We liaise with our clients at every point of the process through a dedicated project manager. The aim of a Business Continuity Management System is to achieve a cost-effective prevention and disaster recovery solution that balances the value of potential losses to the organisation and its assets against the cost of guaranteeing continuity of critical business processes.With 75% of firms failing to ReOpen after a major disaster, Business Continuity planning is vital to ensure that companies can survive and succeed.

The ErLogix Business Continuity Management System and Disaster Recovery Planning Solution assists organisations to: Enhance and protect Critical Business Processes Understand and Manage Risk Conduct a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis Analyse Facilities INVESTigate Recovery Strategies Develop procedures for Recovery Tasks Assign and Schedule the appropriate Resources and Assets Exercise your Business Continuity Plan Track the Training of Management and employee's Verify the Status of your Business Continuity Plan The Business Continuity Management System is a process that will become a management tool that can be embedded into your organisational culture to provide a structure for continuous operational management and improvement.

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