We provide the best training facitilties for our students to ensure comfort and cleanliness. Our training business was originally founded in 1987, and since 2005 has been established as Hastings Business Training. Inside this brochure you will find infromation about hastings business training, where you can find us, all course information (including dates and fees), details on us visiting your business to discuss bespoke courses, a booking form (if you wish to book a manual form), Our terms and conditions, and some testimonials. CISA courses in Dubai offer trainees the opportunity to grasp the current and upcoming technical aspects that are essential to successfully get ready for the CISA certification program. To avail a CISA certification from Emerge Management Training Center one has to pass the annually held CISA exam. The courses offered with the centers CISA training programs include study of emerging audit processes, technical control and safety, infrastructure and system life cycle, disaster recovery as well as aspects of business continuity. Located in Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road of Dubai College Street, CISA courses in Preston University include specialization on the study of emerging audit processes, technology governance, infrastructure and system life cycle, technical services as well as protection aspects of information technology, disaster resurgence and all other skills that are needed for business continuity.
Instructors working with the training center primarily focus on the above six areas of expertise to ensure that the students successfully pass the requirements of the certification exam. You can avail complete information on the courses offered on various CISA courses in Dubai, from the official website of the various training centers. To an evolutionary biologist a meme is a behaviour, idea or action that is passed from one person to another within a culture. The internet meme stays pretty true to this and they are a great viral addition to the modern marketing toolkit. So let’s take a look at memes that have worked , some meme creation platforms and then decide where to best position your meme for maximum effect. Baby Sammy’s fist clench denoting ‘success’ or ‘frustration’ started life as an image taken by his mother and was uploaded to Flickr and Getty Images. There were some great meme campaigns last year including the “Straight Outta … “meme generator which promoted the film “Straight Outta Compton” boosting ticket sales at the box office. Dubsmash app can be downloaded and will allow users to create well known movie scenes and video lip synch to their favourite songs. Meme Generator was the first online meme generator and will allow you to caption popular characters and animals like ‘grumpy cat’ and will also allow you to upload your own images and meme those or invite others to so. There are always more meme generators popping up on the internet so keep an eye out and do let me know if you have a favourite app or generator. Now that you had created your meme and discussed its role in your marketing campaign where are you going to put it? Reddit is the number one place to post your meme on the internet, look for the right subreddit and submit your meme. Your meme can be shared, liked and commented on, driving traffic to your Facebook page and increasing your followers. Supported by appropriate hashtags your meme could be picked up by influential retweeters in your region and further. StumbleUpon .A great place to submit your memes with millions of users it will definitely drive traffic to your website but again be aware they may not all be your target market and have a plan in placeto market additionally or gain subscribers on the landing page so visitors may turn into customers or brand advocates. Market research is the backbone of every company if it wants to maintain and grow profitability. At its core, market research is all about finding out what people love and hate about your company.
Market research gives isn’t just an exercise, it can have a powerful impact on your business, helping you make difficult decisions because you are armed with the knowledge to back up your arguments.
For those who’ve never done any market research the humble questionnaire is still considered a highly effective way to learn about your customers. The questionnaire is also a great way to find out what customers feel about your competition. You may not like all the answers you see, but you may find that the negative feedback you receive on a particular product is also being seen in the annual sales figures for that product. Conversely, lots of love for a particular product may give you the confidence to put more marketing budget into promoting it beyond your current customer base.
Where some companies go wrong with this type of market research is that they embrace the good and ignore the bad. To get the most out of market research, you have to be tough enough to read the answers and do something about it.
So you’ve decided it’s time to start your email marketing campaign to your Dubai or Gulf database… but before you begin there are some simple ways of making it truly effective.
People are busy and your email has to hit their inbox at a time when they are in a receptive mood.
When tying your marketing campaign into a national holiday or event, then a couple of days beforehand is a good time to send – especially if you an e-commerce company hoping to sell more products on the back of the holiday. It’s really important to get this right, because if you get it wrong it’ll be deleted straight away.
Words like ‘free’, ‘limited offer’, ‘sale ends today’, do grab attention and are worth using if you are doing a push in a tight time frame.

