Your offer of admission has outlined the ‘reachback’ requirements you need to complete in order to graduate. You have the opportunity to apply for transfer credits for your ‘reachback’ courses and the courses that are determined by your program major. Transfer credits are only official after validation by the Transfer Credit Unit of the Registrar's Office. College Equivalency Table for your college - to determine equivalent Transfer Credits.
Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar – to determine which eligible Transfer Credits apply toward your 5th through 8th semester requirements (Required, Professional, and Professionally-Related courses). Equivalency tables are intended as a guide for applying for Transfer Credit and may be subject to change.

Please visit Ryerson transfer credits for detailed information on how to apply on-line or submit a manual application. These credits will fall into the ‘non-applicable courses’ section on your Advisement Report. Our program majors are focused on giving you both the theoretical and practical skill needed in the working world. All seven majors are focused on giving students a practical education with a theoretical base. You are allowed to apply for a maximum number of transfer credits that is equivalent to the number of ‘reachbacks’ you were assigned in your offer of admission. The information below will help you to determine which courses to submit transfer credit applications for.

Equivalencies highlighted on the College Equivalency Tables are non-‘reachback’ 1st and 2nd semester courses and you should not apply for these credits. As a Direct Entry [?] A post-secondary degree pathway from college to university which recognizes the completion of a specific College diploma; credits earned in specific programs at an Ontario College are applied towards direct entry or advanced standing at Ryerson. You are required to complete the BComm curriculum for semesters 5, 6, 7 and 8 as specified by your chosen major in addition to the ‘reachback’ courses listed below.

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