 pm Follow link below.. How to estimate cost structure of your venture, manage cash flow and understand financial statements, Also meet and learn from bright young founder of social enterprise. If Canadian businesses fail to mobilize immigrant talent, Canada will miss one of the enormous global economic developments now underway. People from many nations live in Canada but the country has not taken advantage of their potentially valuable economic connections. Ontario and Canada can leverage diaspora networks to improve outcomes for immigrants and strengthen the Canadian economy.
Results from nanotech investigations relentlessly predict that "nano" possesses a minimum of as much potential as plastic materials had over half a century ago. Our Guest speaker is Dmitry Maznichenko is a researcher and president of Open NDTM, which currently manufactures nano-enhanced materials for an increasing variety of applications. We have three spots left in our OSLT project management course that starts on September 5th. It is a perfect way for newcomers with project management backgrounds (could be architecture, engineering, IT etc.) to get the communications and knowledge of workplace culture they need to get into their professions in Canada.
If you know veterans of other courses who are not working, this course is really worth their time.
Beth CookRecruiter for Occupation-specific Language TrainingHumber College416-675-6622 ext.
Yesterday, August 29th we have celebrated the successful completion of yet another season of Mentoring.
I wish to encourage all of you to continue connecting with members of our community and other partners in the Mentoring Program.
Join various groups in a fun evening of networking and learning about project management practices in the community and how PMTMC helps individuals enhance their communication and leadership competencies.
Your support means the world to me, and I really think this project is going to be impactful. Phase 5, an independent market research firm, is searching for participants for a research program involving one of Canada's top banks. The Ontario Human Rights Commission's (OHRC) new Policy on removing the "Canadian experience" barrier was launched recently by Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall in partnership with KPMG.
While companies like Google, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen pour millions into developing self-driving car technology with expensive components, 19-year-old Romanian high school student Ionut Budisteanu has designed an autonomous vehicle system that would cost just US$4,000. Colleagues, Yesterday we closed yet another Mentoring Round during the Intercultural event organized by JVS. My favorite part of the mentoring program was when we shared work experience and life experience; my mentor made and makes me feel as a part of a big family. A proud professional engineer, a military engineer with distinguished service in Afghanistan, and a legislator, I cherish my profession and obligations to society. I am running for the office of President-elect because I deeply believe that engineers have a fundamental role in strengthening Canada's economy through their expertise and high standards in protecting the public. The foundation for the value offered to society by professional engineers lies primarily in our members' high standard of qualification and adherence to our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as stated in the Professional Engineers Act and Regulations. Engineering does not exist in isolation; it needs to work in close conjunction with policy and politics on the one hand and with business on the other. Engineering is also a tremendous training of the mind which lends itself very well to running businesses, large and small. Engineers also help to inform public opinion by illuminating what can be done and bringing to life the sense of what is possible, a hugely important motivator for all of us. Engineering work is an important contributor to Canada's social, economic, cultural and environmental well being and a decisive factor in maintaining our country in the lead of the developed nations of the world. PEO faces a challenge today in keeping up with the rapid evolution of the new engineering fields in effectively demonstrating its value to society and its relevance to its membership.
Engineers need to build on the strength of a growing and continuously diversified profession, while correcting weaknesses that may threaten its credibility with the public and legislators. More than ever before, our profession needs wise leadership with active member involvement to maintain its relevance to society in the fundamental decision-making processes. We must actively develop our profession and create the maximum benefit for both society and engineers!
I plan to work to implement the roles and responsibilities of the Council, chapters, committees and task forces in policy development. It has been a long tradition: In December and January, publications-no matter what subjects they cover-like to engage in the game of New Year predictions.
November 28, 2012 Dear Friend, Community Leader and Stakeholder, I am writing to you as the Liberal Critic for Multiculturalism and person responsible for Community and Stakeholders' Outreach. You and other like-minded business people are invited to attend a complimentary Dale Carnegie® meeting. In this meeting you will learn how Dale Carnegie® will support you in achieving sustainable results in Five Key areas, both personally and professionally.