Give people a taste of what you are offering and then place a link in there for them to click on.
So you’ve managed to get people to open the email and click on the most important link – what now? There are many different types of software out there to track what people are doing with your emails. Being a great salesperson means remembering that some of your best sales don’t come from new clients, but from established ones.
It’s pointless trying to shy away from it – every salesperson has to a sales pitch or presentation at some point.
If you have mastered the art of keeping in touch with old customers, you may well feel quite comfortable without having to go out and find new business. Being a successful sales person in Dubai is no different from a sales role in London, New York or Mumbai. As a key part of the ISM team he delivers a variety of courses including Emotional Intelligence, Sales and Leadership Programs drawing on his expertise in Coaching Psychology .
Guest Blogger Wayne DennerWayne Denner otherwise known as the "Digital Ninja" is an exceptionally knowledgeable,passionate and talented Digital Marketing expert with extensive expertise in digital & traditional marketing communications.
A CISA professional is responsible for the organization of audits, security and control of technical and business based systems of corporations. Here are lists of CISA courses in Dubai that have made a name for themselves in imparting the required professional training to its students. The CISA courses offered by Emerge Management Training Center are credited by ISACA, ‘Information Systems Audit & Control Association’.
In addition to the exam certificate, one will have to submit credentials that support five years of past experience; previous college education is also considered as experience. ThinkPlus Training and consulting provides consultation services to corporate and business houses. Memes are fun and can be adapted to fit virtually every brand but may, and do replicate, and turn the tides of public opinion against you.
Since then it has snowballed and captured the imagination with success memes going viral in their thousands. Has a stock or established images which you can caption however there is also the option to upload your own images.
If you don’t think you can summon up the right sense of humour then have a browse through KnowyourMeme and exercise your inner comedian. Whether they are your target market is a question you should have a think about when creating your meme.
Just search for the popular hashtag #firstworldproblems and you will see how effectively this hastag has gone memetastic.
If you’re founding a new business, your market research is aimed at finding out whether people actually want what you are planning to sell.
There are many online tools to help you set up a detailed set of questions to help you better understand how your company is perceived by the people who buy your products. And if people have left comments on why they don’t like it, you can make a more informed decision on the future of that particular line in your business. There has been a lot of research done into when this golden time is and generally, midweek is a great time for business emails. Some companies choose a blanket approach such as one a day, usually sent in the middle of the night so as to be one of the first emails seen in the morning. Remember that people are busy and no matter how great your offer or interesting your newsletter, if the header doesn’t grab them within two seconds, your email marketing effort is toast. For those who are sending out monthly newsletters, then you need to remember what your target audience is likely to respond to.
What is dead is the old style of sending out long, text heavy emails that nobody has the time or the inclination to wade through.
By analysing how people respond to one email, you can adjust your next one, refining all the time to make the most of this simple marketing tool. They’re the ones who have already bought into your product before and they are more likely to buy into it again. Depending on the setting, you may want to set up another, more business orientated meeting to discuss what else you company has that will help the customer.
Give yourself some time to sit down and go through what you want to achieve in the next 12-month period. You have to have work on your current customer list and take the time to find new customers periodically. The CISA program is the norm for any professional who wishes to join the particular professional world. The specialization courses offered by the training center includes study on the latest audit processes, infrastructure and systems life cycle, control over information technology in utilizing its services as well as protecting the confidential data for enhancement of business.
It also enables the employees of an organization with basic skills and knowledge on some important business processes.

The course length extends to around twelve weekends and usually commences from March and September. Make it familiar, topical, shareable, succinct and funny and sit back and watch it go viral. Virgin Mobile paid an undisclosed sum to licence the image for advertisements and it was even used by the Whitehouse for an immigration campaign.
The great thing about this campaign is the ease with which anyone can participate and share their meme. It is also a great place to have a look what is trending and in a few weeks you will see the memes trending on more conventional social media sites like Facebook.
If your content and images are liked then you can benefits from reblogs which do give backlinks.
However, whether you’re selling a new insurance product, or want to set up an art gallery in Bastakiya, research is the key ingredient to success.
Negative feedback is a fantastic opportunity to see what customers really don’t like about your products, services, or business. However, this can be highly annoying and many people just unsubscribe if you send too often. Try to think like a journalist – what is the most attention-grabbing nugget in your newsletter?
You have to break up your emails, put in images and make it look attractive, as well as having interesting articles, news, and special offers. If you aren’t analysing your email click through rates, you are missing some essential business information. This gives you the power to know who is opening your emails, and whether they are clicking on any links in that email. Knowing which clients order more of your product or service, than any other, means you can specifically target them first when offering a new product. You can break this down into how to leverage the relationships you have with current customers and what you can do to create new customers. Remember a sales presentation is your chance to show customers and potential customers how your product will add real benefit to their business.
The courses also offer knowledge about how to plan a disaster recovery and manage business continuity. The training center in Dubai is accredited with successfully completing more than thousand training programs in CISA. The small classes enable individual catering which makes the training process efficient and more effective. Overt marketing is a big no-no, remember that a meme is fun and interactive and think through the consequences of using culturally insensitive images or words. The public loved it creating hilarious memes,  and no animal, politician or cartoon character was safe. You could hijack and get on board a trending topic like the impeachment of Brasilian President Dilma Roussef before others or just use it to test out the virality of your created meme. With 10 million users and rising this is the platform not to ignore, especially for great content writers. Where they feel there is room for improvement.What’s the best thing you’ve ever done, and the worst. The comments are usually honest – although you should have a system in place to sift out the trolls.
If there is a conference coming up, that’s the perfect time to get in touch with old clients and see if they are going.
Using the information you’ve gathered from looking at the most lucrative customers, you’ll know how to offer them a better service. Calling a new lead can be daunting, but done right it will produce new business – you never know, one of those may well become the best customer you’ve ever had. This meme also significantly raised money through crowdfunding for Justin Griner (Sammy’s father) when he needed a kidney transplant in 2015. By reading what customers are saying you can develop ways to make improvements, or even set about designing a new product that serves their needs better. Bill Cosby posted a picture of himself in 2014 inviting people to meme him and boy did they. How long they’ve been a customer, and most importantly what they feel you can do to make improvements that will make their lives better.
Once you know how it was done once, you can look at ways of replicating it with another potential customer. Remember to always show the benefits of your products and how they will make life better for your customer.

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