In this ‘hands on’ course, students will learn the necessary skills, techniques, elements of mise en place, methods of cooking applications, common seasoning and flavour builders and combinations in a lab setting. All applicants whose first language is not English must meet Humber’s English Language Proficiency Policy.
Students who do not possess Grade 12U Mathematics or who have achieved a grade below 60 per cent may be considered for admission.  Students will be required to complete a math equivalency course during their first semester at Humber. Bachelor of Commerce - Hospitality and Tourism Management Fee InformationAdditional CostsFor information regarding fees for work terms, refer to Fees and Financial Assistance.
Our ProgramHumber’s Bachelor of Commerce – Hospitality and Tourism Management degree program has been designed to meet the demands of employers for the strategic, technological and managerial skills considered necessary in this exciting and dynamic industry. The program incorporates a “best of both worlds” approach: the theory and knowledge you gain from a traditional degree program in business administration and tourism studies, along with experiential learning in tourism industry sectors. In years one and two you will be introduced to fundamental business concepts, including marketing, finance, accounting, economics and law.
What sets our Hospitality and Tourism Management degree apart is the fact that it is an integrated bachelor’s degree, meaning you will acquire professional experience while attending classes.
Our Industry PartnershipsHumber has more than 500 industry partners who are invested in your success. Work PlacementOne full semester of paid work in the summer between semesters six and seven will give you the industry experience that is highly valued by employers.
Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for the Bachelor of Commerce – Hospitality and Tourism Management degree program should consider applying for Humber’s Business Administration advanced diploma program 02511, Business Management diploma program 02251, Business – Marketing diploma program 02411, Tourism and Hospitality Management – Event Planning diploma program 14221 or Tourism Management – Travel Industry Services diploma program 14061. Graduates of the Business Administration advanced diploma with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 70 per cent or more will be considered for admission to Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce degree program. Graduates of the Business Management, Business – Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management – Event Planning or Tourism Management – Travel Industry Services diploma program with an overall GPA of 75 per cent or more will be considered for admission to Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce degree program. Your Future Study OptionsAs a qualified graduate of this program, you may be eligible to apply your academic credits toward further study at many postsecondary institutions. End NotesHumber has been granted a consent by the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities to offer this degree for a seven-year term starting April 21, 2005, which was extended to April 21, 2015.
Recently, Hillary Clinton was taped ridiculing Donald Trump for lacking a detailed plan for the American economy. But is it really more dangerous to elect a president who makes up economic policy on the fly than one who proclaims to have a detailed plan for us? The answer to this is no, it is not more dangerous to elect someone who makes up economic policy by the seat of his pants — as Donald Trump is prone to do — than it is to elect someone who thinks she can have the future of the economy neatly mapped out. Bitcoin has risen more than 25% in the last week, from near $430 to a high over $545 today. Still to this day most other financial analysts either ignore bitcoin or, even stupider, deride it as being some sort of scam or ponzi scheme. The fundamentals are showing us more people are getting into the metals, even though the price doesn’t show it. Gold Spooked by Fed Rate Fears Heads for Worst Month Since 2013Bullion has worst daily losing streak in more than a year. Gold is on track for its biggest monthly decline since June 2013 after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the improving US economy meant another interest-rate hike would probably be in order “in the coming months,” pushing the dollar to the highest since March. Bullion for immediate delivery fell as much as 1% to $1,200.03 an ounce, the cheapest since Feb.
Yellen affirmed in comments Friday what a number of her officials said last week, that evidence of strength in the US economy meant tighter monetary policy could now be considered. Military spending may not be the only indicator of a nation’s fighting power, but it’s the most obvious one. Tourism Management - Travel Industry Services Fee InformationAdditional Costs$400 (estimated) per semester – textbooks, study materials. Our ProgramHumber’s Tourism Management – Travel Industry Services diploma program provides you with a tourism and travel education that you can apply to all aspects of this exciting industry and become a leader in your field.

