Law and Business students gain a solid understanding of many key legal issues in the corporate world, including contract negotiations, human resources, policy development and property transactions, as well as areas that are of increasing importance and significance such as corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. Faculty teaching in the Law and Business program are renowned experts in their areas of study which include: international law, human rights law, privacy, government regulation, environmental law and corporate social responsibility. Join us for the winter 2016 Law & Business speaker series featuring in-depth conversations with some of Canada's most prominent business leaders. Congratulations to fourth-year Law & Business student Byron Chen, who won top honours and a $10,000 prize in the Montreal Exchange Options Trading Simulation! Students learn the skills that allow them to flourish in the housing and commercial property arenas, such as real estate finance, property development, economics, sustainability and real estate law. Students learn a mix of technical and business skills in the Graphic Communications Management program, which sets them up for a bright future as manager and entrepreneurs. Ryerson’s Graphic Communications Management (GCM) program in the Faculty of Communication & Design prepares its students to start creative careers with a near 100 per cent employment rate after graduation. The printing industries are Canada’s fourth-largest manufacturing employer; it’s an $11-billion industry with 60,000 employees working in more than 4,000 different establishments, according to Statistics Canada.
Every year, GCM holds a job fair welcoming employers to campus to meet potential new employees. Fourth-year GCM student AFM Rupal transferred from McMaster University after deciding he wanted to be in a program that was specific to print media marketing and not graduate with a generic commerce degree. ABOUT MAXMax is an accomplished and sought-after innovation & digital strategy leader, contributor, speaker, and customer experience & business design consultant. Copyright © 2015 - Max Ryerson - All trademarks are the property of their respective owners - all rights reserved.

Space is limited.Bridges to Ryerson is a one- to two-year, part-time transitional program for mature students who have the motivation, potential, and stability required to be successful at post-secondary education, but who have foundational educational gaps and lack the formal admissions requirements. Critical thinking and the application of legal knowledge are at the heart of all courses offered in the Law and Business major, providing students with the strongest integration of law and business among all business programs in Canada. Real estate propels the local and national economy, and this major equips students with the expertise to excel in this bustling arena on both the housing and the commercial property side. One of the six original Ryerson programs, the four-year GCM degree program provides a comprehensive foundation in modern technologies and business skills.
Donations and gifts-in-kind mean large technology such as printing presses, binding equipment, computer software and simulators are on site for student use.
Similar to speed-dating events, employers spend a few minutes with individual fourth-year students to begin the job search process. He’ll be meeting with five to six companies at the job fair, in addition to applying for jobs in the U.S. Our students may have had past negative educational experiences, not completed high school, or been away from education for several years. Graduates are skilled professionals who enter the business world fully prepared to adapt and respond as managers.
While GCM prepares students to become managers, Baitz said entrepreneurship is instilled in the program as more and more graduates are opening their own businesses. This year’s job fair will have more than 60 employers from across Canada in The Hub on March 6 to meet future graduates from 4 to 6 p.m. Students complete university-level Chang School courses, subject to the rigour of any other university course, but in a supportive environment that addresses foundational educational skills required to be successful in future post-secondary study.

Students will also refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in senior mathematics.
From March 4 to 6, letterpress printer Amos Kennedy will be on campus to speak to two classes in GCM and image arts. Students attend two evenings a week for a year, and are given targeted academic and non-academic supports and financial aid as needed. Students planning to enter university programs in business, the social sciences, and the humanities will find this course of particular interest. The screening will be of Proceed and Be Bold, a documentary about Kennedy’s dream of becoming a printer after leaving a career in computers and information technology.
Kennedy started his dream at 40 when he left the corporate world to open a print shop where he makes prints with social justice themes and messages. Students may choose other ongoing continuing education courses, certificates, and can also choose to take course at other post-secondary institutions.FeesTuition is approximately $675 per term, and the cost of books is approximately $95 per term. Baitz says Kennedy is a good example of how letterpress printing is resurging as an art form. Some bursaries are available.Time CommitmentBridges to Ryerson will require a commitment of one year (depending on your English level and desired degree). Specifically, students should expect a time commitment of two to three evenings per week for three to four terms.

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