The Business Process Management Model (BPMM) project was an initiative conducted by the Division of STD Prevention (DSTDP) in collaboration with state and local health departments to define a leading practice Business Process Management Model for STD prevention. Overview a€“ A very brief descriptive overview of the concepts of business process modeling. Summary a€“ A brief summary of the STD prevention BPMM project and its objectives and outcomes. Vision - Outlines the vision, objectives and guiding principles for Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention within CDC-funded project areas. Organizational Assessment a€“ Observations of STD Prevention activities within DSTDP and State and Local Health Departments and recommendations offered for immediate positive impact. Overall Process Model a€“ Outlines the Business Process Management Model for Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention at state and local health departments at the Mega Process and Major Process level.
Current State Description a€“ Describes current state STD Prevention processes identified within grantee organizations, categorized through the business processes model identified above.
Literature Review a€“ Examines leading practices in related initiatives in business process modeling, collaborative technology development and process improvements related to technology implementations. Leading Practices Summary a€“ A summary of how state and local STD prevention programs will conduct prevention activities in the future. Leading Practices Detail a€“ A detailed description of how state and local STD prevention programs will conduct prevention activities in the future.
Change Management a€“ Discusses change management considerations for STD Prevention departments within CDC funded grantee organizations as they adopt leading practices and integrated disease surveillance and investigation applications. SLG’s methodology is a top-to-bottom approach that starts with the identification of Process Groups at the enterprise level, and then goes as deep as the separate functions of the elementary data items.

Business process optimization before implementation - identifying potential bottlenecks and points of improvements.
Specification of the exact result of the business process, and the understanding of the business value. Understanding the relationship between people involved in the processes and their communication. Usage of business process models as work guidelines for your employees who can introduce themselves to the business processes faster and more efficiently.
SLG Innovation serves a number of diverse industries that leverage our strengths and years of experiences in these areas. Currently, SLG can offer you several solutions and is continually working to add repeatable solutions and COTS products. The Integration Engine is one of the core component of MDO built on a SOA Framework and features an in build SAP Adapter. Application Logs are written in various points in the application to ensure traceability for fatal or unknown errors.
System Logs are available at the system level including the operating system and the J2EE server. The performance log is an optional log that can be switched on to check performance issues. This initiative seeks to improve and augment STD prevention practices, and inform the development of the STD Program Area Module (STD PAM), as part of the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS).
Also describes current state of organizational design, culture, external partners, technology support and political considerations within grantee organizations.

At the same time, your organization’s structure and IT landscape are captured to integrate the business process models with the people who actually execute those processes and tools they use.
Knowing the exact tasks and activities that have to be performed is crucial to understanding the details of the process. Knowing exactly who communicates with whom is important and can help to organize and optimize communications.
The goal of the initiative is to document the vision for STD Prevention programs, map out required changes for implementation, and translate the vision for the technology developers building integrated surveillance and response systems to support STD Programs. BPM focuses on aligning all aspects of your organization with the wants and needs of the organization.
Then, the whole scope is decomposed into cycles depending on the complexity of your business processes, BA team, and schedule and iteration plan. We will provide an understanding of where information is going and where it is coming from.
It promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology.

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