Individuals and employees at all levels in a corporation who seek to maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to their organizations. WoS is closing 2012 with a networking event were are invited members of all others non-profit organizations from Romanian community.
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Vom aduce pe scena romani talentati cu care ne mandrim, care sa va bucure sufletele si sa va ofere o seara minunata. Este vorba despre campingul organizat in fiecare an, in unul dintre weekendurile lunii Iunie (anul acesta va fi la Campul Romanesc 3-5 Iunie), unde sunt bineveniti sa participe toti copiii din comunitatea romaneasca, gratuit . Oficialul român a facut parte dintr-o delega?ie parlamentara condusa de pre?edintele Camerei Deputa?ilor, Valeriu Zgonea.

Au prioritate ceta?enii proveni?i din state ne-membre UE cu care România nu are perfectate documente de colaborare culturala ?i educa?ionala.
We will also be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Independence of many countries (including Hungary) of the Soviet bloc. We'd like to take this opportunity to provide some safety tips to share with your customers. In addition, we will offer several interactive, speakers' workshops led by experts in various fields of interest to new Canadians, from careers to immigration law. We aim to provide essential information and tips on job hunting, accreditation, upgrading of education, looking for a home and more.
This paper highlights the increasing importance of diaspora networks in the global economy and Canada's underwhelming performance in mobilizing our diverse immigrant talent and concludes with specific recommendations for the public and private sectors. Applications range from self-cleaning windows to targeted cancer therapy as well as from space elevators to autonomous nano-robot (nanobot) colonies.
His has received funding from several programs and collaborates across the industry, government and academia sectors.
Whether you're a seasoned project management practitioner, just starting out or interested in the profession, or a business professional, this unique event is an opportunity to learn, share, build networks, engage with Toronto communities, showcase yourself, socialize with peers and make contacts. In an industry of constant change and global influence, success depends on innovation, information, insight and evolution.
Minutes from Pearson International Airport, with 5,000 free parking spaces and free shuttle bus service from CMTS host hotels! In my view it was great success especially because of the wonderful speakers like Juan Orozco and Leanne Li who were generous with their time to come and share some helpful insights on how to succeed in the Canadian job market. Over the past year, three professional immigrant networks, JVS Toronto and TRIEC partnered on a small group mentoring project that proved to be a success. It needs to connect with the worlds of ideas and practical commerce and to face up to real choices for the good of society. Some also use their practical knowledge to help Governments understand choices and the most effective means to get things done. With your support, I am convinced that we will achieve a real transformation in engineering regulation for the benefit of our society. That's why we were excited when IDC presented us with its Top 10 manufacturing industry predictions for 2013, which we-in turn-present to you. As a Louisville native, she trained at several different dance schools including Ellena€™s School of Dance and the University of Louisville Dance Academy.
She has performed professionally with Anna Sapozhnikova€™s MOYAMO DANCE, Gordon Dance Projects, Rachel James, jan street dance theatre, and as a company soloist with Art! Originally wanting to become a ballerina, she quickly changed her path as she was inspired by Isadora Duncan strength and resilience. In residence at Radford University and Pulaski Dance Producation, they have been presented in dance festivals throughout the country and abroad including the United States of Asian American Festival and Pro Danza Italia. She grew up doing all styles of dance in a local studio and went on to major in dance at James Madison University. She studies ballet, pointe, jazz, and modern at Allegro Dance Theatre in Radcliff, Kentucky. A He received both his Masters and Bachelors of Arts from University of Dayton and has had an eclectic training in dance including Dunham, Cunningham and Safety Release techniques. Her three-part work journeys through different moods, ranging from languid to energizing and powerful.
She is currently assistant choreographer, pilates trainer, and company member for MamLuft&Co.