The program also includes extensive computer training with industry-related software systems. There are numerous opportunities to network with business leaders through guest speakers, career fairs, clubs, special events, industry volunteer opportunities and conferences.
Your CareerYour diploma in Tourism Management is the launching pad for a truly fabulous career. Short Duration Experiential Learning: The short duration experiential learning opportunities operate annually in May and are 10 to 20 days in length. Semester Abroad Options: The fourth semester Study Abroad options operate annually in the winter semester. This program is endorsed by the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors (CITC) and Humber is a full member of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), Association of Canadian Travel Agents (ACTA) and International Society of Travel and Tourism Educators (ISTTE). Your Future Study OptionsQualified graduates with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 75 per cent or more will be considered for admission to year two of Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce – Hospitality and Tourism Management degree program. Topic areas of cuisine will be stocks, soups, sauces, vegetables, potatoes, grains and farinaceous products. Throughout the program, you will engage in analyzing a series of business and management scenarios for which you will prepare recommendations and solutions. In years three and four, you will focus on advanced hospitality and tourism industry management, and the application of technology in tourism strategy, marketing and distribution systems. You will interact with the industry through career placements and projects, and you will be guided by professors with extensive, real-world experience in research, education and industry. In addition, a number of managerial positions are available in our partner hotels and foodservice operations, including Four Seasons, Hyatt, InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, Cara Operations, Compass Group, Disney Cruise Lines and Woodbine Entertainment Group. Graduates may then complete the degree program with the equivalent of four semesters of full-time study plus a paid work term.
Graduates may then complete the degree program with the equivalent of six semesters of full-time study plus a paid work term. An application for renewal of the consent has been submitted and the current consent remains in effect until a decision on the renewal application is made. The message, so it goes, is that Trump is not suited for the presidency because he doesn’t have a plan on how to turn the American economy around. This is a direct result of the massive global credit expansion that has taken place over the past 15 years. You will develop skills and knowledge that will lead you to the many options in tourism and travel and will have a career connection through the fourth semester work placement. The airline global distributions system industry software at Humber is a live system which provides our students the current training platform that employers seek. You will earn multiple industry certifications such as the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO Education Standards) and have the opportunity to participate in our Study Abroad programs.
The first semester (January to April) is immediately followed by the second semester (May to July), resulting in a shorter summer break. New destinations will be offered annually and in the past destinations have included the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Some of the industry partners for this program include Nolitours, Transat Holidays, Air Transat, Jonview Canada, Air Canada Vacations, Kensington Tours, American Express, Sears Travel, Cruise Professionals, Sunquest, Red Tag Vacations, Trafalgar Tours, Sunwing Vacations, Sell Off Vacations, G Adventures and many independent travel agencies, tour operators and destination management companies. Students will apply their skills and knowledge in the fourth semester, seven-week (32 hours per week) unpaid work placement. Graduates may then complete the degree with the equivalent of six semesters of full-time study plus a paid work term.
The program also provides an international perspective, through case studies that reflect the global nature of the tourism industry. You will use software applications and apply advanced financial management skills to tourism business operations and performance. You’ll have a competitive edge in the tourism business world, both in Canada and internationally, or you may use your skills and expertise to continue with graduate studies.

Today’s tourism business leaders are looking for people who have both the knowledge and experience necessary to make immediate contributions to the workplace. Humber shall ensure that all students admitted to the above-named program during the period of consent will have the opportunity to complete the program within a reasonable time frame.
The underlying problem is we have two competing people who think they can manage the American economy. So with the massive amount of debt now on the system, it’s going to be hard for the establishment to continue business as usual. Much of this capacity is located in China, but while the times were good, iron ore and steel production (and associated lines of production) was expanded everywhere else in the world as well.
In a fiat money system run by central planning agencies and supplemented by a fractionally reserved banking system, the amplitude of business cycles will be especially pronounced (readers may have noticed that systemic crises have become increasingly severe with every new iteration). NO MATERIAL HERE CONSTITUTES "INVESTMENT ADVICE" NOR IS IT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STOCKS, COMMODITIES, OPTIONS, BONDS, OR FUTURES.
Students enter semester three in September, completing the two-year program in just 16 months. Our program incorporates a broad range of innovative and relevant courses, a fourth semester work placement and various travel opportunities. Our internship office provides direction and support and offers exciting work placements where students to apply directly to employers. HSF’s trained student volunteers will complete and file your 2015 tax return for free! Ability to identify business risks and problem solve; prioritize for the greatest impactEducation Humber College , Project Management 2013 – PresentCurrently enrolled in the Project Management program. As a graduate of Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce – Hospitality and Tourism Management program, you’ll be ready to pursue opportunities with employers throughout the industry including tourism suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, restaurants and foodservice providers, attractions, wholesalers, retailers and distributors, hotels and resorts, destination management and marketing organizations and trade associations. Unfortunately, most precious metals analysts and investors disregard what is taking place in the energy industry. Prices are down for the ninth day, the worst run in more than a year, and have lost 7% in May.
A variety of courses from fundamental travel and tourism operations to business management courses, will help you learn what employers want from their team – how to develop and sell the tourism experience.
Establish your career in tourism product sales and marketing, customer service, operations, wholesale and retail reservations, product planning and niche tourism, tour conducting and destination specialist.
When you graduate, you will also be qualified for many positions with provincial and federal tourism boards and international hospitality management organizations.
This will be extremely detrimental as there are more important things to understand than just the rise in the precious metals values. Some examples include: Niche Tourism, The Cruise Industry, Tour Design and Product Development, International and Sustainable Tourism, World Destinations and Marketing for Tourism. You’ll have the opportunity to work in Canadian and international markets with tour operators, travel agencies and destination management companies.
By taking this program it will allow me to learn how to execute projects appropriately, using Project 2010, also learning the risks involved in projects, furthermore, to help me advance in my career.
You will also have the skills you need to pursue a career in business management, business analysis, destination management, account and revenue management, hospitality operations management, customer service management, marketing and event management.

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