Gary is Professor of Construction Management and Economics within the School of Engineering; and Professor of Machinery Management at Birmingham City Business School. Gary is research active within the area of built environment and sustainability and is a member of the Centre for Sustainable Development. Gary was a construction manager in his formative years controlling restoration of listed buildings and later, as a Contracts Manager, managing several multi-million pound developments in the speculative housing sector (UK). His work has been funded by university grants, industrial collaboration, government research councils, and commercial organisations. In 2010 he received an award for excellence, “For world-class scientific work that has raised the profile of plant and equipment management research internationally”. In his spare time, Gary enjoys the solitude of the Wye valley and its tributary rivers in Wales, in pursuit of Salmo Trutta and the ‘Lady of the Stream’, Thymallus Thymallus.
Presently undertaking industry sponsored research the impact of which will improve health and safety issues of transporting construction machinery; and effective management of hand-arm vibration exposure.

His research contributions have been widely published through approximately 200 refereed academic papers, industry-facing technical guides, and several textbooks.
He joined Higher Education (HE) in 1991, since which time he has held various university teaching, research, and research-management positions. Specific aspects he has studied include: contractor selection, inter-organisational relationships, plant productivity, plant sales analysis and sales forecasting, the management of hand-arm vibration, and applicability of contemporary method to construction research. His research contributions have been publicly diffused through approximately 200 refereed academic journal and international conference papers, a host of industry-facing technical guides, several textbooks, magazine articles and other media such as teaching and learning DVDs. In 2011 his contribution to hand-arm vibration (HAV) knowledge and validation of HAV data that is currently used by the US military, was recognised through joint award of the United States Department of Defense, Ergonomics Working Group medal. Personal projects in progress include construction research paradigm design; and the changing focus of research in construction management.
He is Associate Editor of The Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction (Emerald).

He returned to practice for a brief spell to deliver consultancy research and bespoke services, specialising in development of online (HE) learning materials and technical documentation for the construction industry. He has received numerous other accolades for his academic writing and, contribution as a specialist reviewer. His experience also includes a period as Project Manager for delivery of National Vocational Qualifications; and the management a of work-based distance learning MSc in Construction Project Management at Loughborough University (UK). He is presently Professor of Construction Management and Economics within Grenfell-Baines School of Architecture, Construction and Environment, while also holding a fractional Professorship in Machinery Management at Birmingham City Business School.

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