Amber completed her studies as a dance major at the Youth Performing Arts School and has trained with the University of Louisville Dance, the Louisville Ballet School, Monsters of Contemporary, and various master classes.
Powell is a graduate of Wittenberg University where she studied both Dance and Political Science.
She attended Goucher College where she received her BA in Dance Cum Laude with a concentration in choreography. She has been studying dance for over 10 years, her studies ranging from Irish dance to modern. She has been dancing since the age of 3 at her home studio in Hagerstown, Maryland and was a member of the Potomac Classical Youth Ballet Company during her teenage years. Pre-professionally, she studied with the Gary Geis Dance Company, in Springfield, Oh, and currently teaches for the GGDC 1st & 2nd companies in modern dance technique.
She has studied dance with the University of Louisville Dance Academy, the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville and Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania. After 4 years back in Louisville, Lew is starting to feel like he is fitting back into the community and he appreciates Moving Collective and LDA for helping with that.
She received a BA from Haverford College and an MA in religion and literature from Yale Divinity School; she has also studied and taught high school English classes in France, Germany, and Austria. Katie is currently a senior student at Bellarmine University.A  She will graduate in May 2013 with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Trebuie sa fim mandri, pentru ca este pentru prima data cand o singura tara este luata ca partener in organizarea acestui important eveniment, de obicei se recurge la prezentarea unui amalgam de culturi dintr-o anumita parte a lumii. Va rugam sa trimiteti tuturor cunoscutilor dumneavoastra aceasta invitatie, pentru a spori sansa ca un tanar roman sa castige premiul si recunoasterea speciala in timpul ceremoniei. Do not use appliances intended for outdoor use indoors, such as camping or heating equipment and gas barbecues.Keep your fridge and freezer door closed as much as possible. Tireless efforts of the government, industry and academia are spent towards making such nanotechnological advancements functional and accessible. Also, if you have other ideas of partnership, or if you have any relevant contacts, they would be greatly appreciated.
The project involves a survey to collect ideas and input about other ways in which internationally educated engineers might demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge and experience to practice safely and competently in Canada. Moore Award in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair to pocket him a sweet $75,000. We also had the opportunity to hear from one of the AREC mentors, Felicia Pop about her positive experience as a mentor in the program.
They are also realists who abhor abstraction and rigorous planners with a strong sense of discipline.
It will give everyone a chance to catch up with SME Toronto news and meet some old friends and some new ones. Professionally she has performed with VEE Corporationa€™s Sesame Street Live, La Comedia Dinner Theater, and Six Flags KY Kingdom along with this being her 7th Moving Collective Concert.
Since then danah has performed and presented choreographic work in festivals throughout the country and abroad. She has had the opportunity to work with numerous talented choreographers such as Shane Oa€™Hara, the late Ed Tyler, Donald Laney, Adrienne Clancy, Meisha Bosma, and many others. She came to the Cincinnati area after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Akron, where she was the recipient of multiple scholarship awards and studied modern, ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and dance composition. Since then she has studied at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Louisville Ballet School, and is currently a student and member of Dance Theater at The University of Louisville Dance Academy.
Her instructors include Carol Zagar, Dale Brannon, Kathy Sawyer Holtgrave, Tamara Begley and Theresa Bautista.
In the summer of 2010 she worked as an assistant choreographer and instructor at Stagedoor Manor in New York working on Avenue Q, Evita, and Guys and Dolls.
Emily served as a faculty member at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco for six years, teaching ballet, modern, tap and jazz to adults and children as young as two. Nicole graduated from Butler High School in 2007 where she was in the musical theatre program.
She grew up dancing at Diana Evans School of Dance and attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Lexington, Kentucky.
