Tshwane Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd formerly Kremlin Business College (Pty) Ltd was established in 1997 as a Catering Institute, mainly training in the catering field. The College is an independent multi-purpose and private provider of further education and training in South Africa. To ensure quality compliance, realization and fulfillment of the desired programmes, the running of the college is managed by the Independent Quality Management Council (IQMC), an Independent Council which has been contracted by the college to look into all of its quality assurance matters. Tshwane Institute of Technology is a profitable institution that continues to meet educational, training and developmental needs for its clients, shareholders and stakeholders. Tshwane Institute of Technology aims to be a leader in academic and skills development throughout South African and the rest of the world.
Be transparent and fair in our conduct Conduct ourselves with honest, integrity and trust Be conscious and caring for others Be able to honor deadlines Commit ourselves to the principle of equality Be able to work within a frame work of co-operation governance Strive for a continuous service of excellence Promotion of people centered development Uphold the values exposed in the skills development act.
I am pleased to present to you an abridged version of our 2014 mission and institutional strategy, which addresses the broader educational, training and developmental needs of our learners, and the plans we have in place to ensure that Tshwane Institute of Technology is a responsible and a welcoming member of our community. Tshwane Institute of Technology has deployed highly experienced and responsible individuals to ensure quality program offering in this institution. When it comes to meeting new people, nothing is more annoying than constantly having to repeat yourself.
For this third session, the Dale Carnegie instructors have taken on the enormous task of helping us achieve this mental state. Some people scarcely even talk, opting for a curt, non-expressive nod of the head when acknowledging a cashier at the pharmacy, a barista at the coffee shop, even coworkers. A man enduring an interminably long wait in an airport had just been informed that his flight was indefinitely delayed. Lessons in how to win friends and influence people, chronicled by a student of Dale Carnegie Training.
One of the most challenging parts of entering college is understanding the financial aid process. Here you will find information about student loan services, a glossary to help you understand all those new loan related terms, and some helpful hints to help you get through the financial aid system.
LES OWEN is a Management Consultant and Training Facilitator, specializing in Business Management, Negotiations and Conflict Resolution. Winston is a specialist in the strategic and practical implementation of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, including Employment Equity.

Siphiwe has extensive community involvement through the Methodist Church, for whom he chairs a number of groups and ministries.
Her skill and diligence was such that she was offered the role of Sales Manager, which she turned down in favour of moving to Owen, Adendorff & Associates (Pty) Ltd. Bronwyn’s experience enables her to facilitate customer service and sales training programmes. NewsEmployment Equity InspectionI have just had a most horrible experience with one of our clients and an EE inspection undertaken by the Department of Labour. Our facility was one of three sister labs; our lab out performing the other two by 30 to 50 %, in most cases.
Surely there was something dynamic in our facility, yet we had internal issues that needed attention. Susan focused us on those things that needed our attention and walked us through the barriers in our way. From the moment Susan engages an individual or a classroom of participants, everyone is captivated.
My name is Sara Williams and I am a part of a team called the Next Level Leader Champions at Smelter Service Corporation.
As time went by, and with the huge number of inquiries at that time, it became imperative for the college to broaden its educational and training horizons, thus other fields like Computers, Public Relations, Media Studies; Business Management, Marketing Management and Travel and Tourism Management were introduced. The institution has been actively involved in supplying high quality learning programmes for application in a variety of business, government and academic environments. When you are around such a person, their seamless storytelling skills aren’t consciously registered. Even when we are physically still, we are stumbling through the careening corridors of the mind. Ever observant, he noticed the swarm of irate, dissatisfied customers haggling a poor woman working at the service counter. Nonetheless, a remarkably large part of all interactions involves a subtle competition for attention.
This site is here to help you get a handle on Financial Aid information.
Find out more about the process of loan repayment and consolidation options.

He operated in the Human Resources field in the corporate sector for seventeen years, holding senior group positions. He is the only trainer licensed to facilitate the “Reducing Workplace Conflict and Stress” workshop on behalf of Thera Rising (USA). He is also a Board Member of the KwaMashu Child & Family Welfare Society that operates in and around KwaMashu. He gained his experience through many years of service in a Traffic and Transport Engineering consultancy.
He was formerly a Regional Secretary of COSATU and a member of parliament for the KZN legislature.
Too many problems, too much noise, we cannot help but to be caught in the vicious whirlwind. He is an accredited trainer of International Mediators with the Centre for Conflict Resolution at the University of Cape Town. Most recently, Winston has developed a programme entitled “Commercial Creativity” which explores and harnesses the creativity of managers and employees. He specializes in Industrial Relations and Conflict Management, training in “How to Reduce Shopfloor Conflict” (Zulu), Employment Equity and Diversity Awareness.
More recently she worked on a short term project in telesales for a start-up company, generating the first wave of clients for that company, after which she moved into a full time sales position with a plastic packaging company, generating new business and servicing blue-chip customers. His other areas of specialisation include training facilitation in communication, presentation skills, project management and ISO. Tim is involved in a number of community ventures, including working “on the ground” for the Father’s Heart Foundation, which ministers to orphaned and vulnerable children in the Cato Manor area. Upon talking with this woman, he noticed that she was (understandably) quite impatient and edgy. Maintaining interaction (and maintaining a relationship) requires that both parties’ need for attention is met. He is an arbitrator with the Association for Dispute Resolution and Tokiso and is one of 10 part-time Senior Commissioners with the CCMA in Durban.

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