On 15 February 2016, the entire issued and to be issued share capital of BG Group plc was acquired by Royal Dutch Shell plc.
We believe that an organisation can only deliver outstanding performance over the long term if everyone’s behaviour meets a set of standards and shared values. We believe that operating in accordance with these Business Principles is essential for sustainable performance and long-term value creation. Standards define what we expect from our people at work, the common systems and processes we use, and the performance level we require for specific activities and tasks. Guidelines provide best practice implementation advice on Business Principles, Policies and Standards. Individual businesses in the Group must ensure they understand and comply with all laws and regulations applicable to their business. Our internal publication, Principles into Practice (PDF 5Mb), provides guidance on how employees should apply the Business Principles in their day-to-day work. We review compliance regularly and take action if we are aware that any employees or other individuals working for us are in breach of our Business Principles, Policies or Standards. Ethical Conduct - covers our anti-corruption approach, including how to handle conflicts of interest, offers of gifts and hospitality, working with government and public officials, or with contractors and counterparties, and reporting concerns and issues. Governance and Stewardship - covers legislative and regulatory compliance, competition and anti-trust issues, insider dealing and market abuse, external communications, and protecting and using information. People - covers fair treatment and equal opportunities, no tolerance of harassment, personal development, internal communications, security of personal information, employee assistance and involvement in charity or community work, and health, safety, security and the environment. Society - covers the approach to social performance, identifying and managing our social impacts, investing in communities, including local content and fostering effective relationships with affected and interested groups, and human rights. All BG Group employees must complete mandatory e-learning training in our Business Principles and the policies and standards that flow from these.
With our day-to-day focus on our clients, we think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. The service is always our top priority with the needs of our clients being the primary consideration.
Passion is an important trait in our business, where competition is fierce and expectations for each individual’s performance are high. People who are passionate put forward their ideas and proposals with conviction and enthusiasm. Mutual involvement with one another and with our clients fosters cooperation, which in turn allows for the best possible use of the knowledge and expertise of others.
Providing personalised services has been in our blood since our company was established in 1986.
Call-IT as an organisation is constantly looking for the best way to serve its clients, identifying opportunities to innovate and devising possible new products or services. Children’s rights are an essential investment in our sustainable future.  Safeguarding these rights helps build the strong, well-educated communities that are vital to creating a stable, inclusive and productive business environment. Developed by the UN Global Compact, Save the Children and UNICEF, the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP), also known as The Principles, are the first comprehensive guidelines on what businesses can do in the workplace, marketplace and community to respect and support children’s rights.   The purpose of the guidelines is to help companies - big and small, foreign and Chinese – to analyze their core businesses to find ways to improve the lives of children. A business that integrates respect and support for children into its strategy and operations not only generates benefits for society but real benefits for its business as well. The Principles identify a range of actions that all businesses should take to prevent and address any adverse impact on children’s human rights, as well as measures all businesses are encouraged to take to help support and advance children’s rights. Below, please download the 2 page summary of the Principles or go here for a more detailed introduction.
In fulfilling our corporate and social responsibilities, Samsung Securities adheres to five business principles. We do not discriminate against any stakeholders, including customers and employees, on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religion, etc. We comply with the laws of the countries and communities in which we conduct business and we respect business competition standards and practices. We do not permit the exchange of gifts, entertainment or any other form of bribery as an inducement to engage in unfair business practices.