Formed in 2007 by Director, Jeanne Mam-Luft, the company has a charge to make progressive and palpable dance that is both accessible and affordable to the general public. She has trained with David Dorfman, Lisa Race, and Jennifer Nugent at the American Dance Festival, as well as the Susan Marshall Company and Tricia Gelmini; she is also a former member of Rhythm in Shoes. After graduating, Elena moved to Dayton, OH where she danced for SMAG Dance Collective under the direction of Michael Groomes. Since at Radford she has studied and performed multiple works with the outstanding faculty at RU. Recently, Jessica returned from Malawi where she spent 14 months serving in the Peace Corps and enjoyed learning traditional African dances in a rural village. She is currently an intern in dramaturgy and literary management at the Actors Theatre of Louisville.
She was also a 2 year scholarship student at the Ohio Governor's Summer Institute for the Gofted and Talented in the Arts, at the Ohio State University.A  Nicole has had the privilege of working with such choreographers as Kristina Isabelle, Andrea Woods, Mark Cummings, Lori Common and Gary Geis.

Please take the time to participate in the online survey and share your views about this important issue. One of our Mentees was present at the meeting Alexandra Buda who completed the program and we heard a heart felt message written by another AREC Mentee, Lucian Raileanu. As always, Nicole would like to thank her family and friends for their continuous support and strength throughout her dance career. In addition to dbDW she collaborates with colectivo caliban, an artistic collective that transgresses borders through sound and movement. Colleen has performed stagings of David Parsons and Petitpa works, as well as work by Hernando Cortez of Verbs Ballets and Amy Querin of Fresno Dance Collective. She will graduate from Bellarmine University in the spring of 2013 with a double major in History and Foreign Languages and International Studies. In addition to taking regular classes throughout the school year, Abi has participated in summer programs at her studio, as well as the Louisville Ballet Schoola€™s Summer Intensive of 2010. She is currently the dance department leader for All About Kids in Louisville and Crestwood. Fleisher is a graduate of Butler University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance and a minor in International Studies. Emily has served as a choreographer and instructor in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and California and currently teaches at several schools in the Louisville area. Emily is also a 2007 alumna of the Kentucky Center Governora€™s School for the Arts, where she enjoyed working as a Resident Advisor last summer.
With dancers not only from Ohio and Kentucky, but Texas, New York, and Virginia, MamLuft&Co. She then danced for the Dayton Contemporary Dance 2nd Company under the direction of Shonna Hickman-Matlock. Currently, Cana is studying jazz, ballet, and modern, but is also trained at other forms of dance such as hip-hop, tap, and Irish. Outside of Radford, she has attended Burklyn Ballet Theatre for summer intensives and continues to teach class when she is on breaks from school. His graduate research was in the multi-disciplinary field of nanotechnology which included molecular chemistry and laser physics (Ryerson). This is an opportunity to influence regulatory bodies across Canada as they consider possible alternatives to the Canadian work experience requirement. Last but not least I greatly appreciated the presence of Nicolae Peres, AREC's Vice-President who reiterated AREC's committment to the program. Theresa has created works for the U of L Dance Theatre, The Center for Women and Families, Empujon, Bluegrass Youth Ballet, Moving Collective and the UK Dance Ensemble and her choreography has received Gala honors at the Southeast Regional Ballet Festival.
Her teaching credits include ProDanza Italia, Monterey Dance Fest, and Bates Dance Festival. She lives in Floyd, Virginia where she is a Financial Secretary at New Century Church and is happily married. She also studies yoga, loves to travel and be in nature, and is a student activist in her community. In 2011, Abi attended the Kentucky Center Governors School for the Arts as a dance major, where she received the David X. Dance and is so excited to be making his debut in the Moving Collective.A  Clint's passion is teaching and he has taught master classes throughout Ohio and Indiana as well as Louisiana, Florida and Texas. She also teaches at the Sutton Studio for the Performing Arts in both the Louisville and Bardstown studios.
Susana€™s work has been seen in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New York, and Austria. After graduating, she danced with Ballet Theater of Maryland in Annapolis, MD as an apprentice for the 2009-2010 season. Dance creates and performs re-creations of work by choreographers from Rhode Island, Florida, Washington, New York, Texas, and of course, Ohio. This seminar will help to improve the awareness of "nano" as well as to hopefully better engage public opinion in future nanotech developments and policy.
In 2006, she created and continues to co-produce Moving Collective, a venue to promote the works of independent choreographers and bring greater awareness of contemporary dance to the Louisville Region. Colleen has taught in Akron and Cleveland, Ohio and currently teaches children with Webby Dance Company and in MamLuft&Co. A He is very active in the Winter Guard International Sport of the Arts (WGI) as well as teaching in a variety of school districts throughout the Dayton and Cincinnati area.
The choreographer, Sarah Gamblin, wanted to create something as simple and true, but also as messy, raw, and complex.
In 2009, Susan was commissioned to create an original work for Merge Recorda€™s 20th Anniversary Dance Concert, Merge with Motion.
Amanda has performed with Moving Collective since 2010 and took on the role of co-producer in 2011. A graduate of Butler University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Pedagogy, she performed many featured roles in The Nutcracker, Balanchinea€™s Serenade, and in contemporary choreography, including pieces by Cynthia Pratt and Derek Reid. Amanda has performed with Moving Collective since 2010 and took on the role of co-producer inA  2011.
Theresa is currently Chair of the Dance Faculty for the KY Governora€™s School for the Arts. Abi has alos attended master classes with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and Lula Washington Dance Theatre, and she performed with Moving Collective in the fall of 2011. The three sections are movement analogies for the types of desire that fuel a body, a community, and a life. She is also the co-founder of Distance Dances, a blog and video-based dance collaboration with fellow dance artist Gina Ta€™ai. Dance also offers educational and outreach programming to adults, children, and even dance professionals and pre-professionals through year-long and summer programming.
The Manufacturing Engineering role will see strong demand but the ME role continues to evolve and specifying the role is widely misunderstood by all concerned and is now a critical review topic. Colleen has previously had her choreography adjudicated at the East Central regional conference of the Amercian Dance Festival and performed by the University of Akron Dance Company. Abi has not decided on a major for college, but she plans to continue exploring her love of dance throughout her educational experience. Fleisher was also in the MASA Dance Journey Apprenticeship Program in Kibbutz Gaa€™aton, Israel with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Powell has also choreographed for her alma mater and the adjudicated Choreographers Without Companies, presented by Contemporary Dance Theater. She recently presented work at DanceCincinnati2011, Moving Collective, and the 2011 & 2012 Area Choreographers Festival.
While with MamLuft&CO Dance, she has worked with outside choreographers including Betsy Miller and Sarah Gamblin. The specific classes required vary by university, but they usually include two semesters of core math classes -- typically college algebra and calculus -- two semesters of economics classes and two semesters of accounting classes.
Typically, this is calculus I, an introductory class, though some colleges have a special "calculus for business" class. Most business management programs also allow mathematically-inclined students to take more advanced calculus classes in place of the introductory course. Calculus, for business purposes, is the math you use to do things like find the most effective production rate for a product and isolate business activities that are hindering profits.
We will update you on what is happening within North America to re-install our manufacturing sectors and the ongoing initiatives within Canada. While some majors require only one economics class, business management degree programs typically require you to take two economics classes: microeconomics and macroeconomics.
These involve detailed statistical analyses of the possible effects of individuals and companies on the larger economy and the effects of the larger economy on topics like employment rates and wages. These are accounting classes, of which two are typically required -- financial accounting and managerial accounting.
These classes focus on gathering and analyzing the contents of ledgers and account information to use this information for business decisions. In the case of managerial accounting, these decisions involve calculations for not just finances, but inventories, schedules and worker salaries, too.
As a writing instructor, Foster shows students the deep, repeatable logic behind grammar rules and the psychology behind document composition, working from the theory that students engage with and absorb ideas best when those ideas are wrapped in strong context.

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