We accurately record and maintain all business transactions to provide objective information on business activities for all stakeholders. We abide by accounting rules of relevant countries and internationally accepted accounting standards. We disclose material business matters such as major financial changes, corporate information as prescribed by law. When the interests of the company and the individual conflict, the legitimate interests of the company should take precedence.
We do not use company assets or the position within the company for personal interest (including embezzlement and misappropriation of company assets).
We do not allow securities transactions such as trading in the company shares utilizing internal business information. We do not divulge internal intellectual property and classified information without prior permission or approval. We respect the intellectual property of others by avoiding acts of infringement such as copying, distribution, modification or use without permission. We foster positive working relationships by prohibiting harmful practices such as sexual harassment, violence and inappropriate monetary transactions between colleagues. We do not allow favoritism or private groups based on external affiliations that is detrimental to the harmony within the company.
We establish win-win labor-management relations based on mutual trust and open communication . We provide products and services that meet customer demands and expectations in a timely manner.
We treat our customers with sincerity and kindness, and attend to their proposals and complaints. We respect and protect our customers' reputation and their personal and proprietary information. We strive to provide long-term benefits to shareholders through rational investment and efficient management. We strive to make stable profits and increase the market value of the company with robust business operations.
We provide equal opportunities to all employees, and treat them fairly based on their abilities and performance.
We encourage all employees to pursue continuous self-development and we actively support the improvement of their capabilities for better business performance.
We strive to provide a workplace environment that fosters personal initiative and creativity. We observe global standards, related laws, and internal regulations related to conservation of the environment.
We endeavor to protect the environment in all business operations, including product development, manufacturing and sales. We strive to prevent accidents by complying with safety regulations and fostering a pleasant work environment.
We take every precaution not to supply products and services that could harm human health and safety.
We endeavor to raise public trust in our company by fulfilling our responsibilities and duties as a member of local communities. We strive to generate stable employment and fulfill our responsibilities to pay taxes faithfully. We respect the laws, cultures and values of the countries in which we do business, and we contribute to the quality of life of local residents.
We lead the improvement of societies through the support of public activities such as education, art, culture and sports. We actively participate in public services such as volunteer activities and disaster relief services. We form reciprocal relationships on the basis of mutual trust with our suppliers, and treat them as strategic partners.

We reinforce our suppliers' competitiveness with legitimate support in order to achieve co-prosperity. The Company makes executives and employees comply with business principles, and establishes the Committee for Translating Business Principles into Action that promotes business activities based on the Company’s business principles. Specific standards and behavior guideline for the business principles are separately written in and managed by the behavior guideline for business principles. They set out our commitment to the highest integrity in business relationships, including zero tolerance for corruption. They are approved by the Board and must be followed by all our people at all times, including when seconded to joint ventures.
Each Policy is owned by one of our Group Executive Committee members who is responsible for compliance with that Policy.
Where our requirements and local requirements differ, the higher standard takes precedence.
This interactive training underlines the importance of the Principles to everyone at BG Group and uses scenarios to show how they can support employees in everyday working situations such as decision making. Our Speak Up policy requires our personnel, and encourages others, to report any breach, or potential breach, of our Business Principles or policies.
Our basic principle is that there is always room for improvement in both the process and the end result of our actions. Pro-activity, responsibility and drive therefore play an important part in our employees’ development, allowing us to create a winning mentality and foster dedication and focus in our work. When faced with opposition they are able to back up their arguments, resulting in successful client relationships in the business arena. As a member of USG People we believe in a multi-brand approach which allows us to offer specific solutions to the various needs of our clients through a limited number of strong brands. This is expressed in the excellent and personal way in which we provide our services, with an eye to detail. They all have the drive to beat the competition by constantly improving their own services.. Positive action for children’s rights can build reputation, improve risk management and enhance the social license to operate, including gaining and maintaining the support of the people who live and work where the business is conducted. For example, by supporting employees in their roles as parents and caregivers, and promoting youth employment and helping to ensure that the next generation has the skills a business needs to prosper. It recognizes the tremendous positive power of businesses large and small, and seeks to promote the best business practices.
They reinforce our commitment to providing safe and secure working environments, developing our employees and treating all our people with fairness, respect and decency. Policies define how we operate and the expectations for business delivery across the Group. If local laws or regulations exceed the requirements of our Standards, the business must implement the required additional controls.
It comes from within and stems from doing something you are good at, when you set yourself goals to achieve, when you believe in something and are willing to give it your all. The principles call on the entire business community around the world to evaluate their impact on the rights of children and to take action to make a difference for children. They express our intention to make a positive contribution to economic, social and environmental development in the countries where we operate and to ensure consistency of approach by service providers and contractors. Concerns can be reported to an independent third party using the Speak Up telephone and online facility (Speak Up facility), which is operated by Global Compliance, an independent company and market leader in ethics and compliance services.

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